Why Stoners Like the Number 420

To the 18 million Americans who smoke pot daily…April 20th is just another day. But if you’re still wondering what all this 420 fuss is about…we’ll break it all down for ya with a return from our CLASSIC: Stoners Like the number 420

Did you know that there are exactly 420 chemicals found in marijuana? Or, did you know that some group of hippy dippy teeny-boppers back in 1971 at some San Rafael High school would meet after school at 4:20 p.m. to smoke up some weed near some Louis Pasteur statue? Or maybe you heard that some avid fans of The Grateful Dead would get all stoned at 4:20 each and every day. Eh, maybe that’s all just bullshit! But, who really knows exactly why 420 is so important to stoners anyhow, and, well…who the hell cares, seems like smoking weed at any time of the day or year is a great idea if you ask us.

The smoke-some-weed-on-4/20 phenomenon has totally evolved into a full fledged modern counterculture holiday where people, stoners and non-stoners alike, sit hand in hand and side by side and consume cannabis. Yep, stoners consider April 20th a holiday. Seems likely enough, right? Every little minority group needs their own holiday, so why shouldn’t smoking each other’s weed not be considered a HIGH holy day for stoners? Some groups of people bastardize other past holidays, like Christmas or Festivus and manipulate them into their own, but stoners aren’t lame like that…they’re creative, man. They came up with a seemingly arbitrary date, justified it, linked it to the Dead, clouded it in just a bit of mystery…and on that day smoke as much WEED as they would on any other ordinary day.

Happy 4/20 from the Makers of STUFF STONERS LIKE

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  1. Joan McCarron

    4/20/16 we will experience a green mood, rare phenomenon which won’t happen again for another 420 years

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