3 Misconceptions About CBD Products And The Truth Behind Them

According to statistics, about a quarter of the US population has used CBD products to alleviate body pain and improve their overall health. CBD products have been used by humans, seniors, and even pets. Some people would even opt to use CBD products rather than buying over-the-counter medications as the former is safer and more effective.

The number of people using CBD products can speak volumes on how the stigma about cannabis plants has changed over the years. If people shun away from using or even talking about cannabis plants in the past, today, more and more people are using products extracted from cannabis plants to improve the quality of their lives.

If you have second thoughts about using the best CBD oil pills as you still have a lot of questions in mind, the information listed below can help you come up with a sound decision. Here are some common misconceptions about CBD products and the truth behind them:

1. CBD Products Have the Same Effect as Marijuana

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding CBD products is the notion that it creates the same effects of marijuana on the human body. The use of marijuana can cause short-term memory problems, severe anxiety, hallucinations, and loss of sense of personal identity. Over time, marijuana can also become the reason why a person’s IQ will decline and will have lower life satisfaction

CBD products don’t affect the body as marijuana does. Although these two are made from the same cannabis plants, their composition is different. The psychoactive properties of marijuana are caused by high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – marijuana has at least 80% of THC. 

CBD products, on the other hand, only contain no more than 0.3%. CBD products should only have this much (or lesser) amount of THC in order to be sold legally in the market.

The amount of THC found in CBD products can not alter a person’s behavior or cognitive functions. In fact, this amount is sufficient enough to bond with the receptors found in the immune system and brain to provide several health benefits.

2. Only Adults Can Use CBD products
A lot of people think that CBD products and marijuana have the same effects on the body, or are actually the same product, which is why they would never consider giving the former to seniors and kids. Individuals who are still young and old are susceptible to illnesses and diseases, and giving them CBD products would only make their bodies weaker – or so you thought.

CBD products are actually healthy products that can be used by any member of the family. According to studies, CBD products have been known to treat epilepsy in kids and deter neurodegenerative diseases among seniors. Aside from these, CBD products can also be given to pets as these can help manage extreme joint and muscle pain and improve their appetite.

3.  All CBD Products Are The Same
With the number of people using CBD products today, expect that you can find these in different varieties. You can now buy CBD products that come in pills, capsules, gummies, oils, and even chocolates. CBD creams and lotions are also becoming more prominent in the market today as these can be topically applied to the infected area of your body.

While all of these contain CBD, you should still be careful when picking which one to use. When it comes to growing, storing, and extracting their CBD products, different CBD manufacturers implement different protocols, which means that the quality of their products can vary. Some CBD manufacturers would outsource their cannabis plants, while others would opt to grow theirs from scratch.

When buying CBD products, it’s important that you spend time doing some research. Aside from knowing what kind of CBD product best fits your needs and budget, you should also know more about the manufacturer and the extraction process of their CBD products.

Ideally, the CBD product should come with third-party lab results in its labels. The availability of these lab results can speak a lot about the transparency and credibility of the manufacturer.

Talk To A Doc
There are several science-based claims on how CBD products can improve a person’s bodily functions. Some studies even prove that CBD products can reduce anxiety and depression, lessen acne breakouts, and boost a person’s cardiovascular and cognitive abilities.

Before you start using any CBD products to experience these benefits, talk to your doctor first. There are many CBD products available in the market today, and using the wrong one or taking it in the wrong dose can only result in health risks and side effects. 

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