Vaped Nano Review

Vaped Nano Review 4

Vaped Nano Vape Pen Review

Technology has changed the game for stoners looking to blaze on the sly. And one of the most stealthy stoner devices to hit the market in recent years is the vape pen. Like a joint, a vape pen can be operated with one hand allowing stoners to quickly and easily consume potent concentrates like wax or shatter or high-grade water extracts. Plus there’s no need for a fuckin’ blow torch with a vaporizer. So far the stealthiest and most-effective vape pen we’ve tested was the Vaped Nano.

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The 3.5 inch tall Vaped Nano vape fits anywhere—a pocket, purse, gig bag, in between the seats of your car never to be seen again. It also fits on the included battery key ring holder, so if you lose your keys dude, you’ll have to smoke a joint and take the bus. The Vaped Nano also fits in its handy, zippered carrying case that also nicely houses a charger, dabber and leaves plenty of room for concentrate containers or extra nails and shit. A vape knapsack. Dope.

Vaped Nano ReviewThe Vaped Nano comes with what the company calls a “skillet bowl” equipped with a hella heavy-duty titanium coil. In fact, the Vaped dudes are the originators of titanium coils. The bowl’s reservoir is also a lot larger than any of the other vapor pens we’ve tried.

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An instant classic vaporizer

The Vaped vaporizer pen also has an on-board display that indicates the remaining battery power so there’s no more guessing about when to recharge. Oh and if you have no patience you can gain some by hitting this thing while it’s charging, man. It’s also pretty easy to clean too. Whew. The connection and threading between the battery and skillet cartridge can be easily cleaned with a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol.

Vaped Nano ReviewVaped Vaporizers—based in the SF Bay Area are also the first company to put out a globe attachment—a skillet bowl surrounded by a see-through glass dome for use with vape pen. It collects and cools the vapor and looks dope while doing so—imagine a snow globe filled with tasty marijuana vapor instead of a fuckin’ reindeer. Our test kit came with the globe accessory that included two nails–compatible with all Vaped vaporizer pen models and any 510 thread battery.

Vaped offers free shipping on all their vape pens. Plus each vape pen comes with a full year warranty. For more information visit The Vaped dudes are offering STUFF STONERS LIKE readers 20% off any purchase. To start shopping click here.

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  1. Kenny

    Everybody needs to get one of these.

  2. creepy cracker

    Looks amazing. I’ll have to check this out.

  3. John Franey

    Great opportunity buuuut, how’s about not excluding those of us that are a little tooooo creaped out with Facebook’ privacy issues,playing mind ages with their social engineering expirements and way too close personal connections with the White House , I could go on but you get the idea. I miss the days of being able to fly underneath the radar and not having others snoop on daily life , can I get a amen ?

  4. Jason

    Seems like a cool little device, hope I could win another great and awesome prize from @StuffStonersLike 😀

  5. April

    I would love the chance to try !

  6. Mark

    I don’t do FB. To many privacy issues. How else can we entry to win?

  7. Anne

    Really… I don’t have a FB. I don’t want a FB. But I wanna win free stuff. Gotta think of a new way to submit entry to win.

  8. eyeslow

    Patiently waiting till clock hits 4:20…

  9. jay

    Liked and shared! I need!

  10. Kenny

    always need a new toke tool 😉

  11. Brian drawdy

    Gotta win this have home vape. Need for wax. Have a happy day to all .pass it on over here I won’t Bogart it I pass.puff puff.

  12. Eema Geenaree

    I’ve had it about a month, has to be cleaned just about after every use as the goo bleeds through the battery compartment under the skillet and it builds up, it even bleeds into the battery chamber. The battery is completely dead when on the charger, but lights up on the device, not enough to heat.

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