Oaksterdam University is Stuff Stoners Like

Oaksterdam UniversityOaksterdam University is Stuff Stoners Like

School…are you serious, man? School is Stuff Stoners Like? It’s true, STONERS  like school. Especially a school that has a curriculum completely based in marijuana. Located in downtown Oakland California is Oaksterdam University a unique, trend setting trade school offering classes regarding the cannabis industry.

Oaksterdam University is recognized as America’s first cannabis college. Located in Oakland, CA, the educational facility and “political institution” was founded in November 2007 by medical marijuana activist Richard Lee to offer training for the cannabis industry, with a mission to “legitimize the business and work to change the law to make cannabis legal.” Its main campus is located in the Oaksterdam area of Downtown Oakland, California. There were also campuses in Los Angeles, Sebastopol, and Michigan.

With more than a 100 years of combined experience, teachers are eager to share their cannabis wisdom with the world. Classes include; Politics and Legal Issues, Horticulture, Cooking, Budtending, Advanced Grow Lab, and get this…Glass Blowing!

Oaksterdam UniversityActivist Richard Lee was inspired to create Oaksterdam University after visiting the Cannabis College in Amsterdam. Lee recalled: “In November of 2006 I visited Amsterdam and saw the Cannabis College there. I’ve seen in California that there are not enough good people who want to work in the cannabis industry in a professional way, who want to pay taxes and obey regulations and help improve their community. I came back from Amsterdam and the idea just popped into the back of my head…”

Oaksterdam UniversityOn April 2, 2012, Oaksterdam University was raided by the IRS, accompanied by the DEA and US Marshals Service. The raid additionally targeted Coffeeshop Blue Sky and the Oaksterdam museum, both affiliated with Oaksterdam University. A number of the university’s assets were seized, including plants, records, computers and bank accounts.

After the raid, Oaksterdam University officials stated that they would immediately reopen. Founder Richard Lee said following the raid that he’ll be giving up ownership of the organization, citing mounting debt and concern for incurring federal charges. School officials will soon cease operations at the campus’ current location as they work to migrate the institution to a home.

For more information about Oaksterdam University visit: https://oaksterdamuniversity.com/
Oaksterdam University

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  1. Baschive

    I am a complete stoner and me or my friends hates school does anyone agree

  2. Bernadette Ubertino

    Fuck ye
    I agree
    wtf.. i hate school!

  3. Baschive

    shit yeah!!!!!! Anyone that hates school, say I! or post I i dont care.

  4. Ripper

    Weed and school does not mix well. Unless u get weed for good grades of course.

  5. some one dat gets stoned alot

    all of u r fuckin stupid stoners love school like me

  6. Joey

    fail to most of you who didn’t bother to look harder at the picture.

  7. Seth

    You guys are trippin school clean unless ur below highschool bro.

  8. A GUY

    Dudes, “Stoner” doesnt mean you do or dont like school. I imagine Bill Gates was ‘aight with school and he was a notorious pothead. I hate school but i like learning, sadly our education system is fucked to hell. Just because your a stoner doesnt mean you like or dislike something, unless that something is nosy cops or douchebag anti-weed republicans.

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