Xxtra Clean Review

Xxtra CleanXXtra clean does it work?

Xxtra Cleanis one of those detox drinks for drug test passing. Much like the Stinger Detox that we covered a while back the makers of Xxtra clean detox claim it will it help you pass a piss test? There’s only one surefire way we know that will help you pass a piss test and that’s using fake piss. Sub-Solution (with its warming powder) is definitely our favorite. But we’ll get to that below, anyhow first we want to give you some history on Xclean detox drink. If you have a urine drug test coming up we encourage you to read our definitive guide on how to pass a drug test. You can also score some Xxtra Clean on Amazon for like twelve bucks.

PRO TIP 1: Buy a few home drug test kits from Amazon and practice your preferred method for passing a marijuana drug test. That way you’ll know beforehand whether or not it works.

According to the product manufacturer’s Xxtra Clean is a “specially formulated for people with larger body mass, creates a powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs and fiber formulated to help cleanse your system over time. Detoxify products were developed to help your body’s natural detoxification process safely and effectively reduce harmful impurities. Used on a regular basis, Xxtra Clean detoxify products’ proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs and fiber helps you achieve a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.”

How long does Xxtra Clean detoxify last?

So how long does Xxtra Clean detoxify last? It only last a few hours. So make sure not to smoke for as long as you can before taking Xxtra Clean and of course before your test to give the product enough time to work.

how to pass a drug testInstructions For The Use Of XXtra Clean.

  1. You must use XXtra Clean at least one hour before your drug test and take your test within 5 hours of using XXtra Clean.
  2. Read and follow completely the instructions on the XXtra Clean product package.
  3. Gradually consume up to 16 oz. of fluids every two hours until taking XXtra Clean.
  4. Begin taking XXtra Clean at least 60 minutes prior to your deadline.  Optimally you might want to allow 2 hours before your deadline.
  5. Shake the XXtra Clean well and then drink entire contents of the bottle.
  6. Wait 15 minutes.  Refill XXtra Clean Bottle With Water.  Shake and Drink Entire Contents Of The Bottle.
  7. Urinate as often as possible. That is how the toxins are flushed from your body.

Top Xxtra clean detox reviews on Amazon

Detoxify reviews are probably the best way for people who read out site to determine if a product works or not. Here are the top two Xxtra Clean reviews on Amazon:

This product is awesome! I am a heavy cannabis “medicator”. On a weeknight, when all the kiddies are asleep and business has been tended to, I suddenly have “whatever symptom I need to occur” and I can put 4 spliffs away. I am 6 feet tall, female, and 200+ lbs of sexy. I’ve used this product so many times I don’t have that nasty anxiety sweat when going in for my testing. I KNOW the results are going to be negative. The only thing I implore you guys to do………….FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. I know you may feel that you aren’t peeing fast enough, just relax! It will come! Also, drink plenty of water the day before so you’re fully loaded for the 3-4 bathroom visits to make sure this is working. My husband uses this product as well. He’s 6’3 and about 200 lbs. of not as sexy. We haven’t had an issue yet and we have been tested a total of 5 times in the past year. This is an awesome product….can’t say enough about it.

I got a job in the healthcare industry about 3 months ago after i finished college as many of you know in college 80% of all students smoke pot thats just a fact ! so when my employer told me 1 day in advanced that i would have a drug test i did not know what do do i freaked out because i had been toaking for like 8 months straight, i knew that with out help i would not pass this test and would get fired so i looked online and read reviews for this amazing product prior to my test i stopped smoking ( so basically stop smoking for 24 hours) i took about i gallon of water like 4 hours before the test peed everything out then 30 mins before the test i took this drink and it worked passed the test , my employer has since tested me two more times LULZZZZZz and i passed every single time . if you smoke pot and your employer is trying to catch you riding dirty make sure you buy this drink and have it in stock like i do.

PRO TIP 2: Pass a drug test without even worrying about a thc detox. Use synthetic urine. As long as you can smuggle it in and it’s the right temperature, you’ll pass every time. We suggest Sub-Solution but there are others.

Xxtra Clean Final Thoughts

We picked up a box of Xxtra Clean from Amazon and followed the instructions. The taste? Not too good. But, we’re trying to see if this stuff works for passing a drug test, not looking for something to use to mix cocktails. We waited two hours before we used a home test kit from Amazon to check to see how we did. Did Xxtra Clean work? It sure did. We tested negative for weed on the home drug test and we should for the next few hours. So there you have it Xxtra Clean does work if you follow the instructions completely.

Leave all your Xxtra clean detox review in the comment section below especially if you’ve tried this product and it helped you pass a drug test.

3 Responses to “Xxtra Clean Review”

  1. Cosmix

    I have been using this product for over 5 years and it has worked every time. I have to pass a urine test every birthday month for my union job and I swear by this product. I have no reason to lie. My test is a 100 ng/ml urine test and I try to abstain for at least 10 days although I have passed having smoked 30 hours before and of course passed when I abstained for 30 days. Best of luck to you all.

  2. Joe

    This did not work I faild drug test and had not smoked for 12 days and drank two bottles one three days before the test and one the day of the test and still faild for weed in my system, don’t wast your money on this product

  3. Mark Hanson

    Detoxify products do not work! Maybe if you’re a light user but don’t count on it. I did pre-cleanse for Three days then I used extra clean the day of my test. I waited 3 hours before my test and pissed four times and failed for THC. This product is a major waste of cash. All these people that say it worked probably smoke sit weed or work for the company. DON’T TRUST THIS COMPANY! You will fail unless you smoke dirt weed then you might be ok.

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