Transition from Veg to Flower

Transition from Veg to FlowerHere’s the Best Way to Transition from Veg to Flower

Question: I want to set my veg hours to be on from 5am to 11pm. Then transition them to flower. Lights on 9pm to 9am.

Dru West: To get your marijuana plants to start budding you have to change the light cycle from the “vegetative stage” (18hrs) to the “reproductive or budding stage” (12hrs). There is a bit more to it than just switching the settings on your timers though; you need a solid plan. If you don’t get it right you could seriously confuse your plants, which will ultimately affect the quality and quantity of your harvest.

In order to not confuse the plants, I would suggest running the veg lights from 3pm-9am instead of the proposed 5am-11pm. This will allow you to simply adjust the “on” time from 3pm to 9pm when it is time to transition. You will achieve the 9pm-9am reproductive cycle you are looking for without stressing out and confusing the plants.

To ensure your plants reach their full potential in the budding stage, you must make sure the transition from the vegetative stage is as easy and stress free as possible. Any damage done by confusing the plants at this point will have a serious affect on the harvest because the plants will have to spend the first week or so just trying to figure out what’s going on. When you only have so many weeks to work with, you want to be sure your plants get the most out of each one.

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–@Dru West

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  1. Lars Inge Vassbotn

    thx for the tip.

  2. Annie

    Hi, I’m curious as to how many weeks do I veg to Bloom cycle?
    Do I clean up my bottom stems, and then supercroponce I go into Bloom to make them busy and produce BIG buds? I’m only getting popcorn size buds??
    Perhaps I am feeding to much in both veg and Bloom stage?? I have been feeding 15 ml per feeding…. any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Annie

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