Third-Party Lab Tests: Why They Are Important

Third-Party Lab Tests: Why They Are Important

In recent years, the CBD industry has seen massive growth in terms of the number of brands and products available to consumers. Last year, there was estimated to be over 1,500 different CBD brands in the United States alone. Both the buzz surrounding the potential health benefits of CBD and more studies confirming those benefits has brought profit-seeking companies into the marketplace. 

Due to the industry becoming crowded with low-quality and illegitimate CBD brands, now is the time for you to learn about why third-party lab tests are important. Ensuring anything you put into your body is of high quality is crucial for health, so let’s go over what a third-party lab test is and how it can help keep you safe.

What Is A Third-Party Lab Test?

When a product is “third-party lab tested” it means the product is tested by a laboratory independent from the company who made the product. This ensures the laboratory has no stake in whether the product passes or fails the lab test. 

“Third-party” refers to a group that is not directly involved with the business, which means they are 100% impartial. 

Third-party CBD lab tests look for substances present in CBD such as heavy metals, solvents, terpene content, microbial contamination, and pesticides. A report from CBS claims that over 70% of the top CBD companies are not performing proper lab tests and are blatantly lying about what’s in their bottle!

CBD vs the Food and Drug Administration

While the CBD industry has grown exponentially, the Federal Drug Association (FDA) has yet to offer up any real regulations for CBD products. This lack of regulation is what has allowed the industry to grow so rapidly and without any real consequences for those who lie in their advertising.

Senate Majority leader, Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has become one of the most prominent public figures trying to put pressure on the FDA to provide more regulations on CBD brands, saying in a statement, “CBD is brimming with potential to be a billion dollar industry … But before that can happen, farmers, growers, producers, consumers and vendors need to know exactly what the rules of the road are – and right now they’ve got no idea. That’s why I’m calling on the FDA to do its job in a timely manner and issue guidance related to CBD classification, labeling, quality, marketing, and sales.” 

All of this to say, the FDA has essentially left the CBD industry to regulate itself-making third party testing that much more important.

So, Why Is CBD Lab Testing Important?

A study done in 2019 by ABC News of the top CBD brands in the US found 70% of them to be “highly contaminated” and over 50% of them bore inaccuracies on their labels. Those statistics are truly terrifying. This is why CBD lab testing is important.

It’s criminal that these brands are still allowed to be sold! But, with no FDA regulation, this can continue to happen. That means there are endless numbers of consumers who have not just wasted their money on a product that won’t give them the results, but are also consuming unknown substances that could actually harm them.

3rd-Party CBD Testing: On Amazon

Amazon is notorious for selling fake CBD. Sometimes, you’ll see products advertising 30,000mg of CBD for $12 – with no lab test! In the reviews of these products, behind the fake 5-star reviews, you see people who needed much more than placebo and are left disappointed. You also see the occasional customer who has been harmed by this fake CBD.

According to multiple, independent sources, including the National Library of Medicine, CBD has no side effects, meaning whatever hurt these people was not CBD. This is the terrifying truth of navigating this industry and another reason why third party lab testing should be a standard practice.

How To Spot A Fake CBD Brand

Another thing to keep in mind is that many fake CBD companies (and even the really popular ones) will say that they are third party tested, yet, their test results are impossible to find. 

You as the consumer have to ask yourself why? Typically, the answer is because they have something to hide. The CBD oil for sale from USA Medical has lab test results from an ISO-certified laboratory readily available to you on the front page of the website, because there is nothing to hide! These test results serve as proof to the claims of purity, potency, and the organic nature of USA Medical CBD.

The Bottom Line

Your health is the most important thing in the world and fake CBD products are a danger to you and anyone who falls victim. When discussing third-party lab tests and why they are important, remember, a 3rd-party CBD lab test is the only way to verify whether or not the CBD you plan to buy is pure, potent, and worth your money.

Don’t settle – demand the best from CBD companies, because your heath and wellness is what matters most!

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