Smokin’ Slogans for Twitter Volume 1

In no particular order, the MAKERS of STUFF STONERS LIKE present to you our first batch of Top Tweets. Follow us on Twitter: stoner_stuff dig?

1. We’re not lazy…we’re just STONED

2.  Remember people, problems don’t just go away. But if you smoke enough WEED…you won’t  really give a shit about ’em…

3. They say oysters are a great aphrodisiac…but we’ll just stick to WEED

4. There are two kinds of people in this world: those who laugh with you and those who really need to smoke some weed

5. If Snapple was really made from the best stuff on Earth…it sure the hell would contain a lot more WEED

6. The dude who coined the phrase “put that in your pipe and smoke it” probably sucked at rolling joints

7. The only downside to buying groceries is that you could have bought weed instead.

8. There has to be more to life than just SMOKING WEED ALL DAY, right? Oh…yeah….there’s hash too.

9. The only bong hits you’ll regret..are the ones you don’t take

10. If you’re HIGH on life already…just imagine how great you’d feel after a couple bong hits?

11. We may not be SMARTER than a 5th grader…but we sure the hell can SMOKE MORE WEED than one…

12. When people talk about paperwork…we secretly hope they’re talking about ROLLING JOINTS

13. MARIJUANA is the BACON of plants

14. Be really careful when getting STONED around DONUTS…

15. It’s always so much harder to find Waldo when you’re STONED

16. Right when you start over-thinking shit…is right when you should start SMOKING WEED.

17. You get the best out of others…when you get them STONED first

18. There was WEED before money was invented

19. You can’t SMOKE WEED with your head in your ASS

20. The only ones you have to fear…are the ones that aren’t STONED

21. uhhhm…no officer…we’re purty sure that bag of WEED fell our of your pocket

22. Ever wonder if George Washington worried about setting his teeth on fire while smoking WEED?

23. Always take your driver’s license pic STONED…so when you get pulled over…the cop will think you always look like that

24.  If duct tape don’t fix it…try smoking a bowl. That should do the trick.

25. There’s a fine line between being STONED and being galeajfeflje;wf

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