New Method to Maximize Marijuana Yield

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QUESTION: New Method to Maximize Marijuana Yield—Hey Northern Neighbors; I’m glad to hear you’re partnered up with Dru on this Q&A thing – I purchased his book the moment I saw the ad for it in the San Diego KUSH Magazine (or was it NUG? – having this problem with short-term memory loss).

Anyway I’ve sent a few questions his way but never received any responses back. Hopefully you guys can help him out . When trimming a plant for the initial NEWS formation, Dru says to cut the 1st 2 branches, leave the next 4, then top off the remainder. I have some plants (Super Silver Haze, for example) that stretch quickly during initial growth, while others are the opposite. In the SS Haze case, the 3rd branch may be 10-12″ from the ground. On some of my Blue Dream, on the other hand, the 3rd branch may be 1″ from the ground.

Is there a preferred height I should be targeting instead, to insure a certain open area under the canopy? Seems like it would be easier to work with if there was, especially in quantities.

Dru West: Good question. Different strains do display different branching tendencies. With the Super Silver Haze, which is predominately sativa, you will see longer internode lengths, which can in turn create higher branch levels. This is good and works really well with our method.

With the More indica dominate Blue Dream, internodes will be shorter creating less space between the top of the pot and the bottom branch. This can make it difficult to water during the first few weeks. In order to get some more clearance, you can prune off the bottom four branches and carry on with the same training methods as before.

If you have 4-6 inches of clearance by the end of Phase 1, you will always have plenty of room to work. Good luck.

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–@Dru West

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