Vapor Pens Gift Guide 2015

vaporizer weedVapor Pens Gift Guide 2015

Looking for a vapor pen to give as a gift? You’ve come to the right place, dude. We’ve tested and reviewed a ton of vape pens and a portable dry herb vaporizer or two. Actually we’ve reviewed a ton of portable dry herb vaporizers, man. So we know what we’re talking about. Plus unlike the big corporate magazines we weren’t paid by and vape pen companies to write any of this, dude.

We decided to split this year’s vapor pen buyer’s guide into two categories; vape pens that rock dried flowers and vape pens that are great for concentrates, stuff like shatter, wax, BHO and even THC e Liquid. You can consult all our info-packed vape pen reviews here if you’ve heard about a pen that’s not listed below and want to know the down low on it. Anyhow here’s the 2015 Stuff Stoners Like guide to vapor pens:

Vapor Pens for Flowers

Sure you can make a dry herb vaporizer out of a light bulb and few ordinary household objects Bbecause who doesn’t dig homemade gifts. But why not hook up that special stoner with a really bad-ass portable dry herb vaporizer like one of the ones featured below?

Vapor Pens

Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer

What’s cool about the Haze Dual V3 vaporizer is that it has two bowls. Unlike a vape pen where you can take a hit of two and turn it off, the Haze Dual vaporizer is like a session vape. You’ll use it to take ten to fifteen good hits if you pack it properly. You can use this portable vaporizer to vape dry herbs and thick concentrates like wax and shatter as well as e-liquids. Because it has three options to vape dry herbs, a conduction screen, a convection screen and a “dry herb can’ we stuck it in the dry herb vaporizer category. Th conduction screen delivers the most vapor and the dry herb can delivers the tastiest hits—both work pretty well though and there difference is minimal. You can get about 10 good hits with a packed can. The starter kit also included a concentrate with a silicone top.

The Haze Dual V3 vaporizer includes a glass and stainless mouthpiece that stows away inside the unit. The glass one seemed to deliver a slightly better tasting hit. It comes with a charging dock and two big batteries that deliver about an hour of use. There are 4 heat settings on the Haze Dual v3—push the button and cycle them. Heat setting two worked well with dry herbs. Bump up the setting to get more vapor or maybe near the end of a sesh. We noticed it worked best when you take slow long draws and wait in between hits. With concentrates start at heat level 3 then maybe go to 4 if needed. This vapor pen has a 10 year warranty and seems pretty durable with only a few moving parts that seem to lock really well. Anyhow the Haze Dual v3 vaporizer will run you about $250. It’s versatile, delivers long sessions and is built to last, plus it has a decade-long warranty.

Phantom Herbal VaporizerPhantom Herbal Vaporizer

The Phantom Premium vape pen is what’s known as a true vaporizer—one that doesn’t burn your dried bud rather it heats it via convection aka hot air. This dry herb vaporizer is a lot bigger than your average vape pen but gives off a lot bigger and tastier vape hits. The Phantom features three temperature settings—374F, 410F and 436F. We started with the first setting and moved to the higher settings after several hits when we thought the herbs inside needed more heat to coax out the remaining THC. The Phantom will run you about $129.99 and is made by the same dudes that made the super popular Cloud vape pen aka the Cloud Pen.

You can fill the Phantom dry herb vaporizer with about .3 grams of dried flower and it’ll deliver nice solid hits. The first will be very flavorful and your notice more vapor in the subsequent hits. The only moving part on this premium herbal vaporizer is the locking mouthpiece and feels very durable. It also comes with a full year warranty. You’ll need to the Phantom after each use to keep maintenance to a minimum. Pop open the cover, which attaches with magnets and brush it out. Overall for the price this is definitely stuff stoners like.

Davinci Weed Vaporizer
The Davinci Weed Vaporizer is pretty dope

The DaVinci Weed Vaporizer

The DaVinci Ascent weed vaporizer features an all-glass vapor path and a ceramic bowl. It also includes on board temperature controls to dial in the perfect temperature for your particular vaping style—including “Personal Vaporization Settings” that allow users to dial-in and save custom settings. includes a s rechargeable batteries deliver more than 2 hours of continuous vaping.

The bowl on the Ascent vaporizer is at the bottom of the unit making it easy to fill and easy to clean. We recommend cleaning this one after each use to keep maintenance down.  the chamber. The Ascent vaporizer is available in 4 different finishes—stealth, burl wood, carbon fiber, and skulls—and will run you about $250 bucks. You can customize your new Da Vinci vaporizer for an extra $50. The DaVinci weed vaporizer is highly portable and delivers a consistent hit time after time. If you’re looking to vape on the go, this is a good option.

weed vaporizer vaportech
The Vaportech Weed Vaporizer is affordable and easy to use

VaporTech Baker Dry Herb Weed Vaporizer

The VaporTech dry herb vape pen is pretty cool looking, man. If control is what you are after there are 80 temperature settings on this vape pen starting from 350 degrees going to 430 degrees. That should allow you to dial-in the perfect temp each and every time you take a hit. The VaporTech Baker dry herb vaporizer also features a memory function so you can save your favorite baking settings.

One thing that was unique about the VaporTech dry herb vapor pen is that the vape time lasts about 40 seconds. That’s a lot longer than your average vape pen that’ll stay on for a dozen seconds or so. The extra heating time on the VaporTech Baker allows you plenty of time to cook up some really big vape clouds. It also features a safety power duration so it doesn’t go off in your pocket. At only $99 this is a fairly durable vape pen that’s easy to use and has a ton of heat settings.

weed vaporizer pax
The Pax is our favorite weed vaporizer

The Pax Vaporizer

The Pax vaporizer, the second in the company’s line of futuristic-looking vaporizers is designed for use with flowers and comes equipped with a nice sized chamber. Its cover is held in place by magnets—a really cool feature. This dry herb vaporizer has four settings; low, medium, high and can you take me higher. They’ll all accessed by removing the top of the mouthpiece. This is the only button on the entire vaporizer pen. Turn on the device by pushing the top—the trick mouthpiece senses when your mouth is close to the mouthpiece and begins producing vapor at that point. Cool, right? And this bad boy is ready to go in about 30 seconds. At $279 the Pax vaporizer is pretty expensive, but if you’re into sleek gadgets and vaporizing weed this dry herb vaporizer is totally worth it.

Vapor Pens for Concentrates

Vapor Pen by Source
The Source vapor pen with the Orb attachment is really slick

Souce Orb Vapor Pen

The Source Orb features a dual coils to create some of the biggest vapor clouds we’ve tested so far. The vape pen starter pack that we scored from the Source guys contained grade 2 Titanium coils as well as quartz coils.We loved all of them. The heated quickly and produced a ton of vapor. The first hits were straight taste and not too cloudy, but as the coils heated and our shatter did as well we were treated to some seriosly big hits. You can adjust the battery voltage through a control dial located on the bottom of the pen this allows you to dial in the perfect temp for whatever you’re vaporizing.

Atmos Vaporizer Atmos vape pen

The Atmos vape pen looks like a light saber or something straight out of BattleStar Galactica—serious, sleek and stealth. This Atmos vaporizer clocks in at just south of a hundred bucks. Many people say this thing’s the best vaporizer for wax and oil out there. Best vaporizer is so subjective, either way we dug it because it has a really deep chamber and delivered some very tasty and very large hits. We’ve seen this thing go for as low as $50. So if you’re looking for rather cheap vape pens or an inexpensive vape pen starter kit you can’t go wrong with the the Atmos.

Vaportech Trifecta Vape Pen
The Vaportech Trifecta Vape Pen can be used with eliquids, flowers and concentrates

VaporTech Trifecta Vape Pen

the VaporTech Trifecta Vape Pen is pretty dope. With it you can vape concentrates like shatter and wax and all the other popular shit as well as dry herbs and e-liquids. We don’t fuck with e-liquids so we don’t know what to tell you about that shit, but we don’t recommend using the dry herb tip. It’ll char your weed not really vaporize it. And it’s only good for a couple uses before it gets too gummed up to function. Anyhow, when it comes to concentrates this thing works great. It’s an entry-level vape pen at about $50 and pefroms a lot like the PowerPen or the Kandy Pen. And performs just as well. Click the big button five times and this thing is ready to get stoned.

dr dabber ghost pen review

Dr. Dabber Ghost vape pen

The Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen is the first low-heat vape pen on the market. It’s designed specifically for oils and waxes and utilizes Dr. Dabber’s unique Titanium Technology and low heat high resistance titanium coil. As a result this purpose-built wax pen gently heats its contents gradually until they reach their ideal temperature to vape—preserving the delicate vape flavors of cannabis concentrates. We liked this vape pen because it’s low temp delivers great flavor along with some fairly large hits. Dr. Dabber offers a ton of cool accessories to add to your vape pen to further enhance flavor including glass recycler and bubbler attachments. The Ghost Kit, Dr. Dabber’s vape pen start kit contains a Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen with charger and an extra ghost atomizer a swell as a shatterproof Storage Ball and will run you about $90. If flavor and style is important to you, you’ll dig this thing.

Vaped Nano

Vaped Nano Review 4

Vaped Nano Vape Pen

The 3.5 inch tall Vaped Nano vape pen fits anywhere—a pocket, purse, gig bag, in between the seats of your car never to be seen again. It comes with what the company calls a “skillet bowl” equipped with a hella heavy-duty titanium coil. In fact, the Vaped dudes are the originators of titanium coils. The bowl’s reservoir is also a lot larger than any of the other vapor pens we’ve tried. It also has an on-board display that indicates the remaining battery power so there’s no more guessing about when to recharge. It’s also pretty easy to clean too. The connection and threading between the battery and skillet cartridge can be easily cleaned with a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol. The Vaped Nano v3 vape starter kit runs about $60 not bad for major portability and major vapor hits in one package, right?

Have a favorite vape pen or portable herb vaporizer that you think kicks ass on the ones we listed above? Let us know in the comments below…

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    big fan of the source orb, traded it up from a g pen and tastes soooo much better

  2. Tony

    Great reviews. I personally own the Haze vape and it’s defenitley done a good job. I also like the Innokin itaste for e-juices, as its tank is pretty good and has a coil made with organic Japanese cotton. (isub g tank)

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