BREAKING NEWS–The President of the United States of America is NOT Your Beer Buddy

The President of the United States of America is NOT your beer buddy, nor should he be. After bringing national attention to an event that happens all the time, to marijuana users, our President Obama invited Vice President Biden to join Harvard Prof. Henry Louis Gates Jr., and Cambridge Sgt. James Crowley for beers at the White House on Thursday, to discuss Gates arrest by Crowley after Obama said the Cambridge police acted “stupidly.”

Wait a second, who’s acting “stupidly” Mr. Obama? Isn’t encouraging alcohol consumption acting “stupidly”? Don’t you know that alcohol kills up to 180,000 people a year? Guess how many people die every year from marijuana use? Well, as soon as it happens, we’ll let you know. But, we can tell you that drinking alcohol increases the risk of a number of diseases; degeneration of the liver, infection of the liver, liver cirrhosis, sleeping disorders, sexual problems, infection of the esophagus, infection of the stomach, infection of the pancreas, premature dementia, varying from a reduction of memory to the serious syndrome of Korsakoff; cancer of the mouth, throat, larynx, intestines and breasts; hypertension and heart problems. Funny thing is…several of those ailments can be treated with marijuana.

obama_beer3Alcohol plays an important role in aggression. And, this whole “meet over beers thing” aside from your effort to appear accessible as the “every man” is to alleviate the tension that aggression caused, right? So check this out Mr. President, 40% of all incidents involving aggression occur while under the influence of alcohol. The police spend 22% of their time on cases involving alcohol. So why encourage the use of alcohol? Oh that’s right, you want to buddy up with the people to boost up your approval rating, eh? That sorta reminds us of the old adage of not being your kid’s friend but actually parenting them. Obama, you’re a parent, c’mon now…you aren’t supposed to be our friend…you’re supposed to be our leader, dude!

Why is it that you laugh when marijuana reform is brought up during press conferences? C’mon, we all heard you. We don’t see the humor in rhetoric. Did you know that marijuana appears in almost every known book of medicine written by ancient scholars and wise men and has thousands of possible uses in medicine? But, that’s beside the point, Obama. Weed is fun just like beer (only you don’t risk waking up next to an ugly chick). You could have just as easily brought out a peace pipe instead of shitty domestic beer (yeah, the White House frowns on imported brew) and smoked all your troubles away.

Obama, you said you were going to bring us change. Wasn’t Bush all about good ol’ boys and drinking beer and shit? So what’s changed? C’mon Mr. President, it’s not like you’re unfamiliar with marijuana or anything. You even said “When I was a kid I inhaled frequently. That was the point.” And, speaking of points, here’s ours; it would have been much cooler if you shared a joint with Biden, Gates, and Crowley instead of a drink. But don’t get us wrong, we love beer too, it’s just the hypocrisy we don’t like.

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  1. NewbyCultivator

    It all has to do with what is portrayed to the masses. Alcohol thought one of the most deadliest forms of legal drugs is legal and widely accepted as “normal”. America and it’s inhabitants are ruled by socially acceptable, media friendly drugs ie aspirin, tobacco and alcohol.

    Yes, the president is a hypocrite but remember he is all in all still a politician. I was as ignorant as the next person when it came to cannabis,until I started growing and doing intense research.

    Truly knowledge is power:)

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