Stoners Like Buying Weed at the Liquor Store

marijuana dispensaryWouldn’t it be great to walk into a liquor store to grab a six pack and some zig zags and tell the guy behind the counter to toss in some weed with that?

Well get this…there’s a new initiative in Oregon that would allow state-controlled liquor stores to legally sell marijuana to adults. Get out!

Sound too good to be true, right? Well it gets better. Initiative backers say their plan would send 90% of the proceeds to Oregon’s General Fund which could lower state tax burdens.

Oregonian stoners have two years to collect nearly 83,000 signatures to get the measure on the November ballot in 2010.

9 Responses to “Stoners Like Buying Weed at the Liquor Store”

  1. Alex Rico

    thats gay wtf
    its gunna fuck up everything !
    we have hustlas for a reason stupid fucks.

  2. Baschive

    I’m agreeing with Alex Rico, it would fuck so much shit up.

  3. dizzy skribbles

    you guys are stupid…maily you alex rico…

    fucking whats wrong with it. yeah we got hustla’s but we also have deaths coz of drug deals gonna wrong.

    i would much rather go buy it in a liquor store and get a fat ass or legit bag than some skimpy ass shit bag or a bag thats possibly laced with something.

    and in doing so it would lower the crime rate on teh streets and possibly the number of deaths due to drug deals and robberies.

    Yes, people may try robbing liquor stores for teh weed but you know what…PEOPLE ALREADY ROB THEM AND THEY DONT EVEN HAVE WEED KNOW SO WHATS TEH DIFFERANCE?

    exactly nothing you ignorant fuck… put teh bong down and get a grip on reality.. you stupid numb nut dip shit ass fucker!

  4. Baschive

    ok dizzy skribbles i agree with wat ur saying but it wouldn’t make a difference to me cuz I got friends that grow and wen i buy it they hook it up so i dont hav to worry about skimp bags from dealer, but u do make a strong point

  5. Bryce Lucero

    yeah i just want to put in my two cents. i see all of your points. but i agree with dizzy skribbles the most. not to mention. oregon takes into account how many legal growers we have out there. so think about it. they will have to have marijuana at comparible if not better prices, and same for quality. Marijuana is one of the cheapest drugs, and it’s still only as expensive as it is because of it’s illegality. forget those “hustla’s” how is it gonna fuck them up? oh so they are’nt working an illegal job any more, they can do it legally if they get registration. would help your “hustla’s” by making their asses pay taxes, keep them from getting put into jail over something as simple and stupid as tax evasion, to illegal sales of what would then be concidered a regulated narcotic, seperating families over bullshit non-violent crimes. so i would like to ask again. how on earth would this fuck anything up. could help supply patients who otherwise would have to go with out medication, would open jobs in horticulture, and agriculture. i see nothing but benifits.

  6. Grim

    Honestly, the money a grower makes after each harvest usually off-sets not having a full time job. Many growers grow for medicinal purposes and grow for wives, husbands, family, and friends. Once cannabis is sold legally, it’d drive the hard working growers out of business and force them to get real jobs.

    I know a lot of growers personally, and many of my grower buds are disabled themselves. If growing becomes a worthless business, or the state doesn’t want to buy from home growers at street value, a LOT of otherwise chill people that I know are going to be forced into poverty.

    The system has it’s flaws. Murders, laced bags, and rip-off should not be defended, but the majority of the weed community around where I live (Portland, Oregon) don’t kill people, they don’t rip people off, and they don’t lace bags.

    I honestly think that the only feasible resolution is decriminalization. Basic decriminalization. Let the growers sell, let the buyers buy, but govern it’s use like alcohol. No smoking and driving. No smoking indoors. No public intoxication.

    Other matters could be addressed separately like alcohol. No working while intoxicated; even if it is on lunch breaks. The only people who would be opted out of those laws would be Oregon Marijuana card holders, but they’d still need to abide by most of them as a courtesy punishable by a small misconduct ticket.

    Honestly, the responsible smoker works an average 9 to 5 job and saves his two days off a week to smoke out, accounting for a drowsy, do-nothing period afterward.

    The responsible grower only grows enough plants to support his clients, doesn’t sell to kids, and usually won’t sell less than a half an ounce at a time to any party.

    Not everyone is responsible about it; but that’s mostly because everything has to be kept completely shady because it is illegal. Remove the legality concern, and growers would be able to spend more time tending to the plants, produce better weed, and safely distribute it all while earning an income they likely wouldn’t be able to achieve all-be-it by disability, or pure laziness.

    There’s nothing wrong with growing cannabis, and for those who find a sense of career satisfaction; that’s only because they enjoy what they do. Anything else would seem like a downgrade.

  7. admin

    There’s a lot of aspects to progress that bums us out, man, and the idea of growers losing their way of providing for themselves tops the list…thanks for the great comment. We really appreciate it, man. <///////////////////////////////!!! puff…puff…pass!

  8. bluballs

    Yeh. I need to be hooked up. Needs to get some of the dank an smoke it all up. It’s a flower.

  9. Sean

    What? If that passes I’m moving to Portland.

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