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When it comes to vaping vs smoking the answer is clear. Vaporizing weed is far better for you than smoking it. That’s one reason why vaporizers for weed are so popular. Another is the fact that the the old cumbersome vaporizer for weed, has been replaced with the super convenient, portable and reliable vape pen. The vape pen allows stoners to get hella stoned—especially if they’re vaping concentrates—just about anywhere.

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A weed vape heats a substance, whether that’s dried flowers or BHO, to a precise temperature. Some vaporizers for weed have onboard controls that allow you to dial in those temps, and some are far less complicated with temperatures predetermined.

At about 338 degrees weed will vaporize releasing the active ingredients that get your high as vapor, according to this hand Vaping vs Smoking Infographic. That weed vapor is far cooler than the 2,012 degrees at the tip of a joint. And that vapor is 95% smoke and carcinogen free. When it comes to smoking weed, the respiratory hazards are due to the toxic by-products of combustion, not the active ingredients, or cannabinoids, in cannabis.

Vaping vs smoking a no-brainer

Also according to this handy vaporizer weed infographic, combusted weed smoke consists of only 12% cannabinoids. The remaining 88 percent contains 111 different components including a half dozen known cancer-causing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). However weed vapor consists of 95 percent cannabinoids. Not only is vaping weed healthier, it seems like a possible way better use of your weed.

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Oh ya, one last really interesting thing we gleaned from this hand vaporizer weed infographic is that holding in your pot smoke or hit off your weed vape doesn’t increase its effects. What it does increase is your risk of absorbing more tar and noxious chemicals. So they encourage stoners to take small shallow puffs or vapes. That’s because 95 percent  of the THC in weed is absorbed in the first few seconds of inhaling. The more you know, yo.

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  1. Rachel Sweeney

    Well you definitely need to hold the smoke in for a little bit at least to get the full effect, but it’s good to know that I was right this whole time about not needing to hold it in forever like some guys do.

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