The Stuff Detox Does it Work?

The Stuff DetoxDetox drinks for drug test 101: The Stuff Detox

The Stuff Detox is one of those detox drinks for drug test passing. Much like the Stinger Detox that we covered a while back the makers of the stuff detox drink claim it will it help you pass a piss test? There’s only one surefire way we know that will help you pass a piss test and that’s using fake piss. Sub-Solution (with its warming powder) is definitely our favorite. But we’ll get to that below, anyhow first we want to give you some history on the The Stuff Detox.

Someone emailed us asking if the Stuff Detox worked and if we were the people who made it. At first we were confused but then we realized that we tag the word “stuff” on everything that we mail or every wall that we come across. So no wonder people thought that we were affiliated with the stuff detox drug test drink. Wish we were because we love anything named, Stuff. And the product is purple. Purple weed is our favorite. Anyhow, does the stuff detox  work? Apparently yes.

Why do we say apparently? because we haven’t yet tried this product. but we have done some research on it and have a lot of experience with using other detox drinks for weed. In case you’re wondering, do detox drinks work, let us say yes. Some do in fact work to help you pass a urine drug test.  Anyhow, there are a lot of the stuff detox reviews online and we scoured through them. Basically most of them were positive. So we ordered some of the stuff detox from amazon and are going to test it with a home drug test and see what happens. However, in the meantime if you’ve got any experience with the stuff detox product let us know in the comets section below. If it does indeed work, we’d love to pass an the word of another drug detox drink that actually works to help people pass a urine test. Many of our other posts about specific detox drinks for THC or various ways to THC cleanse or how long weed stays in your system include lots of useful reader comments from people who have passed drug tests using various proven methods. So check them out if you’re looking for definitive information on how to pass a drug test for marijuana.

Anyhow we have a friend who tried the stuff detox and said it worked for him. He said he took it along with a lot of water about about an hour before he had to take a urine drug test. Of course he had to pee about three times before the test, but he used mid-stream urine and passed the test using the Stuff Detox.

how to pass a drug testThe Stuff Detox Info

You can score a bottle of The Stuff Detox on Amazon for about ten bucks. And much like the reviews of the Stinger Detox exactly half the people on Amazon who were penned one of the several Stuff Detox reviews, were’ talking 168 reviews, thought it worked great or didn’t work at all.

But when our buddy drank the Stuff drink and then tested himself using a home drug test he passed. If your in a pinch and need to pass a piss test immediately and can find the Stuff Detox in a store near you then go ahead and grab it. It’ll most likely will work as long as you follow the instructions on the bottle.

PRO TIP—Score a home drug test for weed and test yourself prior to the big test to make sure you’ll pass using the Stuff Detox.

Here’s the marketing stuff you get from Amazon about The Stuff Detox: “The stuff is the pinnacle in detoxification technology and convenience. Helping individuals and their families achieve a better standard of living based on their knowledge, skill, and abilities. All our products are formulated to allow you to lower harmful toxin levels, and remove toxins that can build up in your body. The stuff works in 1 hour! Eliminates unwanted toxins for a period of 3-5 hours! the stuff is fortified with vitamin b2, and creatine to aid nutrition replacement the stuff does not discriminate against the toxins it removes from your system. the stuff does not need to be refrigerated. the stuff comes in a 16oz size for average body size. included with the stuff are easy to read instructions and cleansing tips. these cleansing tips are meant to be adhered to as closely as possible in the days prior to the deadline!”

Sounds pretty good, right? Like we said, this is one of the marijuana detox drinks that we know from at least one person that has had positive results in a drug test lab. Or course your millage with THC detox drinks may vary and with what we’ve read on the interwebs we think it’s a pretty good chance this stuff will work. Here are some snippets from our favorite online reviews of the stuff:

The STUFF review #1

Yes the Liquid Stuff does work, but you have to follow the directions to a “T”.
Step one: Drink 16 oz of water.
Step two: Drink entire bottle of the Stuff.
Step three: Refill said empty container and drink again.
Step four: Urinate 1-2 times before test
Step five: drink nothing but water until said test

This takes about 1 hour to be effective and last about 4-5 hours. Hope that helps and good luck. I will be using it myself tomorrow, though I am what you may call a “weekend warrior” and only smoke really on weekends and will be clean for 60 hours before my test. Spent that 60 drinking DeTox tea which cleanses the kidney and liver which is where the fat cells are eventually released into the urine. The more fat cells you have the harder it will be to cleanse. B-complex vitamins also can help.

And for all you haters out there I have been smoking for 10 years have a lovely wife who is 100% sober and a great son. I work 40-50 hours a week vote, pay taxes and do community service. I am an Eagle Scout and in every imaginable way am a contributing member of society. I smoke because i have clinical depression and pot eases my nerves and helps me unwind from a sober filled workday. There is absolutely nothing wrong with marijuana that I know of ((except increase rate of prostate cancer, though still unsure if this is true)) and I have been researching it for 10 years. Don’t mix the potheads up with all the crackheads and tweakers out there. They, I feel, deserve your scorn and cynicism where we do not. But above all dont’ judge and take a deep breath every once and awhile. Take care and best of luck to all of you.

The STUFF review #2

I used the liquid stuff as follows:
-Drank 1 bottle of water one hour before and ate one apple (7:30)
-Drank the liquid stuff (8:30)
-Filled up bottle and shook, waited 15 minutes and drank bottle (8:45)
-Waited one hour and drank one more bottle of water (9:45)
-Left for drug testing at 10:30, there by 11:00, had test at 11:30
Also to mention…I drank herbal tea 2 nights prior to my interview with loads of antioxidants and the next day I drank a bottle of water every two hours. Good luck to you and just remember…pee a lot after drinking, avoid your ‘toxin’ as much as you can prior to testing, and don’t drink too much water after drinking the stuff! GOOD LUCK! I was nervous as anything before I got my results but I passed and am starting next Monday! Oh and don’t forget, you only have a 4-5 hour window and must wait one hour before the drink kicks in.

people smoking weedThe Stuff Detox directions

The Stuff Detox label says: “The Stuff Liquid is the detox drink designed for people who have avergae toxins levels, and who have 24-48 hours for pre-cleansing. It has been formulated with herbs, fiber, vitamins and minerals to provide full system cleansing.” And of course on the label there are of course the  the stuff detox directions for use. To ensure that you pass your piss tests—it’s crucial that you follow these directions perfectly. If you don’t, you might not pass, dude. And that’s stuff stoners don’t like. Anyhow the stuff detox directions on the bottle read: Follow these simple steps and you will notice THE STUFF LIQUIDs immediate impact on your bodys natural cleansing process: 1. Pick your day for using your STUFF LIQUID detox drink for intensive cleansing. 2. Begin your cleansing program with THE STUFF LIQUID. 3. Shake THE STUFF LIQUID well and drink entire contents of the bottle. 4. Wait 15 minutes. Refill THE STUFF LIQUID bottle with water shake and drink. 5. Urinate frequently. Urinating 3-4 times indicates that you are experiencing optimal cleansing with THE STUFF LIQUID. 6. You may drink 16oz of water every 2 hours after using THE STUFF LIQUID to extend your cleansing benefits throughout the day.

Best way to pass a drug test

We always recommend using synthetic urine to pass a urine drug test. It’s the best way to pass because it consistently works. You might think synthetic urine, or fake urine, fake piss, fake pee whatever you want to call it is gross. But clean pee is what’s gross. Fake pee, not so much. It’s toxin free and no matter how much asparagus you it it’ll never smell. Anyhow it’s what drug test labs use to calibrate their equipment so you know it works. if you’re worried about synthetic urine being detected as synthetic, it won’t happen if you purchase a quality product like Sub-Solution. It’s undetectable. We’ve used it ourselves many times. It’s bad-ass because it comes with heating powder to warm it up in seconds and a 200% money back guarantee! Anyhow good luck on your test, man.

Have you tried The Stuff Detox to pass a piss test? How about and other detox cleanse for drug test passing? Let us know how it worked out in the comments section below…

46 Responses to “The Stuff Detox Does it Work?”

  1. Anonymous

    I’m an so to speak on my (.) And have “the stuff” have a UA tomorrow will this interfere with my testing ..

  2. Luis_mcy

    Did you pass it??

  3. Jessica

    I woke up and drank The Stuff this morning at 7:30.. Never used this before, always a pill so I’m a little nervous and all this drinking and peeing doesnt help!! I’ll come back when i get results. Wish me luck!

  4. Amber

    Anyone passed???

  5. Jessica

    Nope..i failed.. 1st ua I’ve EVER failed.. And every one of my adult life I ALWAYS have taken cleansers, but in pill form. This time I drank that awful nasty crap and failed.. I’ll never use it again and wouldn’t recommend. Others say it worked for them. Maybe i smoke more.. I do smoke alot. Idk…. All i do know is first time ever trying this and I failed.

  6. Jessica

    Also just fyi… I’m 36. So not like i’m talking once or twice taking these tests.. I’ve taken enough to say this “stuff” was the only one out of more than just a handful that didn’t work.

  7. Jessica

    Anyone with suggestions for next time, please email me… I’ve always had someone pick up the cleansers for me. That’s whyii tried this.. I need to know where to find what works in my area…. Thanks.

  8. SmokeStackLightning

    I’m a heavy smoker, and a bigger guy. I’ve taken “The Stuff” and “The Stuff extra”, at first with my some at home THC urine test strips and following, for a job. I tried it after not smoking for a week and I’ve tried it after not smoking for a few hours and, on both occasions, would start my detox a couple hours before I would test. I followed the directions to a T, and every time I PASSED!! I’ve spent a lot of money on it testing it out myself, but it’s really not too pricey and doesn’t taste that great, but who gives a s**t. HOWEVER, I did fail my last drug test for valium. Luckily I have a script, but it did not work for me with Valium. Works like a charm for THC though.

  9. Rick

    I bought The Stuff Detox. Followed directions exactly. Waited 2 hours. Took at home test for weed. FAILED. I am so glad I had enough notice to try b4 I had to take test for job. I am a light everyday smoker. I stopped smoking 5 days before I tested and also drank 1 gallon of water everyday for 3 days. If you have a job riding on this, buy something else.

  10. Rick

    Try Clear Flush Total Body Cleanser. It comes in pill and liquid form. I bought at local head shop. I passed test using this product.

  11. Saved

    I took a drug test on the 6th, knew I was clean so I would pass, then smoked heavily until the 15th. My sample was inconclusive, so they asked me to retest on the 19th. The Stuff saved my new job!
    I tested it using a home kit, and it worked. Home tested myself morning of UA, failed. Drank the stuff at 130, followed directions, peed twice before test, tested at 330. Passed! It might not work for some, but I believe people just aren’t following the directions exactly and giving it an hour or more to work.
    I will always use this moving forward.

  12. Mel

    Used this today and it worked! I need to point out that I have not smoked in 25 days and had only smoked for a period of 4 days at the time, but quite heavily. Ive been testing myself once a week for the past 2 weeks with this morning being the 3rd time and my tests have been positive for marijuana each time. I feel I have a higher percentage of body fat than most which prob contributed to me still being “dirty”. After todays failed test I drank 16 oz of water, drank the full bottle of Stuff, waited 15 min and drank the refilled Stuff bottle of water. Felt like I was going to be sick from drinking almost 60 oz of liquid in such a short amount of time. After about 20 min the peeing started and I probably urinated every 10 min for the next hour and 15 min. After almost 2 hrs from drinking the Stuff, I tested myself again and came out clean!! Worked for me but not sure I would recommend for a heavy smoker – just my opinion.

  13. Ash

    Hey Jessica,
    I noticed you said youve used other detox pills , My Fiance is a heavy smoker like a quarter of it a week .
    Which detox pil did you take and where did you get them from ?
    Need to know for my Fiance ASAP, has to do a full physical /UA sample for a new job so any help would be appreciated!!
    Thanks 🙂

  14. Ash

    Hey Jessica,
    I noticed you said youve used other detox pills , My Fiance is a heavy smoker like a quarter of it a week .
    Which detox pil did you take and where did you get them from ?
    Need to know for my Fiance ASAP, has to do a full physical /UA sample for a new job so any help would be appreciated!!!
    Thanks 🙂

  15. Just another stoner.

    Good luck to everyone. I do smoke heavily but I stop about two weeks ago for an up coming job. Trying to flush out my system by little sweating and by lots of cranberry water with lemon in it. I bought “the stuff” just in case I test positive using a home testing kit.

  16. FiGGG

    Hey, I’ve got a drug test tomorrow at 9:30AM. I haven’t smoke since Tuesday at 1PM. I don’t smoke much. Maybe a 8th a week or a couple dabs here and there. I’m about 250lbs I know that plays a part. And I bought 2 bottles of the stuff. I just wanna make sure it’ll work and will it harm any to drink 2 bottles of it instead of one? I’ve been reading the reviews. To drink 16oz of water before I drink the bottle of “stuff” than refill the bottle with water drink that. Piss 3-4 times before than when I take the test take piss from mid-Stream. But will 2 bottles hurt or affect anything or just work for the better for me? I also bought the 2 bottles cuz Ima bigger guy. Anyone that could help I’d greatly appreciate it

  17. DCee

    I have tried this 3 times it worked all three . FOLLOW THW DIRECTIONS !!! The day before your test I drank alot of water at least a Gallon . Next, a hour before my test I drank a bottle of water , Drank the stuff , then refilled bottle drank it again . A hour before my test I had to pee alot , i peed out my old pee and you will know when the stuff kicks in . Its pretty cool actually lol see ya pee come out so damn clean lol duces .

  18. YSLegacy

    I jus drunk the stuff its nasty.. But i gotta pee at 2:30 today im prayin i pass lets see if this works

  19. Michelle

    Passed with THE STUFF and I’m a daily smoker.

  20. Black guy

    Going to try the stuff today , I’ll let everyone know the details if it works

  21. Sally

    I thought I had to take a piss test for a new job, (smoked the night before). But turned out to be a saliva test. I had already drank the stuff, one bottle of water in the stuff bottle, and another 16 oz of water. I don’t know if the rest helped but I will also type it out. I peed 2 times already and was worried about failing. So I used rubbing alcohol (very nasty and dried my mouth out). I used the rubbing alcohol like mouth wash (a small amount) and rinsed again with water, (repeated 3times), I drank soda and smoked a cigarette before I had to test. I drank more water at the clinic. I passed so I don’t know which helped of if it was both that helped. Just one persons story.

  22. Hanna

    I wanted to post this just in case anyone out there is in a similar situation that I found myself in. A few months ago, I applied for a job that required a urine test; I really wanted the job, and figured I would take my chances – maybe they wouldn’t test. They did, and I had a little less than 24 hours to prepare for my test. A little bit of background info on me: I smoke marijuana daily from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed and have been doing so for the last 16 months; I weigh what is considered “normal” by BMI standards for my height/weight ratio. Anyway, after a lot of mixed reviews online, I decided to visit my local Vitamin Shoppe to purchase “The Stuff” detox drink that I’d found online, as it seemed to be my best bet for same day detox. Upon arriving to the store, the salesman told me he’d had very bad customer complaints about the product, and instead recommended QCarbo16; I’d read terrible reviews for that drink online, so I found myself conflicted. Being also paranoid, I decided to buy both drinks. I drank the first one (QCarbo16) at 12pm, 2.5 hours before my test, and began chugging a 32 ounce water bottle. I urinated quite a few times in between 12-2pm. At 2:00, 30 minutes before my test, I downed “The Stuff” and polished off the rest of the water. I was very nervous because that morning I had been nauseous and took a few hits before going to the Vitamin Shoppe. At 2:30pm, when it was time for my test, I peed in the cup they gave me (mid stream) and turned it in; less than a minute later I was cleared to start my job, as my urine was clear of any drugs. I’m not saying this will work for everyone, but it worked for me, a chronic smoker, after the Internet had basically convinced me I’d be fucked. Hope this helps someone!

  23. Mary

    Light smoker, followed the directions to a tee using The Stuff. Failed for THC

  24. Steve

    This stuff doesn’t work at all i blew up a great opportunity for a great job trusting this product do not buy you’ll trow your money away ….. sucks

  25. Melvin Vega

    I used to be a councilor for an alternative high school in Chicago, I worked with a lot of gang banger and mentored them, I also represented them in court. I had to make sure that all these gang banger who were part of youth probation fulfilled all their state services or they would be locked up again. Many of times I would recommend these youth to certain services and programs in there intake process, nonetheless in order to be approved for these programs they had to be clean, I would always recommend the stuff and if they took it exactly as it prescribes it does work, the only time it would not work is when the kid would try to take short cuts and not follow the instructions. But every time they followed the instructions to the tee we would have success. and believe me I recommended to a lot of people because i had a very high success rate as a councilor.

  26. Anny

    Drank the stuff at 8:30 am….8:45 filled bottle and drank contents. Pee’d 4-5 times it’s been 2 hours and I’m still failing every at home test. Stopped smoking days ago.

  27. Araw

    Gotta pee today hopefully this STUFF really works wish me luck

  28. Dawn

    Does it only work for weed? Or pills too?

  29. Mason

    I have not smoked in two weeks, prior to that I was a daily user. I am drinking cranberry concentrate combined with a lot of water for two days prior to my test. I’ll use “The Stuff” the morning of the test and I’ll follow the directions strictly. I’ll let you guys know how it goes. Anyone have an idea what my odds could be?

  30. DYSON


  31. Sally

    I used the stuff as directed and failed a urine tested for thc. I heard good things about it. This is my second time, first test was an oral swab. I did other things also, unsure what worked.

  32. Paying it forward

    I have not been smoking for almost 3 months and still was showing up dirty ,Please got the love of God, do not purchase this product , I purchased the liquid with high hopes of passing my urine exam, luckily I purchased 25 cannabis strips exams off of eBay for 13 bucks just to be sure to test my self before my actual exam at home and kept coming out inconclusive. The best thing I can offer is to use buy a little plastic bottle which comes with sythetic urine which has the tempertur strip on it and use someones clean urine , they now can identify the fake urine , I passed my exam due to experience of failing multiple times and hopegully it can help some out in the future ,just paying it forward

  33. Gigi

    Stopped smoking weed for 3 weeks…Fast the night before my drug test. Took the Stuff at 900am..drank 32oz of water .pissed 3x and moved my bowels twice. Gave urine at 1230pm…Results came back today..positive for THC…..DO NOT BUY THIS DRINK AT THE PRICE OF $33.95;((((((((

  34. Addy

    I purchased this stuff recently to pass a drug screen for a new job. I was slightly skeptical about it at first because the reviews I read were that it was kind of a 50/50 shot, but i knew some friends that have used it and passed so I thought i’d try it out. IT FUCKING WORKED!! I’m not sure if it was because I did it early in the morning on an empty stomach, which is not required in the directions, but I followed them to a tee and did it in a timely fashion and got exactly what I wanted. So excited to start my new job🎉

  35. A strong believer

    The Stuff Detox is a miracle worker. I had an interview once I received the phone call as I was smoking saying I had the job and had to go take the test within 24hrs and I started to freak out and went to GNC and asked for something they suggested The Stuff Detox. I took it an hr and a half before the text and received a call within 30 minutes to let me know my start date. Same thing happen with another job. IT WORKS!!!!!!

  36. Elwood

    “THE STUFF” detox absolutely works for thc, methylphenidate(ritilin/Adderall), cocaine and diazapam, alorazapam,and kolozapam. I’ve been with a girlfriend while she visibly used all aformentioned substances 3-4 hrs before her monthly D.O.C administered drug testing and passed with flying colors. ABSOLUTELY FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS and all will go as planned

  37. K3mosabe

    Can yu smoke a day before an pass using the Stuff Detox drank?

  38. Nelle

    I am being promoted and need to take a UA today. I bought two bottles of this and some home tests. I tested it last week and it worked. Drank the bottle. Refilled with water and drank it all. Waited 2 hours, and peed about 5 Times. Took a home test and passed! The next day, I just did the home test and failed. So it works, but you got to be careful. The whole day I detoxed I felt lightheaded and off. But if it works, it works. Already drank my bottle for today and I’ll be leaving in an hour for my test. Also, I haven’t smoked in three weeks. So this is just a precaution.

  39. Nana88

    Hey ,
    I used the stuff and I can tell ya it works !!!! I was afraid I had a D-test for my new job and I was so nervous Bc I had not enough time I thought .
    I stop puffing 2 days before my D-test appointment and used the stuff how it says .
    I drunk it around 8:15 am waited 15 min filled the empty bottle up with water and drunk it !
    My appointment was at 10:30 am i peed 3 times before I peed in the cup !

    And I got my call today I have the job D-test was negative.

    I just puff the holy green leaves nothing else .
    I have to say I’m a very short lady and skinny .

    But it worked for everyone else around 6 ppl recommended to me and all those ppl used it as well in the past and it worked for all of them always !

    Thank you hope it helps a few ppl !!!

  40. Help asap please test at 8 n the am

    Please let me know if it helps with methadone, adderal, Valium, clotopin also I did Meth two times for the first time in years 3 days ago. I have a script for all except Valium and of course Meth please someone reply asap

  41. Simone

    I have tried this twice and it worked. The first time I smoked the day before the second time I smoked three days before made sure between those times I was drinking plenty of water and fruits. No alcohol should not be contained and some people still drink alchol think it may work. NO ! You have to follow the instructions. Also your body fat can cause a false so sweat it out as much as you can . I have a few test coming up so I hope it works the third time . Time to stack up on water and btw herbal tea detox is good to take before drinking the stuff .

  42. 😄

    It works! Im not a review writing type of person…This worked! I took it 7:55am took test at 10am Passed! Follow directions!! My friend had 24hrs to take the test smoked already when she found out bought the stuff 1am took the stuff 5am took test 7am Passed! It works! Just Follow Directions!!

  43. Jeff p

    Used it.. Worked like a champ.. I am 210lbs.. ( i used “regular strength” because all the place had.. There is a Max. Stregnth recommeded for high used and over 175lbs) too but tougher to find. Again im 210lbs slow matabolism and a regular pothead (couple of hits A.M couple PM) but smoke everyday! I smoked up to 24 before test…
    Day of test
    Ate lite breakfast 9am
    Drank “Stuff” 12:45pm (followed directions)
    Then Peed 3x: 1:25 alot, 1:45 a little bit, 2 pm medium
    Went to test 230
    Passed 🙂

  44. Lina

    Duuuude! I was surprised with the stuff. So I applied for a part time weekend job a while ago kind of forgot about it. Out of the blue I get the call and start the process. Then they hit me with the test I said I cant go today I am at my full time job they agreed to let me take it the next morning. I called my friend because she had mentioned some drink she took at a moment’s notice and she said it was “the stuff” so picked it up after work @ the vitamin shoppe.
    The next day in the morning i drank the stuff waited 15 minutes refilled the bottle with water and drank that. I peed one time and left to take the test. About an hour later, i waited ready locked and loaded. thankfully they called me up quickly.
    So days later, i heard back and now I’m working so the stuff worked for me!

  45. Lina

    Forgot to mention im 5’3 230 pounds and smoke mostly on weekends.

  46. Saleem get money

    It works so good on parole in passing test like a genius

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