Light Bowls and Joints with Elementium’s New USB Lighter

USB LighterElementium’s New USB Lighter Rocks

What product saves you money while saving the environment with each joint you light? That’s right Elementium’s new Pure Spark Elite USB lighter. In fact go ahead and guess just how many lighters a single Elementium usb cigarette lighter will replace? Try 500, dude.

What’s super awesome about the new Pure Spark Elite USB lighter is that you can use it to light bowls! Yep the new Pure Spark Elite is bowl and pipe friendly! Its new cylinder design lets you light up your pipes, get down into bowls and spark up bowls that aren’t even packed all the way.

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Nothing will kill a buzz faster than listening to Coldplay. Or lighting your hair on fire while trying to spark a joint, man. (Speaking of Coldplay, if you hate ‘em, you’ll love our latest giveaway.) Have a long beard? Same thing, dude. You can light a joint with this new usb lighter and and not have to worry about setting it on fire—no matter how alcohol-soaked your beard may be.

cigarette lighter usb
Elementium’s new usb lighter sparks joints and bowls

USB Lighters are Stuff Stoners Like

Aside from self-immolation, you know what also sucks? Trying to light a joint in the wind. Wind and flames go together like good taste in music and listening to Coldplay. Sure this USB lighter isn’t the same as a Bic—at least it ain’t white right—or a Zippo and waving it in the air during Freebird is pointless, but you can use it to spark a spliff in a windstorm. And that’s even better. Plus you can carry this USB lighter on a plane.

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