VIDEO: Who’s Got the Herb

Who's Got the Herb is the STUFF STONERS LIKE VIDEO of the DAYGot a video you want a bunch of STONED STONERS to check out? Send it to us like this dude did @SlimeE53 and we’ll publish that shit as STUFF STONERS LIKE VIDEO of the DAY!

13 Responses to “VIDEO: Who’s Got the Herb”

  1. teekay

    smile E where the urb at?

  2. ****

    best video hands !!!!!!
    not really into the rap music scene but this right here the beat is sick and lyrics is dope 😉

  3. Mad Dynasty

    This is the hottest track out there. You may not like rap, but if you love weed you gotta love this. A 311 sample?!?? Unheard of! Original and inventive. Stoner stylee! 🙂

  4. T Dot Savage

    Telescoped the fuck out!!!!! -.0

  5. Recap

    Im not really on the whole hip hop thing neither .. but when u hear good stoner music u have to #Salute

  6. Kevin G

    this is pretty dope, “no reggie miller when i say i wanna fadeaway” haha ill line

  7. Street Team Capo

    These niggas are too real, if you don’t fuck with them I don’t fuck with you #hoodboss but on the real, I’ve seen them perform and they really know how to put on a show

  8. Tiff

    Love it <3

  9. Lauren M

    this track is sick i’m loving it! keep em coming @SlimeE53

  10. Princess

    anyone who can spit over a 311 sample is ill in my book!! Keep em comin!!! @ SlimeE53

  11. Brittany

    That skit at the end?? Priceless lmao

  12. Imhigh

    I just played this shit twice I fucks with it good shit boys

  13. BIG Matt

    holy shit, just stumbled on this gem on 4/20?!? Found my daze anthem

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