Tiffany Trump, Donald Trump Daughter, Caught Smoking Weed Story is Fake News

Tiffany Trump Smoking WeedTiffany Trump, Donald Trump Daughter, Caught Smoking Weed is Fake News

Tiffany Trump, Donald Trumps Daughter, was allegedly caught smoking weed in a New York nightclub recently. And of course headlines likes Donald Trump’s Daughter, Tiffany, Trump Caught Smoking Weed In Club, and Police Catch Tiffany Trump Smoking Cannabis at New York Nightclub, and Police caught Tiffany Trump Smoking Marijuana Strains at Nightclub in NYC quickly found their way onto the interwebs after it was written. The problem is that the story is completely fake.

The Tiffany Trump weed article originated on a site called The American Tribune, known for concocting fake news stories for fun. And unfortunately marijuana websites like The JointBlog, Green Rush Daily, and Canasos who ran those headlines above saw the article, thought it was a real news event and wrote their own coverage about it. It’s too bad because we dig these sites. However none of them actually realized that The American Tribune, like the Onion, is a fake news site that “provides a satirical view of current events.” They explicitly say that “our articles are a parody of the terrible news coverage in 2016 and beyond” on their website (see below.)

Tiffany Trump Donald Trump Daughter Caught Smoking Weed is Fake News_

Fake Tiffany Trump story fools The Joint Blog & more

Trumpted-up news is spread for a number of reasons—from generating traffic that results in huuuuge profits to altering outcomes of elections that result in huuuuge egomaniacs winning the presidency. Fake news is also apparently spread as a result of ignorance. Which seems to be the case with The Joint Blog, Green Rush Daily and CannaSOS.

Green Rush Daily’s story is substantiated with lines such as, “according to a handful of local sources” and “most of the reporting on this came from local sources.” But what local sources are they talking about? They don’t cite any. Why? Because there are none. The story is fake and comes from a self-described parody website.

The JointBlog doesn’t cite any sources for their coverage of the Donald Trump daughter caught with pot story. Looks like it’s owner, Anthony Martinelli, who is apparently also the Communications Director for Sensible Washington, just cut and pasted the fake story from CannaSOS. We wonder if any of these websites will update their coverage and admit that they were duped?

Joint Blog Publishes Fake News on Tiffany Trump

Anyhow, below is the original fake news story about Tiffany Trump and marijuana, titled: Tiffany Trump Caught Smoking Pot in New York Nightclub! Read it and you’ll most certainly agree that it would have to take some seriously strong weed to not be fooled by such satire, right?

New York, NY — Tiffany Trump, 23, President-Elect Donald Trump’s daughter from his second marriage, found herself caught up in a sticky, icky situation at a nightclub on Wednesday evening—adding further support to the recently trending name #TwistedTiff used by fans and critics alike.

Details are scarce, but the rarely televised “Internet personality” was photographed being ushered (hands covered) in to a dark SUV by NYPD officers early Wednesday evening outside of famed 26th St. BDSM club “Paddles.”

Official sources in the Trump transition team have declined comment, though a leather clad member of the #TwistedTiff security detail assured members of the media that Ms. Trump was simply cited for a minor marijuana violation attributed to her confusion regarding cannabis laws in the Empire State. The agent, requesting anonymity, ended the brief explanation by stating that Ms. Trump is looking forward to her day in court and to continuing her Father’s mission to Make America Great Again.

Though a recent Gallup poll shows more than 60% of the country supports legalizing marijuana use, the appointment of House Representative Tom Price (R-Georgia) to the position of Health and Human Services Secretary has Cannabis supporters (and one First-Daughter in-waiting) praying for a “price change.”

The hardline Peach State conservative has repeatedly voted against congressional measures limiting interference from the Department of Justice in to State-legalized Medical and Recreational Marijuana industries, earning him a ‘D’ rating from the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and energized supporters of the Anti-Marijuana movement.

My MAN! @jeffsessions Gonna put those dope smokers in they place! God Bless @realDonaldTrump #NoPot #DopeKills

— Curly Beaumont (@altright_curly) December 1, 2016

Price’s Prohibitionist mindset will square perfectly with fellow anti-cannabis crusader & Cabinet appointee Jeff Sessions in the office of the Attorney General. If Trump’s remaining appointments don’t balance things out politically, the highly visible & financially lucrative progress made by pro-pot activists during the Obama administration may go up in smoke.

And while there’s no word on where she’ll end up on Santa’s list, #TwistedTiff is definitely at the top of her Dad’s naughty list this Christmas.

How do you feel about the spread of fake news on the internet? Should sites like The American Tribune make the fact that they’re a fake news aka parody site more visible so people aren’t fooled into believing their trumped-up stories?

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