VIDEO: Meet East Oakland Roy AKA The Smoke Prince Of The Bay

DAMN! That’s hella SWISHERS…Check out this shit from Oakland’s Smoke Prince of the Bay, the VERY confident, East Oakland Roy. We snagged the following copy from his YouTube page:

#REALNIGGASHIT Over 80 Different Weeds Smoked This Year Alone I Could Do My Own Reviews Don’t Make Me Pull Out The Receipts To Show You The 80!

Meet East Oakland Roy AKA The Smoke Prince Of The Bay ( @BLEGIT72 Is The Footy King) Meet The Smoke Prince East Oakland Roy(BLegit The Smoke King Of The Footlong Blunts We Call Them B-La’s In The Bay May 13th 2011 He RT My Tweet CATCH UP NIGGGGGGGGGGGAS! Gotta Get The Official Blessing One Day Of The Prince) & Pay Homage…Not On Some Arrogant Shit Like WORSHIP ME But On Some Just Respect It. If You Do Or If Not You Can THUMBS DOWN ME That’s Your Call But I’m Just Saying Keep It 1 Thou Wow AKA 1000 I Made Smoking Footys Popular Again Nigga…I Hit EVERYONE BACK THAT’S EVER HIT ME WITH A MESSAGE! HIt One Of These OTHER Niggas On Here That Think They Poppin…NO REPLY! But Me I’m A Nigga That You Can Say You KNOW & I Don’t Mean To Come Across Arrogant About This Shit But Niggas Keep Talkin This Smoke King This SmokeAThon This & That…Nigga Please You Still Buy 5 Packs lol…I Ain’t Dissin MY YOUNG NIGGAS This For Them OLD Niggas MY AGE That Act Like They Don’t Know Who The SMOKE PRINCE IS!…And My Young Niggas A Out Smoke You Niggas Under 25 TO #ONMYMOMMA I Stepped It Up To 60 & 100 Counts From COSTCO 1st…Just Give Me My Credit. I Know People Have MORE WEED Than Me But I’m Just Saying My Videos Be ME Smoking, Not Me And My Friends Kickin In On Weed And Swishers This Is 1 Person Me. 1000 Videos With 95% Of Them Just Me Smoking To The FACE! Over 1,500 Uploaded Videos & 1.3 Million Total Views. #THANKYOU

We’re gonna drop all your cool vids into this li’l section of our blog and call it, for now, “Stoner Flick of the Day” until we’re soooo stoned that we come up with a much better title that kicks-ass on this one. If you’ve got something you want the rest of us STONERS to see, then TWEET us.

4 Responses to “VIDEO: Meet East Oakland Roy AKA The Smoke Prince Of The Bay”

  1. Dean

    This is the dumbest shit you guys have ever posted.

  2. admin

    c’mon, man…you don’t think that shit’s funny?

  3. DJ East Oakland Roy

    thanks HOMIES!

    Haters will be HATERS lol

    DJ East Oakland Roy

  4. Seattle - SWED

    Seriously, learn to speak english Roy, you speak so black it would be amazing if you could get a job if weed wasn’t around… I can tell you haven’t gone to any college lol…

    Try to explain to someone how to use any computer program of your choice (just not a music program/editor because black people only use computers for beats)

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