Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine Review

magnum detoxMagnum synthetic urine review

Magnum Detox is a fairly well-known brand of synthetic urine. And the reviews of Magnum urine are all over the place. That’s not good when the only thing between you and your dream job or in some cases your freedom is a jar of fake piss.

PRO TIP—we recommend Sub Solution synthetic urine.

Does synthetic urine work to pass a piss test?

Sure clean piss works to beat a drug test and so does synthetic urine. It’s the same stuff that testing facilities use to calibrate their equipment so of course it works. The only thing to worry ‘bout is handing over a sample of cold pee. Our favorite brand, Sub Solution comes with a warming powder that automagically heats the synthetic urine to the perfect temperature.

There are quite a few negative reviews of magnum urine on the net. Including this one.  So we recommend going with Sub Solution, which comes with that heating powder and a 200% money back guarantee, Quick Fix or Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine. If you’re broke we recommend U Pass Synthetic urine. We scored a sample to test from Amazon for around 12 bucks with free next day shipping. But they’re constantly being removed from Amazon’s pages. So like we said in the pro tip above stick with Sub Solution fake pee because it’s always available and guaranteed.

Magnum synthetic urine is often sold in head shops all over the place. That means you could buy it instantly instead of waiting overnight for a rush-order online. So since some people are left with no other option than magnum synthetic urine we decided to put it to the test. Granted we don’t have some hella expensive piece of lab equipment, but we did use an over-the-counter marijuana test that’s tough to fool. How’d it do? Well get to that. But first a little about magnum synthetic urine

We scored a 4oz bottle of “For Fetish Only ” Magnum Synthetic Urine for about $30. According to the site magnum detox urine is Made for 100% clean testing readings. It “sets a perfect baseline every time. Fake urine or Fake Pee that will work every time for your up coming adventure. This Urine Kit made by Magnum is one of the better products on the market . You also have a complete full 4 ounces to play around with . You can trust the full affects of this synthetic urine . Just heat synthetic fake urine and you are ready to go . It’s just that simple !!! Comes with a vial of uric acid. Mix with urine and you are good to go.

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magnum synthetic urine
Magnum synthetic urine

Magnum Detox Results

So we tested the magnum detox  pee twice using the over the counter marijuana test we got from Amazon and it worked perfectly both times. Although we know that the Magnum detox synthetic urine works on our home test kit we would recommend that you be careful using it. There are a few negative reviews out there. So we can only recommend the fake urine we know that works based on all the reviews we’ve gotten on our site. And that’s Sub Solution. But if Magnum detox is your only option at least you know it worked for us at least twice. Make sure to read our guide Synthetic Urine – That’s How To Pass a Urine Drug Test if you’ve got a piss test coming up.

Have any experience using Magnum synthetic urine or any other Magnum Detox product? Let us know how it went in the comment section below…

56 Responses to “Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine Review”

  1. Scott

    The bottle is 2 ozs but the testing facility required 3 so I had to pee in it anyway. Prob *^%$ed the test so not too happy about it. Surprised the guy who sold it to me didn’t know. Maybe company should stay up with the industry!!!

  2. bob

    I used the yellow 4oz magnum on a non dot split lab test from urgent care passed so dont stress like i did worked

  3. Drew

    I recently used magnum to get a job and it worked fine but now I’m getting a different job and I used magnum first time I used it I got it right at 90 second time it was warmer around 96-98 but the guy did look at it twice so it got me nervous but all in all he said everything was good to go so hopefully I can get this job I’m just a bit scared magnum won’t pass w this lab

  4. Ace

    A person I know used this product a week ago for an employment test, and the results came back inconclusive with low ph. Heads up, this brand is not up to date anymore.

  5. Oregon Guy

    Just a normal guy went to a market got some quick fix 6.1 took my test, didnt realize they were sending it in to medtox, sweated it for 4 long days, then got the news…..passed. Been using quick fix for yrs but first time it got sent to lab. Quick fix works!

  6. Gay Phelps

    I have the 4 oz. Bottle of Magnum Detox novelty synthetic urine. How many times can it be heated up?

  7. Bert's lit

    Just took a 5 panel using magnum with a batch 040616, in the past I have used quick fix with incredible success, this is the first time with magnum, two pair undies, get to 98f, strap on heat pad and keister atop the gooch.. altho I have not recieved the results quite yet, I’m comfortable that it will work (will update).. however the new brand is a bit concerning.. the job isn’t my first choice so I wouldn’t be heart broken, just don’t want to have wasted 40 bucks

  8. Bert's lit

    Altho I know for sure it can be reheated several times without issue, you probably want to contact manufacturer for specifics, can always use a bowl of hot/warm water to dunk in ive done both, as practice is the most important step

  9. Gay Phelps

    Just want to know if Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine still is effective after being warmed up a few times?

  10. Phil Deez

    Got the magnum bc my local headshop doesn’t stock up with Quik Fix. Microwaved the fake piss for 15 seconds almost 3x as much as recommended had the heating pad on the bottle, bottle read 96 degrees, used it and then the testing center said it was under the 90-100 degree range. 2 hours later no job for me anymore. America sucks. This product sucks. There is no privacy anymore

  11. berts lit

    it has been nearly 1 week (7days) since i took my urine test which was a 5 panel e screen, temperature was good, as he checked it in front of me then it was sent off to a lab, as of writing this i have not been called by either the testing facility or the employer to adv the results, i had a dwi about 6 years ago which i disclosed prior to being sent to the piss test.. so i can only really assume that something hit a snag with the test.. i will try to follow up with them on monday if i have not heard anything and will update promptly.. byhe all means, brand loyalness aside, i will be going with freshly pissed out urine from a reliable human being going forward.. synthetic feels like too much a guessing game these days

  12. Treyw

    This stuff works everytime!!!

  13. Bert's lit

    Took 2 weeks, but came back clean.. for sure using from a human source next time however

  14. Laura

    I wanna know what happens if they run any other kind of medical test on it…… Like checking for sugar n ur urine or something like that.

  15. Mr. Mike

    In Texas they test for Magnum detox it does not work do you have a suggestion?

  16. Bert's lit

    I live in ft worth, worked just fine, sold down the street

  17. Bill

    Really works my old lady passed with the rapid test.. I don’t know about lab test..

  18. Chill bill

    I just used magnum on a 10 panel split I should know the results tomorrow

  19. Nervous Wreck

    I just used magnum on a 10 panel and I’m anxiously waiting on the results

  20. Bert's lit

    Should not be am issue if you practiced and got the heat right

  21. Anonymous

    You’re correct Bert’s lit. Took the test on Tuesday and got the all clear this morning

  22. Big dog

    Just tested yesterday used magnum synthetic. Sent to the lab. I’m sweating bullets

  23. Bert's lit

    It’s always nerve racking, I’ve gone synthetic for my last handful.. but in the bigger scope for about 15 years, and I’ve never failed. Using magnum or spectrum labs

  24. Big dog

    Damn that shit works. Just got a call today. I got the job!!!

  25. Twin

    😀😀😀😀Just passed Labcorp with Magnum Detox synthetic!!!!!!! Feb 2017, this stuff works just watch your tempature gauge and you’re good. I had a 10 panel by the way.

  26. Billy

    I have drug tests every week sometimes twice a week since I’m in the diversion program I’m in Mississippi down in Biloxi and they are using uscreen drug test and it is a ten panel drug test and I want to try this fake piss solution the magnum synthetic urine because I’m a pretty well known pot head down here and I would feel a lot better knowing for sure if y’all have taken the drug test I am right now my next test is Monday morning and it’s Mardi Gras weekend so what should I do wait to smoke or try to pass it with the synthetic urine

  27. Bert's lit

    Hehe. Your gonna ace the test dude, easy.. your a smart guy.. that’s why you are doing your research. It works… practice the temperature level.. practice presenting like you don’t have 8 oz or whatever of piss stashed in your undies.. fuck the war on weed one piss at a time

  28. Lexis

    So I heat up the 4oz bottle for 15 seconds then attach the heatin pad till I go take my test?

  29. Bert's lit

    I wouldn’t do 15 right away, to prevent overheating go slow, do 10 let it sit a few secs, then hit it for 5.. regardless of that initial temp strapping the heat pad on and putting it between your legs us going to level it out

  30. Lexis

    So 10 sec let it sit then 5 then strap it to my legs with the pad ?
    Even tho my test could be an hour or two after I heat it up in the microwave

  31. Bert's lit

    I’ve never had that happen, they generally give you a window of time to be there and administer relatively quickly, I have run into a couple pinches where gas station microwaves, and car heaters we’re handy, you can also double up on hand heaters if it’s too low but you gotta practice your body stays 98d

  32. Lexis

    The pad keeps it warm after I heat it up

  33. Bert's lit

    Yea it’s a hand warmer

  34. Bert's lit

    You strap it to the side opposite the thermometer with rubber band

  35. Lexis

    So I just heat it up on the way To the test

  36. Lexis

    Or how long before my test

  37. Nanners

    Sorry if you’ve already taken your test. But I would pop into a gas station on your way there and heat it up for about 10 seconds, let it cool for a few seconds, then another 3–5 seconds depending on how close you are to the testing site. Shake the hand heater to activate the heating things inside and rubber band it to the OPPOSITE side of the temperature strip. You don’t want it to give you a false temp reading. Then stick it on your body where they can’t obviously see it. Just keep checking it to make sure it’s the proper temp because it needs to be between 96-98°. 98° is obviously body temp so the closer to that the better. Then you’ll just use the squirt bottle cap to squeeze into the little thing they make you piss in. Squirt bottle cap actually makes it sound like you’re peeing instead of a “pouring” sound. Make sure to pee (YOUR REAL PEE) a little bit in the toilet and do not flush as they instruct. And then obviously don’t leave the bottle/heating pad/rubber band in the bathroom everywhere. Hope this helps some people.

  38. Stoner Stuff

    Great information

  39. Cody Hutchens

    I’m nervous I quit my job stupidly before I got my results back I should be getting them back today and I’m scared to death that I just f*** my life up might be a little dramatic but I really need this job to work out now how stupid was I

  40. Anonymous

    Can you us it aging

  41. GK

    I used this for the first time last month for probation and it worked great. Heated it up in the microwave at a gas station about a half hour prior to the test. Microwaved for 20 seconds and then stuck it in my panties the second I got in the car. Wore a dress with a swimsuit under it seeing how its tighter than normal panties. For girls makes sure the nozzle is facing forward so you can maneuver moving your swimsuit aside, holding the piss cup and also opening and closing the nozzle. They tested it right in front of me and came up clear. My friend recommended it to me and used it for almost 2 years on probation with no issues, as well. Also, he will heat it up and reuse it, for those of you asking. He gets about 4 uses every bottle. I used the last of his last bottle. I am a little nervous though, the one I just ordered has these little uric acid capsules included and those were never there before and my friend knows nothing about that. Anybody know what that is all about?

  42. Bert's lit

    Some use uric acid some use heating powder, I don’t think in either case using them is required, but I’ve only ever used ready to pour

  43. Bert's lit

    I also prefer taking the top all the way off to prevent air bubbles or mess

  44. Bert's lit

    You could also just have a 1000% clean person refill the bottle for you

  45. GK

    Getting someone to fill a cup for you is definitely best case scenario but unfortunately sometimes life does not work so smoothly lol I appreciate your response Bert, you’re awesome. I’m just not going to add the uric acid to the bottle and hope for the best.

  46. Shelly

    Will this stuff work for a dot physical drug screen? I know they test for sugar and protein and shit

  47. Brian.

    Was just notified that the ecup test that I used magnum synthetic is now being sent to a lab?? Are they gonna be able to tell this is fake

  48. p

    Still works 5/17

  49. cj

    Still works!!

  50. Jop

    Brian, did the lab test pass?

  51. Bertslit

    Pretty sure that’s standard procedure

  52. Justin

    Does it really work ? Have drug test in the morning for probation please help guys

  53. Mike

    I used magnum to pass a drug test for a job heated it 10 seconds and put handwarmer on it left out to go to the lab to take test went in the bathroom and everything was fine for me good product if you need something quick.

  54. Trae

    Magnum synthetic urine caused my Dot regulated test to come back invalid. Creatine level off

  55. Derrick

    Did not work for me. Test came back with abnormal ph level. Cost me my job

  56. Agent 007

    Just.took the magnum synthetic urine and I.Used it before and worked. But they never sent it to the lab. Now I.take a test today and when I.think they are test right in front of me. They tell me it’s sent to crl lab or something. Reading other threads lots of people have bad reviews on magnum synthetic urine. This is the only.thread where some say it works. But I used it cause it did work.for me in the past.I pray I get the job.

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