Tommy Chong and BReal Hotbox in New Video

Tommy Chong and Breal
Imagine what it’s like to be hot-boxing with Tommy Chong and BReal

We’ve had the opportunity to smoke some weed with BReal backstage at a Cypress Hill gig during an interview we did with him years ago. He’s been in the weed game for ages and recently was lucky enough to win a permit to open his own medical marijuana dispensary, Dr. Greenthumb, in Southern California. Talk about life imitating art and shit, right?

“We want to show … if done correctly and legally, all the good things that it can bring to the actual city – jobs, revenue stream, more opportunity and quality of medicine,” the rapper told the Orange County Register after hearing the news that he was in the clear to open a dispensary.

And recently we had the honor of interviewing the legendary Tommy Chong who is endorsing a ton of marijuana products these days after many decades of advocating for marijuana. We talked to the longtime activist right after Congress reached that $1.1 trillion spending deal that tried to bar the District of Columbia from going forward with legalizing marijuana. He told us, “This is good news—I mean bring it on,” says Chong during an exclusive interview with Stuff Stoners Like to talk about his latest product, a new strain of weed named after him and the fact that he’s featured on the Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like Poster.

So we were stoked to check out this Hotbox footage of the two rapping while enjoying some California herb. You hear how Cheech and Chong influenced Bob Marley and how he’s feeling about his current status as a pot icon. Enjoy.

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