VaporTech Baker Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

vaportech baker vaporizer
The VaporTech Baker dry herb vaporizer is stuff stoners like

VaporTech Baker Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

The VaporTech dry herb vape pen is pretty cool looking, man. It’s similar to the Pax vaporizer by ploom, all compact and stuff, but has an advanced LED display and on-board temp controls. In fact there are 80 temperature settings on this thing, starting from 350 degrees going to 430 degrees, so you can dial-in the perfect temp each and every time. Not all dry herbs burn the same so this is a great feature. It also features a memory function to save your baking settings—in case you’ve got a few zips of weed from the same plant.

Baking time lasts about 40 seconds on the VaporTech Baker. That gives you enough time to cook up some really big vape clouds. It also features a safety power duration so it doesn’t go off in your pocket while you’re on a packed subway train or something. The VaporTech Baker dry herb vaporizer is definitely stuff stoners like. Visit for more detail and check these guys out on Facebook and Instagram.

79 Responses to “VaporTech Baker Dry Herb Vaporizer Review”

  1. Rebecca Deselle

    I am so excited for a chance to win. I’ve read about these and have not yet had the pleasure of seeing one or using one but would love to own one of my own being the avid smoker that I am & will always be!!! Hoping to be the lucky one !

  2. Tom

    I would totally use this on a daily basis, and be your biggest advertiser!

  3. Jennifer

    I would like to get one, but I don’t win nothing for free. I would like to own one.

  4. camcam420

    Omg, I need this to protect my lungs! It looks awesome 🙂

  5. Michael Angelo III

    Whatever allows for easier and somewhat more veiled consumption of my favorite herb works for me.

  6. Eric

    Yoooo i want this so bad. Ive never had a vape and this one looks dope. PLEASE

  7. Brian S

    This would just help medicating and make it so much easier

  8. M Ruk

    This Vapor is tight I Love that you can change an save the temp settings. I would Love to own one like this, I have the G an its so nice, but being able to change your temp would be heaven! I would Definitely promote this item to my friends and networks 😉

  9. Susan

    Nice looking unit!

  10. Brian

    I want this cool little vape to have something small in my pocket that I can vape with on the go, and I have heard nothing but good things about this vape … so please pick me!!!

  11. David Smith

    For healthier weed intake to help my hip pain, lower back pain & help with my newly acquired diabetes. And of course I will share it with friends too.

  12. Danielle Hendrix

    Like to try new stuff out 😉

  13. Mikey Alcala

    I want to win this because I can put it to good use, it looks awesome, and I’m quite curious of it. Don’t believe I have ever hit a vape pen….yet! Haha

  14. Jim Kimes

    I could really use a good portable vaporizer and this looks like it would be a good one to have.

  15. Kaitlin

    I’d LOVE it! I’m going to be getting my prescription at the end of the month and I’d love to quit smoking 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway, you guys are great.

  16. Shannon

    I really really like REALLY need it!

  17. Shannon

    Did I mention I need it……really…need………..

  18. Tracy f

    I want to win this to vape my daily herbs

  19. ray

    I need to be more healthy, and with this I could be. Thank you for the giveaway

  20. Scott

    I have a Volcano at home but, this would also make medicating on the go a perfect combination as Vaporizing is the healthiest way to medicate!! Thanks for letting this Crohns patient have a chance at winning!!

  21. randyg

    since switching to a home vape, i enjoy the flowers different tastes. im ready for my first vape pen.

  22. ColoradoJeno

    I would love a new, cool vape pen. I’m using one that isn’t very good and I’m ready to step up with these pens. Good luck everyone.

  23. Harley

    It would be dope to win this ape pen because my doctor suggested to help save my lungs I should vape and that is expensive for my broke azz!

  24. Harley

    *vape pen

  25. Dan

    It looks like it would work well

  26. Eric

    It would be convenient!

  27. William

    I never had one, never seen one in person, and never smoked anything except bud itself. I know how to get oil out of bud but don’t have anything to smoke it in. So I think it would be a excpirment for me.

  28. Roger

    It has a nice design and look to it

  29. Sam

    exactly what I need. Have asthma but can’t use inhalers. Can’t afford a good vaporizer. Got dry herb that I can’t smoke.

  30. Taylor R

    I think my Grandpa needs an upgrade on his vape technology!!!

  31. Jason

    You know me guys haha I’m always gonna enter any contest you guys throw out 😀 anyways I’d love to win cuz I need a vaporizer haha

  32. Stewart

    It’s awesome

  33. Robert

    Good for my health!

  34. Shawn

    This would help my lungs

  35. Brian

    This would be really easy to use on the go. Thanks.

  36. Chris

    It looks really nice

  37. Harry

    Would like this.

  38. Lisa

    I would love to win as a vape would be easier to use then carrying around a pipe or bong when out and about and would fit nice in my pocket! Thanks for the chance to win.

  39. Kelly Sutton

    I really need a vape pen so I can communicate with SoG, the Marijuana God I saw in my dream… He said if I grew it, the vape would come. He sat upon a Throne of Green, and the weed He smoked was perpetually righteous. The bud is waiting. Will we win a vape? Only time will tell. I lit up a bowl about 23 minutes ago (on 4:20) in SoG’s honor to contemplate his mightiness (and the awesomeness of the bud).

  40. severin

    because i deserve it.

  41. sandy rider

    Never tried one. Would love to try

  42. Eamon Meek

    I need one of these in my life. I could cut tobacco intake, and up my weed intake!!

  43. zach E

    I am so excited for a chance to win. I’ve read about these and have not yet had the pleasure of seeing one or using one but would love to own one of my own being the stoner that I am & will always be one!!!! Would love to WIN

  44. Edy Haskull

    I would like to upgrade from my old Iolite to this sleek and sexy little pen!

  45. angela

    hey…this is what I really need because the dry herb is still my fave!!! Thanks for all you do guys!!!

  46. Brian

    I would love to try this sleek little number out!

  47. Mary B

    It would be totally awesome to have one of those vaportech baker-dry herb vaporizer. It has a very sleek design.

  48. GracefullyGreen

    I’ve been looking for a handy vaporizer for dry herb and this looks right up my alley.

  49. Sienna Hills

    I would use this awesome herb vaporizer daily. I smoke herb all day everyday. I still love the smell of herb over any wax or oil.

  50. Erin Garcia

    I want to get this vaporizer because I have never tried a vaporizer.

  51. Jeremy Robinson

    I would very much love to win this Vape for my mother who has MS. She doesn’t like smoking but wants to get a good Vape. But they are too expensive for her or I to purchase because we don’t have much money. I would be grateful to win this for her. It would be something great for me to be able to give her to help ease her suffering. Thank you.

  52. ZZach

    Because this is the dopest dope I’ve never vaped.

  53. Bob Bliss

    I’d love a vape, haven’t been able to afford one

  54. tokeit613

    I’d love to vape, and to fill the chamber has to be easier than trying to roll a joint. I roll crappy joints because of my hand tremor so need something to enjoy it this way much better. Plus, I need one to save on the amount of weed burned! I’m ready!!!

  55. Gixxer750BLJ

    I would love to have a Vaporizer that I could carry around more discreetly. It would definitely help me to get out and about around other people helping me fight my PTSD and social anxiety. I would buy one myself but I am on a budget as I don’t get paid a lot from my military retirement.

  56. Sabrina Mcdaniel

    I would love to win the vapor tech dry herb vapor because I would be able to use it on the go which is basically my life. I’m always traveling so something like this would help me so much. Plus I’m not aloud to smoke weed in my room and if I got one of these no one would even smell my loud so I’d be able to smoke in my room.

  57. Wes

    Been looking for a good dry herb vape for a while now without much luck, would love to give this guy a shot! Fingers crossed!

  58. LaSaundra

    I would love to win this foe my husband. He has a medical MJ card in MT state and I truly believe using MJ has prolonged his life -he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer (Glioblastoma Multiforme) in 2009. He has surpassed all of the odds given to him & medical Marijuana has helped stabilize his inoperable brain tumor. He is my hero in so many ways. This would help him smoke cleaner and easier. Being on disabilty, money is tight and this would be such a gift. His birthday is in December and this would be the perfect gift for him; 30 is a huge milestone for everyone but a miracle for my husband. He will always have brain cancer -as there us no cure and the word “remission” is not used with Glioblastoma. Thank you for your consideration ♡

  59. Mr omneo

    As a brother of the bud I’d love to own a vape with a USB charging facility as I rinse my Arizer Solo and then have to wait anxiously for it to charge before I can rinse it again!

  60. Essedik

    I’ve always wanted a PAX but this would be a blessing

  61. Prof BT

    Pick me! Pick me!

  62. Jason

    Say whaaa haha damn tough luck for the last winner I wouldn’t want too pass u on a contest as great as this haha anyways I’d love to win so I can try and share my experiences with everyone 😀 may one lucky stoner win cheers everyone and happy smoking PEACE!!

  63. June Ebinger


  64. Tim Haaby

    I am a Cancer Survivor..Neck Breather, That Means I Only Breathe a Hole In My Neck…This Device Would Really Help Me A LOT..
    Thank You…
    Tim Haaby

  65. Ryan E

    I want to own this dope cape so when my G Pro runs out of juice, I have a backup!

  66. Francisco Abreu

    Hi, I would love to win this because it is a healthier alternative to smoking and it helps you out in the long run.

  67. Dale Smith

    Id like this just cuz it be easier to do in open with all the vap heads ejuicein..

  68. Inti

    I would love to win this vape for many reasons but my 2 main ones would be to protect my lungs (quit cigs 5 yrs in dec!), and to double the use of my herb by using it in edibles, drinks, or pills after vaping it!

  69. Arielle L.

    because the only piece i have in Alberta is a wizard bong!!

  70. zach E

    Would love this vape because I only have a homemade bing

  71. zach E

    * bong

  72. Daniel wilson

    I would love to have one for saving my lungs I don’t smoke anymore but need a mobile vamping option.

  73. Ethan Cantu

    I want to get blown in places where getting blown isn’t acceptable. Vaporizers make this possible, and I don’t have one. See my dilemma?

  74. Tyler Cooper

    I bought an atmos pen that just did not last. So many problems with it heating up, and not burning right. Also every other pen I have tried, hasn’t performed well like advertised. I’m looking to try a pen that actually works, and hopefully this could be the one! It would be cool if I won, so that my faith in vape pens can finally be restored.

  75. Austin

    to get me thru the work day.. lmao

  76. Jesharelah

    I have one of those; it is awesome. Heats up quick, doesn’t get too hot to handle, nice smooth burn, awesome effectiveness!

  77. Sharon

    I have the vaportech baker for dry flower. i like it a lot but it takes some getting used to. i had the setting too high and got charring i am experimenting now and trying to find the best temp setting. i’m not sure if i’m supposed to fill the chamber all the way or partway, still figuring it all out. But liking it, overall!!

  78. BigDaddy

    Read your last column is it to late to enter the contest? Very confused on vape pens, everyone wants me to buy there brand. Right! I just want one vape that works (bought one it was junk, got one from a friend, it was also Junk)!
    Never Vaped, got one of those cartridge one, (wast if $$)!
    So saw your article it made sense. Thanks? Know to chose which one..

  79. carlton tasch

    Love the Vaportech BAKER, The replacement mouthpiece is OUT OF STOCK.
    Has been for a while. Would the” Vaporistech herbva viva” fit? Or when will vaportech be restocking. Nic unit, price/functionality/but delicate mouthepiece

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