Stoners Like the Infamous Gas Mask Bong

gas mask bongDo STONERS really take bong hits with their tear ducts? Apparently, yes. And, sometimes even on purpose. How the fuck do you take a bong hit using tear ducts? Well, obviously with whatever the hell that thing is in the picture above. Nothing seems like such a torture device, like something you’d come across browsing or find in Lemmy’s closet like a fuckin’ gas mask bong, dude. Only a STONER, and we say this with nothing but loving-respect, would purposefully strap something to their head that’s normally used to keep out smoke…for the sole purpose of fuckin’ keeping it in!

Really though, nothing says hardcore-stoner…or…there goes the rest of your weekend, like the legendary, gas mask bong. The only thing possibly more hardcore than a hit off a gas mask bong could be being bong-water boarded.

So the next time you’re at a smoke shop and you’re standing there wondering if any stoner would really use one of those gas mask bong things hanging on the wall above the cash register…here’s proof from @ryanragesface that they do.

2 Responses to “Stoners Like the Infamous Gas Mask Bong”

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  2. Ryan

    I have an idea to simplify the gas mask bong to a gas mask vaporizer. I wanted to see if there was a market for such a contraption. Fresh bud vaporizer. Get high as fuck with the push of a button. Should I sell just the attachment or the attachment and the mask. Thanks.

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