UptownGrowLab Presents The Kitchen Review & Giveaway

The Kitchen presented by UptowngrowlabIf we were going to read a book, it would definitely be this one. Because The Kitchen presented by Uptowngrowlab is probably the most beautiful weed book we’ve ever encountered. It’s also the biggest. We’re talking hella big—like over-sized, coffee-table-book big. It’s also big on drool-inducing photos, instructions and personality. That’s not all though, the whole thing is a work of art—from the cool graphic design on each page right down to the gold embossing on the front cover. Put this thing on your coffee table and when 4:20 comes you’ll always have eye candy to enjoy. Don’t have a coffee table? Put this big ass thing on a bucket. Now you do.

This book is called The Kitchen but it contains no recipes. Like its authors, Uncle Tweezy and Jay Kitchen, say: The Kitchen is not a cannabis cookbook. All at once it’s a firsthand story of two expert cultivators with a lifelong passion for growing weed.

The Kitchen presented by Uptowngrowlab 3Jay’s a baby boomer who first got stoned while he was a college freshman in 1974. “As soon as I took my first real hit, my curiosities turned into enamor. Not only did I want to smoke this stuff, I wanted to grow it,” he writes.

And he did for many years only taking a short break to focus on marriage and children. His passion for growing only blossomed when he met his partner Tweezy in 2011. “From the moment he started getting his hands dirty,” writes Jay about Tweezy, “it was clear to me that the time and love he devoted to the garden was special and from his heart.”

The Kitchen presented by UptowngrowlabTweezy, born and raised in NYC has been smoking pot for greater than 25 years. “My unbridled passion to cultivate the best medicine known to man, woman or animal continues to drive me to this day.” He writes about his love for growing the hearb. The one time rapper and huge hip hop fan met Jay while he was managing a couple of hydroponics shops back in the day. “He always came to the shop early, always knew what he wanted, and always paid cash,” Tweezy says about Jay.

Soon the two began working together and this unique coffee table book documenting their explorations was underway. Part grow book, part guide to marijuana culture this dank diary chronicles the history of their many grows that resulted in some of the most exquisitely cultivated and photographed strains we’ve ever seen.

The Kitchen presented by UptowngrowlabDoes The Kitchen include any technical steps? Absolutely dude—from taking clones, to keeping vegetating plants alive, to curing your weed —there’s plenty of directions. There’s even instructions on rolling joints and blunts. But what makes this book worthwhile is that it’s a story about two friends and their supreme adventures over the years growing weed—and because it’s written as a first person account you feel like you’re coming along for the ride.

To learn more visit uptowngrowlab.net.

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  1. Ted Hood

    Is this the line to Avengers Movie?

  2. Dayemean

    i really need this man, i want to get in the growing cultivation, Become a certified grower

  3. Chase Boucher

    This book looks so goddamn good for my eyes and brain to see. I could definitely make excellent use of the knowledge contained within this juicy, succulent Book of Herb. Good luck to me! :O

  4. Jason

    Wow this book seems interesting indeed and if it’s as big as your clam than damn it’s a huge book haha anyways I wouldn’t mind winning but like I always say on your guys awesome contest may the best person win. Cheers guys and good luck 🙂

  5. idontsmokeregs

    I am always looking for extra info to help better my garden….i thrive to keep my patients and myself with the most natural and best meds i can produce….id love to incorporate someone elses tecniques with as much passion for growing as i have….. #greenthumbsociety

  6. Marty

    I love looking at pics of amazing resin squirting buds. Would go nice on my coffee table next to my cannabible sand Smoked volumes. Reading about nugs while smoking nugs… What could be better?

  7. Beezy

    Looks like an awesome book and something I’d get a kick out of reading through. Started my first grow recently and seeing and hearing of others experience is great, always an opportunity to learn something.

  8. kat420

    looks like the book to read sittin out in the garden, smokin a joint!

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