What Does Cannabis Sativa Mean?

What Does Cannabis Sativa Mean?What Does Cannabis Sativa Mean?

Cannabis Sativa is an annual herbaceous plant in the Cannabis genus, a species of the Cannabaceae (hemp) family. Sativas have been grown throughout recorded history for things like food, fibre and medicine and they’ve been consumed for ages recreationally and religiously.

The cannabis sativa species was first classified by a dude named, Carolus Linnaeus in 1753. Cannabis Sativa strains are indigenous to countries near the equator, we’re talking places Columbia, Mexico, Thailand and South East Asia. In fact they thrive in warm weather. Sativa plants have have narrow, serrated leaves that are typically a light shade of green.

What Does Cannabis Sativa Mean?Fully grown Sativa plants are tall. They’ll reach up to 20 feet or more when grown outdoor. Sativas have much longer vegetation periods than Indica plants and they take hella longer to flower—anywhere from ten to sixteen weeks. However, most landrace (pure) strains of Cannabis Sativa require a combined growing and flowering period of close to six months. Because a majority of landrace Sativa strains have a really long flowering and veg time they’re difficult to grow indoors. They get tall and lanky because of the they originated near the equator where the length of daytime rarely changes during the year—as a result Sativas continue to gain height their entire life including during flowering. Because they take so long to mature Sativas typically yield more than Indicas (3 ounces to 1 pound per plant), but possess a lower THC percentage than Indica on average (around 12-16%). To reduce height and shorten flowertime Sativas are typically crossbred with their indica plants making them perfect for indoor growing.

Sometimes referred to as ‘Grinch Fingers’, long fluffy and often times loose and airy Sativa buds are quite different than the chunky, tight flowers typical of indica strains. This is because Sativas continue to grow in height during their flowering period where the flowers of Cannabis Indica strains cluster around the nodes because the plant stops growing once it begins flowering.

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