Willie Nelson NOT to Sing for Freedom to Resolve Pot Bust

Well well…it looks like Willie Nelson won’t be forced to sing for his freedom after all. Instead of just waiting outside Willie’s tour bus to meet him, like any other groupie, Willie Nelson fan; Judge Becky Dean Walker had other ideas. Back in November, Willie was caught with weed trying to cross into Mexico through a Texas border and Judge Dean Walker recognized this as her one and only opportunity to meet the legend. She decided to force him to appear in court instead of just mailing in his fine like every other <sarcasm> marijuana criminal </sarcasm>.

And,  she felt  while she’s at it…why not force the guy to bring in his guitar and serenade her. That’s right, in order for Willie Nelson to go free she allegedly ordered him to plead guilty, pay a small fine and as Hudspeth County Attorney Kit Bramblett put it “sing ‘Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain’ with his guitar right there in the courtroom, naked.”

Okay, we added the naked part. But, now Judge Becky Dean-Walker is trying to back away from this whole miscarriage of justice thing and told the Associated Press that forcing Willie Nelson to serenade her with Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain to resolve his marijuana possession bust was just a joke that “got out of hand.”

You know man, she went about this all wrong. Now what she should have done, and if STONERS are good at one thing, well, it would be smoking a lot of weed, but if they we’re good at one other thing…wait, what were we saying? Oh yeah, like stoners are really good at telling people what they should have done. And, what this chick should have done is just smoked the fuckin’ dude out, right? Who wouldn’t? Anyhow, now that she’s realized her once in-a-lifetime opportunity to smoke Willie Nelson (the strain) with Willie Nelson (the legend) has gone up in…whatever…she blew it. Willie Nelson will be able to plead guilty and pay a small fine without appearing in court or having to sing…just like any other ordinary <sarcasm> marijuana criminal </sarcasm>.

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  1. Marijuana Man

    Damn Willie trying to sneak into Mexico with bud. It must have been a sticky icky situation. He was going to the nearest Boys Town, girls there love Willie.

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