What Are Autoflowering Plants?

what are autoflowering plants-What Are Autoflowering Plants?

What are autoflowering plants you ask? Well to answer the ever-so-popular what are autoflowering plants question, we get this one all the time, we teamed-up with expert herb growers, Dru West and The West Coast Masters, to answer all your growing questions…have a question, email us at stuffstonerslike[at]yahoo.com.

what are autoflowering plants-QUESTION:
I hear autoflowering plants are popular in Europe. What is the benefit to using autoflowering plants indoor? Is there any?

Dru West: Yes autoflowering strains are becoming really popular in Europe. In fact they always kinda have been. Cannabis Ruderalis has been growing in the fields and ditches throughout Europe and Central Asia forever. Auto flowering strains are hybrids of a Cannabis Ruderalis strain with either an indica or sativa strain (or both).

Due to the poor weather in the areas in which they grow, Ruderalis strains flower automatically regardless of the photoperiod (light cycle) unlike Indicas or Sativas, which require a 12/12 light cycle in order to start flowering.

what are autoflowering plants-There are a few reasons they are becoming so popular in Europe. One reason is the fact that many people live in “flats” (apartments) and don’t have a room to designate for growing weed. Those people can just set an auto flowering plant in front of a window and it will finish from seed in around 70 days. The problem is, the smoke isn’t great and you don’t get much of it.

However, they are working on that. I just talked to and he was telling me about an auto-flower he saw in Spain recently. He said it yielded a bit over 70 grams and was actually pretty stoney. Not too shabby.

If you have a “true” Land Race strain, you are stoked!
–@Dru West

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  1. aidan

    hey , im just wondering what is a good homemade fertilzer for my plants. the have sprouted , and want to introduce fertilizer to them. what would be the best and easiest home made fertilizer? thanks 🙂

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    right on, man…danks for the question…we’ll send it off to Drew and post it asap!

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    That should make for a nice “Ask the Masters” entry.

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