What You Need to Know About Legal Weed in Oregon

Weed legal in oregonGood Riddance Pot Prohibition in Oregon

Today marks the end of marijuana prohibition in Oregon! Adults of Oregon voted in favor of Measure 91 making the state the third to legalize recreational marijuana in the nation. But now that’s weed’s legal in Oregon what are the rules and regulations surrounding it? Luckily for you, dude, we listed ‘em below:

Where can adults buy weed in Oregon?
Right now nowhere. Luckily, however, new legislation has been enacted that’ll allow adults to get it sooner than expected. The Oregon Legislature’s joint committee on marijuana amended a bill last week so that anyone over 21 can buy up to a quarter-ounce of weed at a medical dispensary starting October first.

Can adults buy weed in Washington or Colorado and bring it back to Oregon?
Nope. It’s a federal offense to carry marijuana across state lines. That means you can’t go to to get pot and bring it back to Oregon. However, Portland police, will not be enforcing the border issue.

“We can’t (and don’t) enforce it and have no plans to do interdiction to stop people from going to Washington to buy an ounce of marijuana to bring home to Oregon,” said Sgt. Pete Simpson, spokesman for the Portland Police Bureau.

oregon recreational weedHow much will recreation weed in Oregon cost?
Prices will vary, but you can expect to add 17 percent to pot prices when weed sales begin in Oregon on October first. Yes, Oregon doesn’t have sales tax—except on weed soon. Thanks to increased competition prices for pot are dropping in Colorado.

How much weed can adults possess in Oregon?
Adults can possess up to an ounce of weed and 16 ounces of marijuana edibles, like marijuana pot brownies. Each household can have up to eight ounces of marijuana.

Where can adults in Oregon smoke weed?
Adults can technically smoke anywhere on their private property. They are advised to keep pot and pot plants out of the public eye. If you rent you’ll have to check with your landlord to see if it’s cool or not to smoke pot on their property.

If the neighbors are annoyed by marijuana smoke coming over the fence, too bad—marijuana use falls under a  town’s nuisance laws—like annoying barking dogs and shit neighbor’s gotta work their shit out among themselves.

Can Oregon adults smoke weed in public?
No. Smoking or eating pot in public is not allowed.

Can adults in Oregon carry pot in public?
Yep. Since it’s legal adults can have up to an ounce of marijuana while in public. They can have it in their car, on the bus, etc. Bringing weed on a plane is still illegal due to Federal aviation laws.

Can adults in Oregon be stoned in public?
Of course, dude. Pot’s legal in Oregon now and people will need to go out in public—even stoned people. Just don’t disturb anyone and you’re good.

Miracle Grow Soil for WeedCan adults grow weed in Oregon?
Yep. Oregon adults can grow up to four plants per household. They can harvest and dry all that weed and possess up to eight ounces of it. They can also make up to 16 ounces of edibles with that pot, but aren’t allowed to make marijuana extracts or hash oil.

Can adults give pot away in Oregon?
Yep. Oregon adults can exchange pot with friends as long as no money is involved.

Can adults in Oregon smoke weed at work?
Depends on your employer, man. Many places treat being stoned at work like being drunk—likely grounds for termination.

Can Oregon adults bring pot to work?
Sure, unless your employer has specific rules about not having weed in the workplace you’re good, dude.

Can Oregon employers still drug test and terminate employees for pot use?
Of course, man. Drug testing for pot is still big business. And you can still lose your job for smoking weed off the clock. Why? Because Colorado’s Supreme Court recently ruled that medical marijuana patients could be fired after failing a drug test— even though recreational pot is legal in the state. It’ll likely be the same in Oregon.

In case you need it here’s how to pass a drug test and here’s info on how long weed stays in your system. Oh and here’s info on passing a saliva or mouth swab drug test.

And there you have it. That’s how you enjoy marijuana in Oregon, now that it’s legal for all adults, without getting hassled.

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