Are 400 Watt Grow Lights Enough for 4 or 5 Plants

Federal Medical Marijuana Bill 2Question: I bought a 400 watt HPS grow light. I went with the 400 watt grow light instead of a 600 watt HPS grow light because I was a little worried about heat. Like everyone, I would really like to get the maximum yield for my space so I was thinking about getting a couple of CFL lights to supplement the HPS  grow lights because I understand that they don’t generate much heat. I was thinking about getting two 10,000 lumen bulbs (125 watt) as well as 2 light reflectors. I know that it’s much cheaper to make a cfl fixture but I am absolutely clueless when it comes to building anything. So if I did this, it would boost my lumens from 50,000 to 70,000 but it would also set me back about $260—$50 per bulb and $80 per reflector. My question is—will supplementing my 400 watt grow light with CFL lighting make a significant difference in my grow if I am growing lets say 4 maybe 5 plants? I understand that more light is always better but I just wanted to check and see if anyone thinks this wouldn’t be worth the money.

Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy: Honestly I don’t think you need to confuse yourself with the supplemental lighting. Don’t over think it. The 400 watt grow lights that you already have should be adequate. You could always supplement your grow with an extra 600 watt grow light later on down the line.

You already have a 400 watt HPS grow light and that is definitely enough for four or five plants. You don’t even need to buy more cfl lighting because you could already use what you have. Maybe on your next go around you can invest in a 600 watt grow light and some extra cooling. You won’t really ever need the cfl lights. A 400 watt HPS grow light for 4 or 5 plants—that’s going to be roughly a 4’x4′ footprint. With that you’re really set up to have a nice little crop for sure.

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