NORML_Poster_smYES WE CANNABIS! Today kicks off the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law’s 38th Annual Nation Conference in San Francisco. The event will be filled with folks from NORML over 500 policy activists, medical patients, cultivators, doctors, politicians, and clinical investigators.

Panel Topics for this year’s conference include:

• The Zeitgeist of Legalization: Why and How Did This Happen?

• Pot Politics 2009 and Beyond

• Has Support For Legalization Reached The Tipping Point?

• What Impact Would Legalization/Regulation Have On Use Rates

• Cannabis’ Law Reforms Missing Link: Law Enforcement

• Putting The Mexican Cartels Out Of Business

• Marijuana Legalization as a Local, State and Federal Revenue Stream

• Pot, Parenting and Legalization

• Cannabis and Athleticism

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