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vaporizer penVaporizer pen packing 101

There are a million vape pens for sale. And you finally took the plunge and bought one. Now that you’ve got your first vaporizer pen how the hell do you fill it? And what do you put in a vaporizer pen anyhow? If these questions sound familiar you’re in the right place. Keep reading and we’ll answer everything you might have about successfully packing and puffin’ on your new vape pen.

Depending on the model of vaporizer pen you bought you’re either going to fill it with dry herbs, if you scored yourself a dry herb vaporizer, or you’re going to load your new vaporizer pen with some sort of concentrate. Let’s start with loading a dry herb vaporizer or vape pen first.

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Dry herb vaporizer packing

If you scored yourself a dry herb vaporizer like the Baker, PAX or the Davinci Ascent you’ll want to fill it with flowers. Grab yourself a weed grinder. We reviewed a dope-ass Phoenician weed grinder recently. This super fancy weed grinder cuts through grass like a hand-powered lawn mower, man. Trouble is you could practically buy a lawn mower for the same price. The Phoenician weed grinder costs about the price of a quarter-ounce of weed. Point is, though you need some nicely ground weed if you want a good vape hit from a dry herb vaporizer.

Follow the instructions to open your new vape and access the weed chamber. Here’s the thing. When packing a dry herb vaporizer with pot be gentle. Don’t frantically smash all your weed in your new vape like you’re trying to fit that last bag of garbage in the can as the trash man approaches. Leave some room for airflow. Probably the more the better. That way you won’t clog your shiny new vaporizer pen and you’ll get a nice full hit of carcinogen-free weed vapor.

Baker vaporizer pen
The Baker dry herb vaporizer from VaporTech

If you’ve got a dry herb vaporizer atomizer, aka tip,  that fits on a vape pen you’ll want to follow the same directions above—don’t pack your weed too tight. Okay, here’s a secret about these type of dry herb vaporizers though. They just don’t work too well. They burn your weed. And that sort of defeats the purpose of using a vaporizer because burning weed leads to smoke and smoke leads to carcinogens. That’s because the technology behind these types of vaporizer pens is just not quite there yet. But don’t let that discourage you from trying one.

Anyhow, the types of atomizers on these dry herb vaporizers  usually have a spring in ‘em that keeps your weed pressed against a surface. That surface gets hot real quick. Think about what happens to a steak when you press it against a hot surface, like a BBQ grill. Charring. Charring is tasty on Carne Asada but it ain’t good on cannabis sativa. Sure you might get one or two good vape hits before your weed gets too hot and begins to char and smoke. After that the inside of the tip’s as dirty as an exhaust pipe and sorta smells like one too. So you might just want to avoid these types of vaporizer pens if you’re looking to consume flowers.

Using a vaporizer pen with concentrates

Concentrates and vape pens go together like weed and cereal. Vaporizer pens built for only using concentrates will just about handle any kind of extract you throw at them, er uhm…we mean put on top of the coils. Some stoners are nervous about using their coil or wick atomizer with anything other than solid a waxy material. Understandable—a good vaporizer pen is an investment and you’re not looking to fuck it up.

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Devices like like the Cloud vape pen or the Kandy Pen work well with extracts like wax, shatter, snap and pull, rosin and yes, BHO. But don’t worry about thin material like BHO dripping onto something it shouldn’t and clogging or burning the element out. This would happen sometimes with cheap vape pens in the past, but the technology has improved. Plus many a vape pen starter kit comes with extra coils so you can experiment with different concentrates and not worry too much.

Vaporizer Pen by Atmos vaporizers
Check out the huge chamber on this Atmos vaporizer pen

Vaporizer pen pro tips

Here are the secrets to good vaping. One pro tip is to make sure the battery is turned off when you load your vaporizer pen. This is to make sure you don’t damage the coils or short them out. This could happen if you accidentally press the button on your vape pen and turn it on while a metal dabber is touching the coils. Just be careful, yeah?

Tip number two. If you’re vape pen is a complete virgin, give it a dry test run or two. Hit the button, let the coil or wick heat up and cycle all the way through. That way you’ll burn off any dust or debris that might have been sitting around. And it’ll give you a good indication if your shit’s working before you drop some expensive shit in there, ya know?

To load you new vape pen what we like to do is take a dabber and get a healthy size dab on there. Not too much to where you’re going to make a mess, but enough to nicely coat the coils. Liberally apply the dab to the coils. As you are removing the dabber hit the button a couple of times. This’ll warm up your material just enough so that it will soak into the coil and the surrounding dish. It also helps your concentrate slide off the dabber.

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Follow the same process on guys like the Atmos vape pen that don’t rely on a coil or wick system. These guys use a deep ceramic reservoir that heats up. They can usually take a pretty nice amount of concentrate, but keep in mind that it could overflow if you use too much.

Pro-tip number tres. One of the best ways we’ve found to load a vaporizer pen is to use a syringe. Grab between a 1 ML to 3 ML syringe, depending on what kind of material you have. Make sure you get a nice blunt tip for the syringe. You don’t need to be carrying sharp shit around. Warm your material slightly using a heat gun or something. Keep in mind that heating concentrates will cause them to lose some of the more volatile terpenes. But that’s ok. If  you start out with good stuff, it’ll still be good. Just don’t heat it too much. Once the material is more liquid than solid draw it up into the syringe. You can then set it in the fridge to let it firm. Now you have a quick and easy way to apply oil to your coil.

Now there you go, man. Pro-tips for packing your vaporizer pen. The more you know, yo! Have any tips or tricks about filling a vape pen? Let us know in the comments below…

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  1. Jet

    I must have picked the wrong kind of vape pen. I hate mine, I think I threw it across the room.

  2. Stoner Stuff

    Wha? Which one did ya get, man?

  3. Jessy

    I really like a globe and single coil setup for wax dabs. Easily interchangeable with my primary vape setup (with ejuice).
    The coils are cheap enough (around $1.25) so you can replace them fairly often. The globe takes on tons of residue you can scrape, as well as inside the ceramic cup.

    I also like to “prime” new wicks and coils with just a teeeeeeeny bit of ejuice. i don’t like to burn anything on a dry coil.

  4. Anonymous

    That is not right at all. That is burning your wax, not vaping it. You put the wax around the edges of the atomizer so it is close the coils, but not touching them. If you have it touching the coils you are overworking them and shortening their life, not to mention you are burning your wax instead of vaping it. That goes for all kinds: wax, crumble, shatter, etc.

  5. maha

    ok, i hope this doesnt sound dumb but i am brand new to this. what happens if i put my concentrate in to do my thing but only got one medium hit when i had to stop and go take care of something. the concentrate has melted on the coils, i can see it in the atomizer. is it ok for me to leave it in there and vape it the next day?

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