Ask a Pharmacist: How to Pass a Urine Test

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Q1: How long does it take to pass a urine test for weed?
A1: I wish I could give you a straight answer on that one. The truth is the amount of time it takes the person that wants to know can be highly variable based on: age, weight, usage, gender, and even genetics. Some heavy users take a few weeks, some take a few months.

Q2: Is there any way to “fool” the urine test?
A2: In short, not really. There was a time when fake urine worked regularly, but labs are much better at catching this now, and still improving. Also doing this is considered a form of fraud and is illegal. Temperature has to be within range, and you may not know if the test will be witnessed or not, adding further difficulty. Dilution will only get you so far, and that’s really all the “Detox drinks” do. You really already need to be close to the cutoff threshold for this to “work”. You can get the same effect with a caffeinated beverage and water. Caffeine is probably the best diuretic that the labs cannot account for, as it’s simply in too many regularly available substances for them to screen. Masking agents and additives are also easily caught usually. I’ve heard of even worse methods involving drinking liquid dietary fiber like Certo pectin. I’ve never seen this work well personally even though it’s plastered all over the internet, if there is a small window of passing it’s an extremely thin time-sensitive window, and the side effects to the gut are nasty because all that fiber has to go somewhere. Don’t do anything ridiculous like drinking bleach. Just don’t. I know it’s an alkalizing agent, but it’s also a great way to shut your kidneys down and cause irreversible damage. There are much better ways.

Q3: What can I do to get a clean test faster?
A3: There are a few things you can do on your own without any products whatsoever to potentially get a clean test more quickly.

Here’s what I consider “THE BIG FOUR”:

  1. Avoid alcohol – alcohol inhibits liver enzymes from focusing on THC metabolism, which is what you want.
  2. Get more fiber in your diet – very few Americans get the recommended 20-30 grams of fiber daily. This will help to bind metabolites in the gut for fecal elimination.
  3. Stay well hydrated – 8 cups plain water daily is fine.
  4. Cardiovascular exercise – assuming you are healthy enough for it. THC metabolites are present and excreted in sweat, making it another way to get rid of them. Added bonus of breaking down some fat cells so you can release those metabolites into the bloodstream to get rid of them quicker so they aren’t stuck in your fat.

Q4: What about THC Detox products? Which is best
A4: One stands head and shoulders above the rest that I consider to be all overwhelmingly the same. The best THC Detox kit that I know of is Green Gone Detox by a large margin.

how to pass a urine test step 1Q5: What makes them so much better?
A5: They are light years ahead of anything else on the market as far as product development goes in my opinion. No risk of being caught and prosecuted for a substitution or fake sample. It’s a permanent cleanse too, so no time sensitive windows to worry about. Their product is also made in the USA at an FDA inspected, GMP approved site (which is actually super important for your personal safety). Their process has unique scientific and mathematical advantages. Not surprisingly, the product is designed by fellow pharmacists who spent 2 years studying and perfecting their approach. Zero other products I know of have pharmacotherapy experts on staff like that. They assess people upfront and pair you to the best program for your specific needs, this alone highly increases the overall odds of success.

You can assess yourself for free here: THC DETOX CALCULATOR Money back guarantee is another added bonus. They have really earned my approval as I’ve sent them referrals in the past and they have all passed easily. Free shipping and test strips is an added bonus too. Learn more about how to pass a urine test here: How it Works!

We provide 3 kits based on your personal attributes and needs.

Green Gone 2 Day THC Detox kit

Green Gone 5 Day THC Detox kit

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All kits come with:

  • 5 free medical grade THC test strips!
  • Free priority shipping!
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Need to know how to pass a urine test for weed? Do it the smart way, buy Green Gone Detox today!

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  1. Jared

    Ive used green gone b4 definitly got me clean quicker than the other product I used

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    I appreciate the honesty about no system being 100% guaranteed. The product worked for me. I would recommend it highly.

  3. Link

    Going to remember these guys next time I’m in need seem a lot more legit than other ones I tried that didn’t work

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    worked real good 4 me. i mean they hired me at least

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