What Are Autoflowering Seeds?

what are autoflowering seedsWhat Are Autoflowering Seeds?

What are autoflowering seeds, you ask? Man, if there’s one question we get about marijuana seeds it’s “what are autoflowering seeds.” Well dude, well tell ya. Autoflowering seeds are marijuana seeds that do exactly what their name implies—they flower automatically. And they start to do this when they reach a given maturity regardless of photoperiod.

Are autoflowering cannabis seeds better than regular cannabis seeds? Well that depends on what you’re looking for, ya stoner. However, there are several distinct benefits to growing cannabis plants that flower automatically. Auto flowering cannabis seeds lead to short and stocky, li’l plants. This makes ’em great for perpetual harvests situations. It also means that the plants are easy to hide—perfect for stealth grows or keeping them under the fence line and away from sight. Plus Autoflowering cannabis seeds are immune to light leaks. That means if their dark cycle gets interrupted with a little light they’ll be fine. Even better? They don’t even require a change to light cycles to begin flowering. So you can tell your timers to fuck off. Plus they’re guaranteed to always be male. And Autoflowering cannabis seeds are also typically bug and mildew resistant, plus because they flower so quickly outdoors growers can often harvest two crops in one season.
what are autoflowering seeds

What are autoflowering seeds—the history
Autoflowering cannabis seeds are mostly hybrids—a cross between cannabis ruderalis and cannabis indica and/or cannabis sativa. Unlike the familiar cannabis sativa and cannabis indica plants that flower when their light schedule changes, autoflowering cannabis seeds begin to flower once they reach a certain age. Most autoflowering cannabis seeds begin flowering around week three.

Don’t kid yourself, though, autoflowering cannabis seeds have been around for quite a while. However they’re quickly gaining popularity. Why? We’ll for starters, under HID lights autoflowering cannabis seeds are capable of going from seedling to full maturity in as little as ten weeks. But, we’ll let our friend, marijuana author and Toronto Mayoral Candidate Matt Mernagh explain why he loves growing autoflowering marijuana seeds so much.

What do you think of autoflowering cannabis seeds? Tell us about your experience with them in the comments below.

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    “Plus they’re guaranteed to always be male” ?.. Is that a typo?.. So they are feminized auto seeds?.

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