Showtime’s Weeds Star Mary-Louise Parker is a POSER

WEEDS (Season 5) ary Lous Parker is a Poser

Showtime’s Weeds Star Mary-Louise Parker is a POSER

We’re proud to defend our STONER culture against yet another unauthentic POSER cashing in on it; this time around it’s some shamelessly weed-ignorant actress named, Mary-Louise Parker, the NON-POT SMOKING star of Showtime’s laughable portrayal of the “dangerous world of drug dealing” called Weeds. Showtime’s Weeds is STUFF STONERS DON’T LIKE and plagues the airwaves with rhetoric, misunderstanding, and judgment during the time of our nation’s greatest fight to end the ignorance and all-out Reefer Madness surrounding marijuana and the current WAR on DRUGS.

Give us a fucking break already, Hollywood…if you’re going to poach ideas from our culture why not actually employ an actress who is educated about weed or at least smokes the shit?  Using some poser chick who thinks nowadays marijuana “doesn’t seem quite as contraband,” is maddening. Listen Parker-POSER, explain to us why there were 78,172 “criminals” arrested in the State of California for a substance that you consider not “quite as contraband” as it once was. Hello…In 2008 there were 78,514 weed busts, Mary Poser…and that’s the most busts since weed met decriminalization in California all the way back in 1976. So, uh…yeah.

“It’s like Sudafed,” said the ignorant Parker to the Boston Herald. Actually Paker, marijuana isn’t anything at all like Sudafed. It’s 100% safe and  completely all natural where as Sudafed is a fucking chemical created by a fucking pharmaceutical company. And, before the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005 people used to be able to convert the shit into crank! Get your facts straight, man. You’re in a position of influence, man. Because your pretty little face is blasted across the airwaves every week, people think you’re an authority on marijuana and shit. We know you’re not…but they don’t…so we take it as our responsibility to tell the world that the chick  considered the matriarchal weed princess on TV DOESN’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT MARIJUANA! She’s as fake as Hollywood. Take some fucking responsibility and either start smoking weed or at least read a fucking book about the history of marijuana or something for chrissakes!

WEEDS Parker Posey at gunpointWhat’s really so frightening about this horribly irresponsible television show and this ignorant influential actress and these delusional writers is that they’re spreading PURPOSEFULLY hidden  misinformation about marijuana that undermines our precious marijuana movement. PLUS their LAME portrayal casts STONERS and our STONER CULTURE, which they know NOTHING about obviously,  in a negative light. According to Wikipedia, Weeds‘ Poser Parker’s character “Nancy Botwin was a loving, benevolent, all-American PTA soccer mom until her husband Judah suddenly dropped dead. To maintain the suburban lifestyle to which she was accustomed, Nancy entered the dangerous world of drug dealing. Her regular clients include…blah blah blah”.

Dangerous world of drug dealing? We thought Weeds was about WEED not DRUGS! How fucking misleading! Get your language right, dudes! Marijuana is an herb…Sudafed is a fucking drug, the world of Sudafed-derived meth is fucking DANGEROUS! We’ve been fighting marijuana prohibition and the type of Reefer Madness mentality this show perpetuates since the fucking 30′s, man, and a lame TV show like this does nothing but DESTROY our efforts all the while riding the wave of marijuana’s popularity.

Anyhow, man…YOU SUCK WEEDS and Mary Parker! You both suck for perpetuating harmful stereotypes that damage all the hard work we’ve all done to spread the truth about marijuana and our efforts to get the best herb on Earth into the hands of those who need or want it. Thanks a lot Mary-Louise Suzie Creamcheese for completely dismissing and miscatergorizing marijuana’s usefulness in your highly-valuable position of influence. Your ignorant admission just confirms there ain’t NOTHIN’ AUTHENTIC, worthwhile, or HONEST about Showtime’s WEEDS.

What do you think? Is Showtime’s WEEDS stuff stoners like or does it do harm to the marijuana community. Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.

26 Responses to “Showtime’s Weeds Star Mary-Louise Parker is a POSER”

  1. Dean

    Agreed. However, I liked watching the show to see how they portray some of the stuff.

    The one thing that I didn’t like was how they portray the main character to somehow go from small time growing/dealing to being connected directly w/ the head of a Mexican cartel within 1 season.

    You have a lot of good points though, opened my eyes about some stuff.

  2. Amy

    Dude, I think you are freaking out a little hard. I love Weeds and weed. Yes, she is an actress posing as a dealer. (So no secret she is a “poser.” Did we really think she was into selling or even into smoking)? On the show, her character, Nancy, does NOT smoke and she is pretty clear on that. Conversely, her friends do partake of the herb, but she doesn’t. Yes, legally people get burned all the time for possession, but socially I think it is becoming a bit more acceptable or at least not as big of a deal as it once was. Most shows like Weeds or that center around smoking weed are a bit unrealistic. The show requires a pretty liberal audience and I think if you are into smoking a bit o cannabis, you know how very far fetched that program is. In sum, I think she was referring to the more contemporary view of smoking marijuana, not the legal ramifications of marijuana possession. And yes, it is still illegal, but come on, even legally, things have a changed somewhat. It isn’t legal, it should be, but change is slow and I think it is coming. In Dallas, for instance, they quit arresting people for small amounts of weed. It’s just a ticket now. Sucks to get a ticket, but I’d rather get a ticket than go to jail. We need people to be out there in the mainstream saying “it’s not a big deal, it’s like Sudafed.” That’s the stuff that seeps into the closed minds of individuals and gets them to think a little bit about it. Sure, a true pot head knows better. They know the legal bullshit and risks, but to the average citizen, well, I’m guessing the thought process goes something like this: Mary Louise Parker is a reputable actress and she says it’s no big deal…so maybe it isn’t… Hmm…maybe it should be legal…

  3. Amy

    Last thought, it is a comedy…not a documentary. It was meant to be a “laughable portrayal of drug dealing.” Did we really think Mary was a pot head? Nancy sure isn’t. She deals, doesn’t smoke. I sure didn’t think Mary Louise Parker was a dealer in real life. So, poser yes. She does act for a living. No surprise there. I’m gonna keep watching…

  4. Moe

    I have to agree with Amy on this one! I love the show and have turned on so many people to it and most of those smoke. They love the show too and have no complaints. I understand your frustration about things like that. Believe me, I am the first and loudest to stand up for our cause but to me, this is not something to get upset over. Save your energy and let’s fight the bigger fight. Smoke on all!!

  5. Alvin

    It’s Hollywood man, get over it. An actors/actresses job is to pretend to be someone they are not. Do you think that Al Pacino is stupid to because he really isn’t a drug kingpin from Cuba? Mary Louise Parker is not the best actress in the world, but to bash her because she does’t feel like getting stoned is kind of ridiculous. Watch the show, you will notice that it is not as big of a shot on Mary Jane than other drugs. Weeds is a smart and funny show and I’m proud to say I get stoned and laugh my ass off when I watch it.

  6. nate

    Its not supposed to be serious, its a comedy and a damn good show, and Mary Louise Parker is a hot ass MILF 🙂

  7. JK

    Either lighten up or go light up dude!!! you sound ridiculous and stupid and I would say YOU are giving stoners a BAD name with your intolerant attitude towards a SITCOM….and for all any of us know she could be just saying she doesnt smoke because people are still afraid to come out and admit it freely

  8. J-Dig

    Who the fuck wants to watch that piece of shit show except a bunch of kids? Typical mainstream gack for the masses to stuff down their throats. The is no stoner community, any prick on the planet can smoke it and doing so does not separate you in any way from everybody else. Down with elitism and down with kids tv lol.

  9. Wow

    The show is great, and ur bugging out for no reason. And you’re clearly no stoner if you’re freaking out this bad over a t.v show. I’ve never gotten stoned and then flipped out about show where a hot mom sold bud. Seriously, apologize for all this bullshit u just spoke, we all deserve to hear it.

  10. AhhhGREED

    Remember that scene in Dazed and Confused where Matthew McConaughey is in the cool and says “Say, man, you got a joint?” and that scrawny guy goes “No, not on me, man. and then McConaughey says “It’d be a lot cooler if you diid.”

    That totally illustrates the point here. It would be a lot cooler if Mary-Louise Parker did smoke weed and could talk knowledgeably about the subject. After all, she is in a position of influence and her quotes will be taken out of context and used against her like they are here. If she knew her shit…this couldn’t happen. ’nuff said.

  11. don johnson

    Telling us that Hollywood or TV shows are not reality?
    What’s next? The earth is flat?

  12. coughcough

    k whoever wrote this.. i agree shes a cunt i wouldnt have even considered gettin her for such a role ontop of that i FUCKIN HATE the show for the exact reasons (very misleading)… if i could change anything, it would be everything.. ANYWAY.. about you.. ur a idiot saying weed is not a drug lol ya its an herb that doesnt mean its not a drug.. u can put a flower in a teapot u just created a drug.. matter of fact tea is a drug.. theres drugs in ur food they’re drugs in ur drinks.. almost everything you induce or consume in anyway is a drug with the exception of cetain shyt. some even say water is a drug, though its a chemical compound that naturally occurs hense y i say its not a drug.. salt is an element, added to water creates a drug. u see what im gettin at? weed is definately a drug.. ya its natural but a) u gotta smoke it, and b) u cant smoke it wet.. theres a process to make it a smokable drug.

  13. Samantha LeFey

    Your view on the actress is like not watching an action movie ’cause the actors don’t really kill people, I know you don’t like that Mary Parker doesn’t smoke, but come on there is movies where an actor smokes weed, but doesn’t smoke or smoke as much as there characters do, like Cheech and Chong for instance, in the 70’s they never were into drugs as much as there characters did, they were really into body building and fitness.

    So I am going to agree and disagree with you. I really love Weeds, and I guess it’s ’cause I am women and a new stoner. Though I hate that in all the seasons, the frigun woman won’t even get a REAL job to feed her kids, herself, and her brother-in-law, I mean yes finally she gets the cleaning lady job, but ends up selling weed too, the reason why I kinda don’t like her is ’cause she is greedy and a lousy mom!!! <3

  14. Dan Madaire

    She might not be in to smoking, but she is most surely SMOKIN’ HOT!

  15. Matt

    “Thanks a lot Mary-Louise Suzie Creamcheese”

    Did you actually write this? Are you a child? This is possibly the most ridiculous thing I have ever read now that I read it again.

    Also to let you know weed is a drug as in an illegal drug. You are completely retarded, it is an herb that happens to be a drug.

    I think I am going to go smoke a bong. I have never watched the show before but now that I have read this I think I am going to start.

    I bet it is a good show.

  16. admin

    what’s up there matt, man…thanks for the comment. did you really read our post twice? If so…that’s double cool. So you’ve pro’lly never heard the term Suzie Creamcheese, but it’s a running Frank Zappa joke among other thangs. You should check out Frank Zappa sometime, man…he’s super fuckin’ rad.

    After you get stoned…read our article again…maybe you’ll like it?

    Or maybe read this one: it’s one of our faves.

    We’re sure your “” email address is fake…but if it’s not…uhm…maybe you could like arrange a meeting between us and Wayne Gretzky? Oh and why don’t you send us your home address…we’d LOVE to send you some FREE STICKERS?

  17. Roland

    don’t like it. don’t watch it. it’s a show. you’re so stuck up about your lifestyle it’s pathetic. “We’re proud to defend our STONER culture”. you make it sound like if you smoke weed you’re part of fucking a cult. you probably don’t even smoke weed! most people who do don’t admit it. especially over the internet. you’re just trying to look cool by labeling yourself a STONER in caps. okay. we get it, you smoke pot and you’re somewhat proud, why? who knows. but… relax it’s a tv show, take another puff. and go into a coma. [: GO WEEDS!

  18. res0r9lm

    In the TV show Weeds “Nancy” does smoke but more of an occasional smoker. You can’t take anything on TV seriously I don’t know how writers research to get their info but they do suck big time. An example would be I was watching Alias and their trying to crack encryption on a desktop PC which is impossible because it would take hundreds of years on a single PC and the kicker was the code going across the screen was HTML code of the site

  19. Pallas

    I could go along w/the first several seasons of Weeds-as a sit-com, a relatively funny commentary on how pot has become a benign mainstream drug even w/in the middle class “grown up”, suburban culture, and is so routinely common that no one bats an eye.

    However, what I find disgusting, ‘immoral’, and disturbing about Weeds, is not the so called “illegal” pot/drug dealing/cartel charade(-so far removed from reality in fact) that has become so uber-exaggerated that it has become stupidly unclever and quite the bore. Having us believe that this lazy idiot that Nancy is, has the illegal drug trade industry wrapped around her little finger and that she is such a ‘tough and powerful’ force that she controls and dictates to them. And of course this is largely due to her narcissistic “hotness” factor that she exploits for all it’s worth….

    OK, so what is truly the real issue in Weeds w/MLP? Well’s it’s not the drugs, it’s her blatant and truly immoral character: that she is a sociopath, and uses every, and I mean every single person near her to her means and advantage-and whim. She has used her kids as if they were mere objects to assist her in funding her money making ventures. She’d started dealing initially to get the kids through school vs. getting a job-got it. But the kids are grown and beyond school, and yet she is ambitiously rabid about her needs, her desires to manipulate and dominate everyone around her and seduces all of them to varying degrees for a buck. She has never seen her sons as in need of a parent and reversed the parent/child roles-where they are trying to parent/assist her-no matter what the price to them.

    Her son Shane has murdered someone, and her concern is for herself and how it affects her and remaining unaccountable. In Nancy’s world there are no consequences, no one to answer to except to herself. The other son ? forget his name, is conflicted periodically about the lifestyle he was thrown into, he needs a f****** parent for God’s sake to help him sort things out-like college?, wow, what a concept for Nancy. What does she do? She sets him up to deal for her. Where of course she gets a cut. Andy is pitifully,humiliatingly and chronically in love w/her (of course every single character in the show is-including her sons) and she uses him, leads him on/rejecting him, as it suits her purposes. Is this stuff really funny to ppl? All the men surrounding her are or have become “stupid” and the only life they have revolves around her, constantly reinforcing her hotness. Her narcissicism and controlling pathology imo is something much more disturbing than anything pot related. The pot issue is almost a non-issue in contrast to her basic hedonism and grandiosity. She only thinks of herself-to the others’ destruction. The show imo has descended into a sad numbing half hour. But she’s beautiful, hot, sexy, shows some tit/ass, and I guess that’s what counts today for an “it” show.

    As a matter of fact, imo, her character NEEDS to smoke a joint and get high-w/the hope that she may actually self reflect and examine her pathetic little life and see that there actually is a world and life beyond hers. Yes, I know this is only a TV show, but really, it’s gotten to be so boring and predictable. Let’s see the pot used as something transformative and creative-b/c it can be used this way.Pot is not a stupid drug, and I’m frankly tired of seeing Hollywood reinforcing that trope. It’s a much more creatively alive drug than alcohol,imo,coke, etc…

    Sorry/thanks for the rant

    If there is anything that should truly be consider “illegal” and morally wrong, it is her shameless exploitation of her kids and anyone that has the misfortune to come into contact with her–and her massive bloated ego that has no bounds. It just destroys everything she comes into contact with.

  20. james

    whoever wrote this… FUCK YOU if i new who u were id slap the piss out of u. 1. yur stupid 2. shes hot 3. the show is about her and weed 4. im a stoner and this is my favorite tv show ever 5. go fuck yur self

  21. Jordan222

    Listen I hate her character too but what does it matter that she doesn’t smoke weed? There are these people called actors that pretend to be something there not….are you pissed when the actors in a horror movie arn’t recruited from prison? I don’t like the show AT ALL but I don’t like your reasons for not liking the show either. I mean, it’s fictional the herb culture isn’t judged on a TV show. You should hate the show because Mary Louis Parker has a Michael Jackson nose, dead person skin, the body of a skeleton on meth and the smile of Heath Ledger as the joker. Besides she isn’t really a drug dealer she’s basically just a whore, all she does is fuck up deals then screw someone to get out of it. Like she’s so hot no man can resist her charms. I only watched because I really wanted something really bad to happen to her character, I stoped watching when I found out she got shot in the head an lived,

  22. Bob Mickle

    fuck yo coutch nigga fuck yo coutch!!!

  23. Anonymous

    Shes a cunt

  24. Anonymous

    Mary Louise is a stinky little CUNT whore. She’s a nasty bitch and horrible to work with. Selfish and arrogant little cunt that needs to jam some sausages up her twat and fuck off.

  25. Niles

    Whoever wrote this article seems awfully uptight and sound up for a stoner

  26. Lachlan

    Dude – she’s an actress doing a job playing a character in a fictional series. She wasn’t trying to be the spokesperson for anything. Sit down.

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