The Tulip Joint is Stuff Stoners Like

tulip joint smokerTulip joints are classic stuff stoners like. If you want to smoke something that looks like a nuclear warhead and is probably just as powerful, the tulip joint is it, man. It’s what’s known as a specialty joint, featuring a fat pencil-sized roach, sometimes a joint itself and a huge bulb full of tasty herb. It’s of course named after the famous flower that it resembles. And it’s hella popular in the Netherlands.

The Dutch have an interesting history with tulips. In fact people went crazy for them during the Dutch Golden Age. In March of 1637 Tulip Mania hit it’s peak. Their popularity led to a run on tulip bulbs that resulted to insanely-high prices—some single tulip bulbs sold for more than 10 times the annual income of a skilled craftsman. Then suddenly interest collapsed. It nearly took down the entire Dutch commerce—much like a tulip joint often takes down unsuspecting, rookie pot-smokers in Amsterdam. Some say that shit was the first occurrence of an economic bubble.

The tulip joint is especially potent because it typically doesn’t contain any tobacco—just the finest weed and a lot of it. Although it looks difficult to roll it really ain’t. Interested in learning how to roll a tulip joint? Cool we’ve broken it down into five easy steps. Make sure to look at the infographic at the bottom to get a better idea of how to roll a tulip joint.

Dutch Tulip Joint
This Tulip Joint utilizes a joint instead of a hollow tube

How to roll a tulip joint

What You’ll need:

  • A small piece heavy paper or cardstock
  • 5 King Size Rolling Papers
  • Anywhere between 4 to 8 grams of ground weed
  1. First off you’re going to want to make the tube to smoke through. That’s where a small piece of thick paper or cardstock comes in handy. Roll it into a tube and use tape or some shit to keep it closed. But make sure it’s air-tight—you can even wrap a few rolling papers around it to ensure a good seal. Or you can also use a rolled joint.
  2. Next you’ll build the warhead-looking cone to contain all the weed. You’ve seen a cone-shaped coffee filter, right? That’s the look we’re aiming for, son. Basically you’re going to form a square with the rolling papers by sticking ‘em together—making the joint wider not longer. Make sure the gummed strips on the papers are all running along one side. You can use two or four rolling papers (preferably STUFF STONERS LIKE SIGNATURE ROLLING PAPERS available soon at depending on how big you want your tulip joint. Fold the rolling paper into a triangle and seal that shit up forming a flat paper cone.
  3. Next fill the cone. Pack it evenly and tightly with weed. Take your time, dude, you don’t want this thing to run once it’s packed. A running tulip joint is no good. And don’t over pack it, man—weed’s gonna fall out, it makes it difficult be to connect the bulb to the roach, etc.
  4. Now cut the gummed strip off another rolling paper. Place the tube or joint into the cone. Make sure to crimp the cone around the joint or roach as best you can to ensure an airtight seal. If you use a joint, don’t crush it, dude.
  5. All you gotta do now is lick that gummed strip and use it to wrap around the cone and tube, or rolled joint, fastening ‘em together, you know like you’re making a spear or something. And you’re done.

Enjoy your tulip joint dude. Maybe tweet us a pic or something, eh?

how to roll a tulip joint
Here’s how to roll a tulip joint

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