Name: Trainwreck
Berkeley Patients Group
The Trainwreck strain is a well-known Sativa dominant hybrid…maybe up to 100% if you find the right stuff
This is another one of those  famous marijuana strains that’s steeped in mythology. A lot of people up in Nor Cal will gut your ass if you don’t nod your head in agreement while they tell you it’s originally from Arcata, CA grown on a hillside near the site of some nasty summer-time train wreck back when Jerry, Jimi and Janis ruled the world in the 60’s. Some say it’s a product of two brothers from the 80s. And, a few think Tupac’s alive. But, really who gives a damn shit, right?
Price: $440/ounce or practically free if you grow it
Strikingly beautiful like Kristen Schaal’s personality, with smallish nugs that look very sativa-like…akin to those rad 60’s Sativas from South America, which they kinda taste like, but absolutely coated in bright white li’l electric crystals. The buds are super dense and solid…like li’l green petrified popcorn.
Close your eyes and think back to the first time you ever smelled weed. Think Janis Joplin minus the vodka…no…better yet, close your eyes and imagine what Otto’s jacket would smell like. Yep, that’s exactly its intoxicating aroma.
Absolutely fabulous. Trainwreck has a taste all its own, very very danky, very spicy, rich and complex.
Train’s got a very soaring high like a rocket ship that goes straight to the head and comes on fast and strong like a freight train.
Buzz Length:
This shit grips on with white knuckles and won’t let go…like a psycho stalker ex-boryfriend who doesn’t take a hint and seemingly lasts forever like the fuckin’ rash he gave you.
Medical Uses:
Great for depression, great for curing nausea, bringing on the munchies or turning an ugly chick cute. Wait…who said that?

Trainwreck…like it’s thoughtful name implies…will rock you like a hurricane and instantly hit you hard like a George Foreman punch to the face and leave ya blissfully incapacitated in its wake of boredom-destroying bliss. If you wanna fuck up an entire Sunday by dragging your man to Ikea, here’s how you do it. Smoke him out with some of this shit…don’t say a thing…just start the car and he’ll be in the fucking pillow section before he even realizes he’s up off the couch. Train’s super fucking extremely potent and some pussies might even complain that “it’s too strong”. To those people we say…“grab your fucking Coldplay record and get the fuck out of our basement.”

15 Responses to “Trainwreck STRAIN REVIEW”

  1. Danielle

    “turning an ugly chick cute.”

    I’ll assume it also works the other way around.

  2. Deew-nixon

    lol, clicked on the “Kristen Schaal” link. really god damn hilarious. im baked

  3. Zerostar

    Its okay Danielle. Im sure that wasnt an attack on you personally.

    I just finished growing some TW from Green House Seed Co. Although not the ‘original’ Arcata strain. It mirrored it perfectly with the way it grew and smelled. I just smoked my first few hits tonight of it and it is an amazing strain.

    Very cerebral at first. Almost makes me feel like Im tripping on mushrooms. Then all I want to do is lie on the couch, eat junkfood and watch comedies. A+

  4. cannahigh303

    Trainwreck is the shit!! Pounds you in the head then makes you wanna fall asleep on the couch for a few hours. Really wanna grow some!!

  5. budsgalore54

    the only strain i grow every year ill grow it for the rest of my life if possible

  6. dashii

    I hate it. Makes me so paranoid and shitty feeling. The only thing worse was Scary from a few years ago. Got a bushel of the shit and i’d rather drink beer.

  7. hornybitch

    im stoned n wanna get banged right now im fucking frosted

  8. Dick glover

    Love this smoke then getting 4 guys to sandwich my loose hairy ass straight after I have a dump without toilet paper and I am very fat and hairy guy with a micropenis if any1 interested let me know

  9. Mernahuana

    kick ass marijuana review. true about practically free if u grow yourself. some costs involved of course. have a cross of this K-Train thinking of growing out.

  10. MMN

    Great review.. Love love me some Trainwreck. One of the best strains in my opinion!

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  12. Feel3oodSam7654309

    $200 for outdoor Trainwreck. I grabbed up 1Lb. From for $1600. Alittle spicy, and earthy dark-greenish dense buds. Very, extremely strong.

  13. MikeAwesome36

    Great stuff for the price. I grabbed 1oz. trainwreck up for $185.00. Very nice spicy, piney, earthy scent. The high come on immediately. But, it was outdoor quality. Could definitely pass some fire indoor. Email:

  14. Lee El Mañana – it’s labelled as B+/A- quality, but to me it seems pretty decent and could almost pass for indoor. Priced at $175.00 for 1oz. The trainwreck outdoor I got from Rasta was fluffy, golden buds. Some green fan-leaves with a mix of both blonde and brown hairs. Very spicy, earthy stuff! The high comes on rather quickly too.

  15. Tattsexii336

    Great indoor trainwreck. Well-worth $280.00 an Ounce. Email:

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