Top 10 Ways to Smoke Weed

ways to smoke weedWhat to Smoke Weed Out Of?

There are tons of different ways to smoke weed, man. In fact there are probably about as many different ways to smoke weed as there are things to smoke weed out of. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, and many of those things to smoke weed out of, which are commonly crafted by desperate stoners, are probably either a waste of good ol’ dank weed or unhealthy, but we figured we’d include ’em anyhow.

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Best Way to Smoke Weed?

So we didn’t have to think of all those crazy ways to smoke weed, or a myriad of things to smoke weed out of ourselves—we took to our Twitter account with 150K followers asking ‘em to name their favorite ways to smoke marijuana. We compiled all that best way to smoke weed data and put together the Top 10 Ways to Smoke Weed.
top 10 ways to smoke weed

10 Best Way to Smoke Weed—According to Our Twitter Followers

Of all the ways to smoke weed, man joints have got to be the cheapest. Joints are also highly effective and don’t shatter when you drop ‘em on the garage floor. Another awesome asset of the joint? You can smoke one using only a single hand. You can roll joints using our 100% all hemp signature STUFF STONERS LIKE ROLLING PAPERS or the papers you picked up at the gas station, but why would you do that, man?

Learning to roll a nice joint should be considered mandatory if you’re going to consider yourself a stoner. Joints come in all shapes and sizes from the tulip joints, to cones, to crosses, to some crazy shit that even look like jet planes. And dispensaries are starting to stock pre-rolled joints endorsed by people like the guru of ganja Ed Rosenthal.

ways to smoke weed_blunt2. BLUNT
In the early days of blunt-crafting, tobacco was mixed with marijuana, kind of like what Europeans do with joints. Nowadays blunts are almost exclusively a WEED-ONLY affair. All “Pimps”, “Playas”, “Macks” and true “OG’s” will testify that the blunt is the only real way to smoke weed…in public.

Lotsa blunt-lovin’ stoners say that compared to plain old rolling papers blunts last longer, taste better, are easier to roll, give bigger hits, don’t go out as much as papers, they’re thicker, don’t run as much, look tastier and can contain much more herb than you can fit into a joint. Of all the ways to consume cannabis this was considered the best way to smoke weed by our Twitter followers.

ways to consume weed bong3. BONG
If you like big hits, this is one of the ways to smoke weed that you’ll love. Why? Well, the bigger the bong, the bigger the hit. Bongs are like a hookah, you know that thing the caterpillar was smoking in Alice In Wonderland, but smaller and more portable. One major advantage of a bong, sometimes called a bubbler, or water pipe, is that it contains water that not only cools off the smoke, but also filters it— minimizing elements such as nicotine or any other resin.

Some bongs are pretty basic, just a tube with a bowl connected to it, but the coolest bongs are hand crafted. Some of the coolest bongs are super intricate and have crazy percolator designs. This also puts most of the coolest bongs into an extremely pricey category. A lot of stoners think bongs with lots of percs are the best way to smoke weed. The two most popular percs are the tree and dome designs. Pedestal, helix, double helix, serpentine, inline, dewar, ring, coil, honeycomb; tree twist and even “frit” percolators also exist—like we said, when it comes to the coolest bongs—shit gets complicated.

ways to smoke weed gravity bong4. GRAVITY BONG
The gravity bong is pure stoner genius. It’s one of the most novel ways to smoke weed ever invented. It’s also famous for getting dudes hella high using ordinary household objects and not too much bud.

Want to know how to make a gravity bong? All you need to craft your own gravity bong is boredom, a 2 liter bottle and a bottle or container that’s much bigger—your kitchen sink or a bucket will do. Cut a little less than half of the bottle off the bottom and insert it into the larger reservoir of water. Make a bowl from the cap of the 2 liter bottle. Pack and light the bowl while at the same time slowly lifting up on the bottle trapping all of the smoke inside. And that’s how to make a gravity bong—you’re welcome. (click for really detailed instructions on how to make a gravity bong.)

Top 10 Ways to Smoke Weed

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ways to smoke weed glass pipes5. GLASS PIPES
Most glass pipes nowadays are made of high-quality borosilicate glass, an ideal material because of its heat resistance, transparency and the ease with which it can be melted, colored and transformed into awesome shapes. Glass pipes have been popular for years because of their portability and ease of use. Plus they’re works of art—many come in awesome shapes and color schemes, some even change colors as you smoke ‘em.

When it comes to all the different ways to smoke weed, using a glass pipe is one of the most highly efficient, least complicated and quickest ways to smoke weed. In a hurry? This method is for you, man. This is why a lot of stoners say using a glass pipe is the best way to smoke weed.

ways to smoke weed gas mask bong6. GAS MASK
One of the craziest ways to smoke weed and the one that most resembles torture is using a gas mask bong. Unlike smoking a joint, or hitting a blunt or bong, the gas mask offers the user the ability to “relish the entire smoking process, where you can soak in the smooth smoke directly without any loss,” says one gas mask bong retailer we found online.
Strap on a gas mask bong, light the bowl and you’ve got an air tight compartment filled with weed and your face. “Smoke spreads gradually to the face, giving you the time to inhale its flavor and relish the intoxication thoroughly,” says that same clever retailer.

ways to smoke weed_chillum7. CHILLUM
A chillum, or chilam, is a straight conical pipe with an end-to-end channel, traditionally made of clay. They’re super old school, man, and have been used since at least the eighteenth century by wandering Hindu monks known as Sadhus.
According to Alfred Dunhill, Africans have long employed chillum-style pipes for smoking marijuana and later tobacco. Gourds and various horns were often employed while conical bowls were common in Uganda. One of the more famous pipes is an ivory cone pipe once belonging to “Waganda” monarch King Mtesa.

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Chillums are now a mainstream staple at street fairs and some are actually considered American folk art. Street artist Darrel “Pipeman” Mortimer of San Francisco has made nearly 10,000 chillums—each signed, numbered and sold personally since the ‘70s.

ways to consume weed_steam roller8. STEAM ROLLER
Like a bong a steam roller can house a lot of smoke. They typically look like long tubes and they’re one of the ways to smoke weed that’s losing steam, er uhm, we mean popularity. Unlike a bong, however, steam rollers don’t contain water and they’re usually not as fancy—filled with diffusors and perks. However, that’s not always the case, we’ve seen several filled with all sorts of cool shapes from dragons to fish.

ways to smoke cannabis apple pipe9. APPLE PIPE
Most stoners won’t go out of their way to smoke through an apple on purpose. But because of its convenience in a pinch this is one of the most popular ways to smoke weed.

To make an apple pipe all you need to do is grab an apple and carve a bowl in the top and make sure to create a chamber for the smoke by coring it out slightly. Then make a hole in the side of the apple so you’ll have a place to put your mouth. Dry the bowl and you’re good to go. Try to avoid using tin-foil—that shit’s toxic. Yes, your weed will take on an apple flavor. And no, don’t eat the pipe when you’re finished—no matter how how hard the munchies hit.ways to smoke weed vaporizer

We’re well aware that vaporizing isn’t smoking, but we decided to put it on this list anyhow. Why? Because vaporizers, from the wax vape pen to the dry herb vaporizer, to that cool 3-in-1 vaporizer pen—vaporizers are awesome, man. A vaporizer allows you to literally vaporize marijuana rather than smoke it. We’re talking some sci-fi shit here, dude.

When it comes to all these various ways of smoking weed, man, every single one of ‘em come along with respiratory hazards resulting from the toxic byproducts of combustion—not from the weed itself. Vaporization actually offers all the amazing advantages of inhaling THC—like rapid onset—without the drawbacks of combustion.

And there you have it, the Top 10 ways to consume cannabis. What did we miss? Let us know in the comments below.

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  2. josie lopez


  3. stoner-dad

    are you fucking high?

  4. Russell Anderson

    I dont like to smoke Blunts if I wanted to tobacco I’d smoke a sigs So when I smoke weed I use rice or a bowl!!

  5. ...

    yoza bro should say how to make all that G…

  6. Stonertips101

    I prefer to smoke weed out of a bong mostly because of the big rips

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  8. cruz

    Nothing like a big fat J (big churro)

  9. Bruh

    The Gravity Bong, grav, is the ultimate smoking tool but a bong made out of a crown royal bottle is better.

  10. Nigga

    Whoever decided to smoke that Apple is also smoking the bugs on the rim of the Apple they forgot to brush off

  11. Michael

    I normally smoke out of any bong and one time an apple so I could do it during the bus ride home. Blunts make your weed taste terrible.

  12. Blazer420

    My friends get so stoned all the time with me. I’m trying to get them into this new type of smoking material and I forget what it’s called. It’s like a joint and a blunt, you untwist it and put the weed inside it then retwist then smoke

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  14. Alaskan Toker Eskimo 420

    I’ve been toking for 9 years now, no tobacco or alcohol, only weed. I’ve tried almost every way we can get stoned off weed: joints, blunts, bongs, glass pipes, dabs, edibles of all kinds, knife hits, party bowl metal pipes, vaporizers, and my personal favorite, a mini key chain metal pipe, or what I call a one hitter pipe or a toker. I’m a very heavy toker, i smoke lots a day, and the best way to get the strongest and longest lasting stoned high is a mini key chain metal pipe. I call it a toker because it takes 1 toke at a time, a toker lol. The best way to smoke on a toker, is after you crumble the weed in a marijuana grinder (best way to grind weed, eBay herb grinder, don’t waste time drying it or using coffee grinders, herb grinders are the best), and the best way to smoke weed on anything, bong, pipe, vaporizer, etc., is when all the grass is grinded to powder. It sucks smoking weed as ‘bud’ form, it lasts longer and takes stronger hits when crumbled to powder, also all the taste is still there after grinding it, it doesn’t lose its taste when grinded. And the stems suck more than ‘bud’ form, thats why its best to grind all the weed and take out every stem before smoking nothing but good grinded weed without any stems at all. 3 to 5 hits on my mini key chain metal pipe, when the grass is grinded and has no stems at all, gets me stoned for hours, unlike having to take bigger hits on a bong or glass pipe in ‘bud’ form, mini keychain metal pipes takes hardcore hits because its a straight hit from a 3″ to 4″ long pipe. 1 hit from a mini keychain metal pipe gets me coughing long and hard, and it takes me a few hits on bong or joints to start coughing. 1 big hit from a bong is nothing compared to 1 big hit on a mini key chain metal pipe, no matter how big of a hit you take from a bong, nothing compares to a mini key chain metal pipe. 1 hit from a Sativa strain on a mini key chain metal pipe will have you tripping like them first days you started smoking weed, a good trippy head high. 5 hits of Sativa i’ll be very talkative and feeling that good head high rush, 10 hits i’ll be laughing with euphoria at everything that makes sound. Talk about Indica on a mini key chain metal pipe, 1 toke gets me ripped. 5 hits i can’t stand up or walk, 10 hits i’m knocked out sleeping. And i do not use these mini key chain metal pipes with screens, i use them without screens, they take the hardest hardcore hits out of any smoking method, and no powdered grass goes through the pipe because i compact the s*** out of bowl, but not too compact, to the point where i can still suck through the pipe without clogging it. You can take 100’s of hits on 1 mini key chain metal pipe without screens and they will never clog in the bowl or inside, only thing that will pile up is resin inside as usual in any pipe, but most of the grass is burned before it passes through the bowl and barrel, making it build up less resin than any other smoking method. Mini key chain metal pipes are not famous, because they look too small for most heavy smokers. Never judge a book by its cover! The best possible way to get the most fucked up stoned, is literally on a mini key chain metal pipe, it will always get you stoned, no matter how much of a big pot head you are. It may only be 3″ to 4″ long, with a small bowl that looks too small to even fill, and no screen to use it with, but its the best way to get stoned for any heavy smoker that feels that they can’t get stoned off any other smoking method. And i said before, no matter how big of a hit you take from a bong, nothing compares to 1 hit from a mini key chain metal pipe, when the grass is grinded, it will always get you stoned, it will always make you cough long and hard. I recommend beginner tokers to start off with bongs, party bowl pipes, or anything where you can take as big hit you want. Save the best for last, you will get too fucked up off of 1 toke from a mini key chain metal pipe, seriously you will go passed cloud 9 and way passed Heaven. I own all kinds of bongs, party bowl pipes, all the big famous hitters, and nothing compares to a mini key chain metal pipe. Nothing compares, not even dabs itself. I said it, not even dabs will get you high as a kite like a mini key chain metal pipe. A mini key chain metal pipe is the hardest hardcore straight hitter, 3″ to 4″ long, that smoke instantly goes to your lungs without any waste from long pipes, makes you cough long and hard to the point where you’ll almost black out. Talk about flavor, all that flavor you will taste from a mini key chain metal pipe, it doesn’t let the grass lose any bit of its flavor due to its 3″ to 4″ size, especially grass that is grinded to pure powder, all that pure flavor from any grass, mmmmmm. Best way to get stoned, best way to get the hardest hardcore hits, best way to stay stoned the longest, and best way to taste the real flavor, is only through a mini key chain metal pipe, when the grass is nicely grinded, doesn’t have to be pure powder, but grinded enough to take out every stems. Try it out yall, buy a mini key chain metal pipe along with a herb grinder, and smoke away 1 hit at a time, while getting the most fucked up stoned you can get. And the main part of the mini key chain pipe, is that you save A LOT MORE GRASS to yourself. Thats right, you will see how much of a big difference in savings you will get along with money savings. No more big bowls and joints that are running and wasting while you can save more on a 1 hitter mini key chain metal pipe. All i can say about a mini key chain metal pipe, is that its at the very top of the weed chain of best smoking methods. Its kick ass is what i’m saying. To me, all the big hitters like bongs and dabs are old to me, i carry my mini key chain metal pipes everywhere, and get ripped off 1 hit anytime and save a lot more grass using a 1 hitter pipe.

  15. Big Fear

    One hitter box is my main source. Small wooden wth a ceramic bat. Hold 1-1.5g and 1 or 2 hit you get nice for a few good hours!

  16. Anonymous

    better you all use a chillim

  17. question

    just wondering i need o take it for pain relief, ive not used before so whats the best way to smoke to kill pain

  18. forbiddenfruit

    Eat pussy

  19. LDC #$TÖNÊR

    if you wanna smoke nd your taking a S*** while your in the moment just tear up the toilet-paper nd get a peace of metal as a “bowl” peace and but it on the roll nd but in the center of the roll nd now u cover the bottom nd but sum bud in nd start smoking while you shitting nd relaxing goodbye
    P.S im STONED AS’F
    BIGLDC 13 :.

  20. Agarseandrew

    I rather use the roller coz its leads Me to high

  21. J33

    Gravity… #waste#not#want#not… ❤…

  22. William Day

    When using a bong for 40 years it works efficient and you don’t have to overload it

  23. Alton Moss

    The best way to smoke weed is without a doubt any of the above.

  24. Lin

    Dis kill me cuz im high

  25. Stoned247

    It’s all down to personal preference, get stoned anyway you can, chillout and watch the world burn around you.

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