The Cookies Gold Drop Cartridge Review

The Cookies Gold Drop Cartridge 6The Cookies Gold Drop Cartridge

REVIEW BY: @stonystuff
Marijuana strain: The Cookies (1G)
Made by: Gold Drop Concentrates —ClosedLoop DeepDewax VacuumOvenPurge produced in California
From: Harborside Health Center in San Jose, California (@HHCSJ on Twitter)
Cost: 1 gram is $65.00
Cannabinoids: 68.81% THC, 2.15% CBD
Type: Solvent Free Cartridge
Lineage: The Cookies is F1 / Durban Poison / OG Kush (Ogre Kush) from The Cookies Family

The Cookies Gold Drop Cartridge 6
The Cookies is F1 / Durban Poison / OG Kush (Ogreskush) from The Cookies Family

Looks: Great golden hues filled the rocking oiled cartridge; beautifully illuminated the moment I set my delighted eyes on The Cookies Gold Drop Cartridge.
Scent: My best friend does not smoke but she does have amplified senses and will not hesitate to inform me if I am smoking her out. That being said, she not only did not mind because she didn’t smell a thing. Neither did I—other than maybe a slight pine sol like scent.
The Cookies Gold Drop Cartridge 6Taste: Super smooth and sweet as can be through the vape! A little fruity that was kind of tropical in flavor.
High: My goodness gracious gold drop of fire! So comfortably medicated that it did nothing but leave this stoner super stoned and sensationally satisfied!
Buzz Length: My goal was to smoke up the gram to my head through my newly acquired very cool Harborside Health Center Battery Pen (available through delivery from San Jose or can be purchased at the Oakland store) within a 24 hour grace period but to no avail. A good 5 hits every few hours had me plenty baked and therefore lasted me 3 days. Also worth mentioning that I estimated over 12 dozen thick wholesome fat hits! Like 150! The length and its longevity get big thumbs up from this pot head!
The Cookies Gold Drop Cartridge 6Medicinal Applications: Insomnia, fatigue, eating disorders, appetite, migraines, muscle spasms, joint discomfort, is among some of the illnesses The Cookies Gold Drop can help to relieve. Other conditions respectively include depression, anxiety, PTSD, hypertension, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS and cancer.
Overall: The Cookies Gold Drop Cartridge came from the hospitable and always happenin’ Harborside Health Center in San Jose located right off of the Montague Expressway in the industrial part of the city. The smaller dispensary out of the two (Oakland and S.J) is nothing short of less when it comes to quality for all of their high-grade strains and in this particular case, a super cool cookies cartridge of some great Gold Drop among many other delightful goodies. And for their amazing staff, I have had the luxury of acquainting them frequently for sometime now being a regular patient since the autumn of 2011 and every visit is an awesome experience that is always conducted with the utmost professionalism and knowledge. From the moment you enter, to the moment you leave, you are welcomed very politely by some of the friendliest folks in the business. And they always have the best music playing in the background! Good vibes and good times are written all over the much smaller but awesome store! But by August, that will no longer be the case because the much anticipated grand opening is nearing! Preparation has been in the process for months now and the final stages are now taking place! Many medicinal patients in the East Bay are going to have plenty of reason to smile soon enough!!!

Harborside Health Center San Jose is Moving
Harborside Health Center San Jose is Moving
On July 27 to 1365 N. 10th Street

Harborside San Jose is Moving
On July 27, Harborside San Jose will open in its new location, a former bakery located at 1365 N. 10th Street! Harborside tells use that you can look forward to a larger, well lit open floor plan, beautifully crafted displays, a vast selection of flowers, concentrates, edibles, and clones. They also tell us that they’ll be announcing a bunch of exciting cost-saving offers to celebrate the opening of the new and improved location. Oh and all new patients get a free gift! Dope, right?

For now Harborside San Jose’s current location, 2106 Ringwood Ave, will be fully operational through July 26 and of course Harborside Oakland ain’t going anywhere.

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