What’s the Best Temperature for Dabs

Oracle Titanium Oil Vaporizer ReviewQuestion: Dear Dabby, I love dabbing and am a little new to it. I want to know if there is there a specific temperature one should be heating their dabs up to for maximum efficiency? I think the healthstone-heat gun combo is probably the cleanest. I wonder what the best temp is, and what temp the heat gun gets to & holds at?

Dabby: You want to be closer to 400 degrees to vaporize your oil. The problem is that your whole stone or nail needs to be that temperature, so parts of it are going to be hotter. For the most intense hit, vaping a decarbed dab at 400F would be your best choice. Extracts that aren’t decarbed (shatter, crumble) can never be as intense per gram of material because ‘doing a dab’ is not an efficient method of decarbing AND vaporizing the THCA.

If the nail is not hot enough, the THCA will convert to THC but much will probably end up in the reclaim. If your nail is too hot, you degrade some of the THCA right into CBN and destroy any terpenes that may have been in the extract. The problem starts with the torch and the nail. The torch while fast and intense, heats irregularly and often too intensely. The nail should be made of a material that can absorb and evenly distribute heat, not just a material that can withstand being heated with a torch.

As far as the heat gun goes, it depends on the model. The one Mat used in his video is an Ace Dual Temperature Model #1220. It’s a 10 amp 1200 watt beast that goes from 750 degrees F on the low setting all the way up to 1,000 degrees F on the high setting. Both of which produce more than enough heat, but it’s quicker to use the high setting to warm up the healthstone to maximum vaping temperature.

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  1. PeterP

    750degrees is pretty hot. You may as well smoke a jay or even a blunt. At the 750 temp you are 200° over what it take to make your material com bust. May want to double check this but I believe cbd vapes at 165 maybe higher. And thc vapes up to 370ish. You guys should check out skunk frams. Great info Peer reviewed science and a s deep want for peoples safety and accurate info .

  2. Bo

    So nice, I ordered a “Menovo” e-nail and it does the same in my opinion and I paid $200 off amazon. Definitely not hating or trolling just dunno the one I have works sooooooo good for thre price, been about 6 months and I do mine easily between 6t0-720ish. Anyways you enjoy yours too. Peace.

  3. Bo

    Sorry typo, blowed off Oleum Wax, I meant 610-720ish***

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