Best Weed Backgrounds

Marijuana BackgroundLooking for Weed Backgrounds?

Weed backgrounds are definitely Stuff Stoners Like. Some of you call it weed wallpaper. But, we’re not talking about wallpaper with pictures of marijuana leaves plastered all over it—nothing that you’d put in your kitchen and shit. Actually, wait a second. Marijuana wallpaper like that would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it? You know, something really subtle like a paisley or flower pattern like you’d see on a wall in the Foreman household on that 70’s Show, but featuring subtle cannabis flowers and leaves and stuff. Wait, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, weed backgrounds, you know cool or trippy backgrounds for your Iphone, Android, laptop Speak-and-Spell, whatever. Well, we want to kick you down a few.

weed wallpaper
Of all the weed backgrounds this is obviously the best ever

Sure you can search Google for weed backgrounds or weed wallpapers, marijuana wallpaper—whatever—and you might come up with some cool stuff. We prefer realistic images of cannabis plants over trippy graphic design stuff, but that’s just us. But wouldn’t you rather rock our stuff?

So for your desktop or laptop computer background may we suggest our legendary Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like? Follow that link and download it, man. It’s the perfect size for your computer or tablet. And if you think it looks dope as a background on your iPad, imagine how bad-ass it’ll look hanging on the wall in your bedroom—plus it glows-in-the-dark, man. How awesome is that? Hey, here’s an idea. Why not buy 500 of ‘em and plaster ‘em all over your kitchen? That’d be the dopest stoner wallpaper ever, dude! And since it glows in the dark—your kitchen will be illuminated at night when you’ve got the munchies from smoking weed all day. So if you have enough of ‘em you won’t even need to turn on the lights when you go to grab a snack—saving electricity—better yet saving you money! You can then spend that money on weed. You’re welcome.

weed wallpaperYou lookin’ for a weed background for your iPhone or Android? Something a little longer than it is wide? May we suggest our OG logo. We used this design on our first shirt. This dude used it for a tat on his arm. Anyhow, the shirt had a hidden joint on the inside so when you pulled up the bottom of the shirt to cover your face, it looks like you’re smoking a joint.

Stoner WallpaperNow that we think about it, here’s our latest shirt. It’ll also make a really awesome stoner wallpaper for your iPad or Macbook. We got the legendary artist Christophe Szpajdel to design it for us. He created thousands of logos including the one for the seminal norwegian black metal band Emperor. They’re famous for making music and burning down churches. Anyhow, our black metal logo makes an awesome wallpaper design—evil enough to catch someone’s eye and just hard enough to read to keep their attention.

So there ya have it, dude, the coolest weed backgrounds ever, right? Okay…at least they’re free, man. Have a link to a cool weed background or want to email us a cool weed background that you made? Dope. Get in touch in the comments section below…

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