High Maintenance Web SeriesSo like we got way STONED. And nearlly forgot to tell you all about the second cycle of our friends’, Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld, cool-as-fuck Stoner Web Series. No make that; Web Stoner Series. No wait…Series of Stoner Webs. Ah shit.

Anyhow, their show, High Maintenance, follows a bicycle-ridin’, weed dealin’ New Yorker with shitty taste in shoes (played by Sinclair) as he makes deliveries to a bunch of different, crazy , weed-seeking motherfuckers. And, like…that’s basically it, man. Each quick li’l episode centers on a weed-deal. Like Ben shows up, some craziness ensues, there’s weed and then the episode is over before you know it. Good thing there’s a buncha episodes already baked because they’re like…like…they’re like Fritos. No they’re like Doritos. Pringles? Wavy Lays? Whatever, you get the point…you can’t just watch one, dude. So that’s why we cut and pasted four below.

Anyhow High Maintenance is like voyeurism at its most finest, dude, because each li’l episode feels real…real  awkward, clever and funny. So, like, man…if you like weed. And you like voyeurism and awkward moments this show is for you, dude.

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