How to Transplant Flowering Cannabis Plants

How to Transplant Flowering Cannabis Plants

How to Transplant Flowering Cannabis Plants

QUESTION: My Blue Cookies marijuana plants have been flowering for about two weeks in our backyard. We just bought a new house and I’d like to take them with us. Is it okay to transplant them? Will more roots even grow? Is it worth the effort?

Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy: Generally we wouldn’t recommend that you attempt to transplant flowering cannabis plants. Understandably there are times when you’ve got to move your marijuana plant while it’s budding, but with that being said two weeks is about the last possible time you should even think about it.How to Transplant Flowering Cannabis Plants

If your flowing pot plats reside in small containers (1 gallon or less) and you put them into two gallon containers, they will appreciate the extra space, but transplanting at this age may stress or slow her flowering so be patient. Don’t go crazy with adding supplements to your soil mix, just use something like Fox Farm’s Ocean Forest and try to get the roots covered in some microbial powder, to help her recover.

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    do you have to add nutes if you transplant into large container with fresh soil before flowering

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