Ultra THC Detox Pills Do They Really Work?


Ultra THC Detox Pills

Detox pills for weed arrived earlier this week. Wha? We’re not on a diet. But we are always always interested in helping people pass drug tests. so we weren’t surprised. What is surprising, however is that we’ve yet to review any marijuana detox pills. But we have tested plenty of detox drink for THC products and have written about the Certo and Sure Gel method, but detox pills are something we haven’t considered until now. According to the manufacturers, Ultra THC Detox Pills will help you pass any marijuana drug test naturally in just 7 days by removing THC in urine. They say that they product is perfect for the heavy and light marijuana user and offer a 100% satisfaction grantee. Only drawback to their THC detox program is that it takes seven days and of course if you want to pass a drug test you can’t smoke any weed during that time period.

If you don’t have seven days for a marijuana detox we suggest using synthetic urine. It’s a surefire way to pass drug tests because it’s the same stuff drug labs use to test their equipment. The brand we recommend is Sub-Solution. It’s undetectable and comes with heating powder so you don’t have to worry about keeping it warm. It also comes with a 200% money back guarantee!

PRO TIP—Score a home drug test for weed and test yourself prior to the big test to make sure you’ll pass using the these THC detox pills.

How to pass a drug test with detox pills

Nobody likes drug tests, we fell ya. We’re here to help So to pass a drug test with these THC detox pills you’ve got to do two things one of which is really tough—stop smoking weed and make sure to follow the directions. We’ve pasted the directions to using the THC detox pills below. Keep in mind that this is a seven day detox program designed to eliminate all marijuana toxins from your body. It comes with a full week’s supply of detox pills and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If used correctly these detox pills will help you pass a drug test for urine, a mouth swab drug test and even a blood drug test. That’s because they completely cleanse your system of THC. These things doesn’t temporarily cover up THC like several of those detox drinks on the market. Not that there’s anything wrong with those. It’s all about what works for you.

These detox pills are also all organic and contain some interesting stuff including extracts of organic Burdock Root, organic Dandelion Root, organic Rhubarb Root, Organic Goldenseal, Organic Sheep Sorrel Herb, Organic Cat’s Claw Bark, and Organic Pau D’Arco Bark. Sure this stuff sounds like it would taste terrible, but it’s in a pill form not some fruity drug detox drink. Plus it’s worth it if you’ve got to perform a THC detox.

Also keep in mind that these detox pills will not help you pass a hair drug test. That’s because THC stays in your hair despite the fact that you’ve removed it from your body. So check out our post on how to pass a hair drug test for more information if you’ve got a hair drug test in your future. Suffice to say that knowing that drug tests you may face at your job is very important. That way you can prepare for a marijuana detox at anytime.

how to pass a drug testUltra THC detox kit reviews

Does this stuff work to pass a drug test? Apparently yes. Why do we say apparently? Because we haven’t yet tried this product. But there are a lot positive reviews on their site. Take a look.

Juan says: These pills are the S%^t i have tried everything to the point where i was only using synthetic urine but not anymore.I am buying these for all my drug tests now honestly if anyone is really scared on failing look no further and just order these pills. I weigh 230 pounds and don’t do exercise at all but I took a test after only 4 days out of the 7 and passed still taking them to completely finish with my detox but they work wonders thanks again for these great pills.

Jackie says: Holy-moley they worked. I am a very heavy smoker and my metabolism is very slow I am simply amazed this product is the best and will buy more when needed.

Doug says: Took a at home test failed before starting the pills, heavy smoker of many many years including a lot of dabs. Today is day 7 and I passed! Thanks again magicdetox detox kit! This is a real person not a computer with real drug tests results! I will recommend this product to anyone!

Hopefully some of our readers will give them a try. Please let us know if they work for you? We’d like to put together a definitive list of drug test products that have actually worked. It’s our goal to help people pass them. Why should a drug test stand in the way of a capable employee, right? Anyhow, we’ve had many readers leave super comments on our how to pass a drug test for marijuana page that have led to many people passing their test. Also check out our primer on how to get weed out of your system fast if you’re not into pills. Keep in mind that it takes about a full month for THC to leave your system naturally.

How to pass a urine test every time

We always recommend using synthetic urine to anyone who as to pass a marijuana drug test. Using fake pee is the best way to pass a drug test because it consistently works. You might think synthetic urine, or fake urine, fake piss, fake pee whatever you want to call it is gross. But clean pee is what’s gross. Fake pee, not so much. It’s toxin free and no matter how much asparagus you it it’ll never smell. Anyhow it’s what drug test labs use to calibrate their equipment so you know it works. if you’re worried about synthetic urine being detected as synthetic, it won’t happen if you purchase a quality product like Sub-Solution. It’s undetectable. We’ve used it ourselves many times. It’s bad-ass because it comes with heating powder to warm it up in seconds and a 200% money back guarantee! Anyhow good luck on your test, man

Have you tried any detox pills to pass a piss test? Have any tips on how to get weed out of your system or on how to pass a urine drug test? Let us know your best detox for THC method in the comments section below…

42 Responses to “Ultra THC Detox Pills Do They Really Work?”

  1. Gene Sides

    I ordered the 7 day detox order number 45793 Fri Feb 3rd at approximately 10 am central time I got no routing number or time frame please call me at 1662 544 7984

  2. Gene Sides

    Sorry take my name off list got order

  3. Gene Sides

    Please disregard the message before got it

  4. Rochelle

    Gene – does it work?????

  5. Gene Sides

    Yes, It worked. Very satisfied.

  6. Queen

    Does this work? I will buy

  7. Nellie

    It worked good for me. Will be buying again next month. Thanks Guys!!

  8. neshia

    This product does not work . They won’t even return my emails or answer the phones . I am not pleased ! It’s a scam !!

  9. Tom

    Not a scam. I pass my test today!!!!!!! Thank you guys so much!!

  10. Lex

    Dam n so is it a scam ? I’m going to buy it and test myself 7 days after … I have to take a test on the 6th of June ..I’ll let yal know if it works … I am a HEAVY smoker my last test was hot after 3 weeks clean .. I smoked yesterday

  11. Lex

    Nope did not work for me

  12. Lex

    Tested myself again the same day. I did pass. It must have been a faulty drug test… Thank you guys so much!!! Please delete my last comment. Thank you…

  13. Lex

    I did not even write that !!!

  14. Karl

    Thank you guys so much. I was clean on day 5. This is a great product!! 6ft 170, smoke dabs and wax.

  15. Amanda Smith

    Does this.really work or should I keep my money

  16. Richard

    Worked for me. Clean on day 6, and I smoke a lot. Thank you

  17. Amber

    Passed my test. Very pleased with the detox pills.. Smooth transaction and great customer service. This is the only product that has worked for me.

  18. Tory

    Tested myself on day 6 didnt pass but im going to test after 7th day hope i pass have a test in 2 weeks praying this works

  19. Tory

    Nope didnt work for me either tested on day 6 test was postive and tested on day 8 still postive

  20. Bennet

    I’m on day 6 of the detox. I will report back tomorrow and give my results. This worked for me in the past. I hoping it will again..

  21. Troy

    Tested myself today and passed. Got a test kit from CVS. This is the third time it has worked for me. I am a daily toker. 190 pounds. I highly recommend this THC detox kit. Thank you

  22. Randy

    Worked for me!

  23. Ozzy

    I smoke a lot, usually a few grams a day, joints, bong and my vape pen. I quit a week before I received the thc detox pills, did the 7 day plan and drank the 16 oz of water each time taking the 2 pills, 3 times a day. Day 16 took a drug test and it was positive for thc. It also showed that my urine was being diluted. I’m mad I wasted 60 bucks on that bs, I also work a lot and sweat a lot, so I figured that would also help but nope. Waste of time and money. Might as well wait 30 days and let the body naturally get rid of the thc!! Stoners beware!!

  24. Tim Wright

    Hey Ozzy, I just finished my 7 days and passed with this product. If you tested yourself at home Id be careful. Those test kits are hit or miss. My wife failed one for weed and she has never smoked in her life. I would test again and see.

  25. Kenton

    I tried this, they do not work, I am a heavy smoker, I smoke everyday, and my tests was as positive as positive could be, and I can’t get hold of them for the money back guarantee. Trust me DON’T waste your money.

  26. Sara

    I was skeptical but it did work just fine. Was dirty, 7 days later I was clean. Highly recommend this stuff.

  27. Past Somker

    Needed to quit after 30 years of heavy smoking. Weed came to the point where it only made me tired. Also im looking for a new job. I was clean on day 6 after using this product. Maybe someday i will go back to smoking. Just wanted to say thanks to ultra detox for not scamming me like the detox drink products. Thanks again. 🙂

  28. Ant-Money

    I just ordered this product and I am going to give it a try. I am a daily smoker for 5 years now & I weigh about 160lbs standing at 5’9. Stay tuned to see my Official Review – Thanks

  29. David

    It’s been a full week. I followed all the guidelines. Drank a ton of green tea and detox teas, ate clean all week and still failed the thc tests. I think their product is bogus, and like I said banking on making money through the shipping and handling, as well as selling my email to other companies. Because now I get junk emails to buy all kinds of “other” pills.

  30. David

    Hey guys,
    I’m sorry to report that your product has failed me. I received over night shipping and started the detox program on Sunday 12/10/17. I finished Sunday 12/17/17. I ordered a 15 pack of Home test kits from amazon and tested my self each morning. I failed every single one. By the way, I was shorted 2 capsules, my last dose there was only 1 left. I followed all guidelines. I would like a refund. I still cannot pass a test this Monday morning. Thank you in advance for honoring your guarantee.

    I never heard back.

  31. Ryan Kasik


  32. Shannon

    I’m kind of nervous reading more bad then good reviews on the detox thc pills. I just ordered a bottle :/ I’m hoping it works. I stoped smoking a couple or more weeks ago and was gonna give these a go.

  33. Ray

    I have used this product 3 times.. It has worked 3 consecutive times…in fact I have been able to pass after only 5 days. Highly recommend….

  34. Mary Abella

    BEWARE, requested a refund for this product as we didn’t need to detox after we had already received them. The number on the site bring you to a robot that says their “phone systems are updating” can’t find shit in google about the owners, and their email system doesn’t work. The thing is, before ordering the cleanse I remember I had asked a question and received a response, hence why I felt confident I would receive a response regarding a refund but no. Honestly can’t vouch for the product but just buy elsewhere based off the customer service… never heard from anyone, zero contact.

  35. sam

    Worked as advertised. Thanks guys!

  36. Quinn

    Perfect product, if you have a questing email them, they respond in under an hr. Thank you

  37. Oliver B

    Highly recommended. I did daily exercise also during the detox week. Worked good, shipped the same day which was nice. Thanks

  38. William

    Worked for me again!

  39. Kelley

    Ok first off this is the best cleanse pill I have ever taken, it works promptly without discomfort and makes you feel great throughout the day .I did the 7 days and I passed my test, definitely gonna order again!

  40. Matthew

    The Ultra THC Detox saved my life! I had 8 days to pass and it did its job. I told all my co workers about it. Shipped same day and was exactly as advertised. I warn you not to buy cheap detoxs from Amazon. They do not work. You get what you pay for. Ultra THC Detox Works! – Matt

  41. Kelley

    I passed my home test and lab test with these pills. Thank you

  42. Zac

    “Did not have high hopes to pass, I was a heavy daily smoker, usually wax and dabs. I have a slow metabolism and was very skeptical of this product. I was shocked on 7 day when I tested myself and passed. I have used it 3 times since, so I thought u guys need a good review from me.” – Pete

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