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Tommy ChongTommy Chong Thinks Congress Blocking DC Pot Legalization is Good News

Tuesday, Congress reached a $1.1 trillion spending deal that bars the District of Columbia from legalizing marijuana. But to Tommy Chong, the legendary stoner comic, this isn’t a setback—it’s showtime. “This is good news,” he tell us. “I think this is all good—I mean bring it on,” says Chong during an exclusive interview with Stuff Stoners Like to talk about his latest product, a new strain of weed named after him and the fact that he’s featured on the Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like Poster.

Tommy Chong“My theory with the Republicans gaining control of the senate is that they’ve got two years to show the American people how greedy, inept and ignorant they are. So the next president of course will be Elizabeth Warren or somebody with a moral conscious,” Chong says. It’s like them trying to repeal Obamacare,” He tells us. “It’s not going to happen and the only reason they are doing it is to keep your mind off of the stealing that’s going on unabated.”

This spending deal debacle isn’t a new move, it’s what Congress does when District leaders try to enact social policies that conservatives on Capitol Hill disagree with. Rather than trying to vote down the pot initiative, which Congress has the power to do, they placed language in an essential spending bill that would prevent the city from spending any money to enact it. So what do stoners, activists and freedom-loving Americans do to fight against a Congress that is hellbent on not only flagrantly disrespecting the will of DC voters, but also President Obama who recently came out in opposition to the Congressional effort to stop DC legalization?

Tommy Chong“We don’t fight. That’s the first lesson,” says Chong, “because once you resist then you become a target.” What the longtime marijuana activist recommends is a strategy that’s already been employed and proven to be effective—an approach he refers to as The Tsunami of Love. “Slowly, quietly, we lose some, we gain and eventually the whole country will follow,” Chong calmly assures us. We’re not going to win through fighting the idea, Chong says. “You got to ignore these people and go about your business. The Tsuanmi of Love that’s taking over the world seems slow but it’s been moving pretty rapidly—state after state,” says Chong.

“They can block DC but what does that do? Eventually all the states around them will be legal because the percentage of people that support legalization is crazy—70 to 30 or something and those numbers are in this climate, says Chong. “Give it a few more years when people find out how good marijuana is and how inexpensive and useful hemp is—they will not be able to stop anything.”

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  1. Bud Green

    Tommy is dead on. The fight is going to be won with common sense.

  2. Jerome


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