10 Best Stoner Food Inventions

10 top stoner food inventions 2Dude, when you’re stoned you’ll just about eat anything, right? It’s just a matter of what’s in reach. And sometimes the pickings are slim, man. That’s where stoner-ingenuity comes in, dude. A stoner-ingenuity isn’t just responsible for things like gravity bongs, our nation’s declaration of independence, it’s been used to create some of the best munchies ever.

Inventing stoner food is easy. It’s just a matter of combining whatever you find in the cupboard with whatever you find in the fridge that ain’t yet rotten. To compile our top ten list we put in some extensive research. And while conducting our research we noticed that most stoners prefer a snack that combines the flavors of sweet and salty. Shit like salted caramel ice cream and hot fudge on a warm pretzel topped this list.

Of course we found a ton of creative dishes like a fuckin’ Twinkie Casserole—
24 Twinkies topped with caramel, mini marshmallows and brown sugar topped with caramel icing and the Double Coronary Burger—A burger topped with five slices of bacon, four slices of cheese, two fried eggs, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and onion between two grilled cheese sandwiches. We even found deep Fried Kool-Aid Balls—which is exactly what it sounds like, Kool-Aid powder balled-up and deep fried. Bet the purple one is delicious.

And we found a lot of lazy recipes like cold Spaghetti O’s with Parmesan cheese and Jack in The Box hot sauce. Sure, there ain’t nothing wrong with convenience, man, especially when you’re stoned, right?

Anyhow, here are the top 10 Best STONER FOOD INVENTIONS…

10. Mini wheat cracker with hummus topped with olive

9. Cheetos dipped in cream cheese

8. Scoop of ice cream between two Eggo waffles

7. Top Ramen with the soup powder sprinkled on top

6. BBQ sauce on a warm soft pretzel

5. Taco Bell Mexican Pizza topped with a regular taco crumbled to bits topped with Fire Sauce

4. Spaghetti pizza

3. Doritos with melted goat cheese

2. Grilled cheese chocolate chip cookie sandwich

1. Candied bacon chocolate chip cookies
Churro dipped in Miracle Whip
Bacon-wrapped hot dog with mustard
Hotdog-Stuffed Crust Pizza

Obviously we left off a ton of epic stoner food inventions because we’re hella stoned. So let us know what we missed or tell us about your best stoner food invention in the comments below, eh?

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  1. will

    Wat about ramen noodles mixed up wid cheese puffs,saltamd pepper,tuna fish and last but not least manaise and mustard.and use saltine crackers for the big dipper. Damn its so good.

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