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Our buds at Herbies Seeds will kick down five Heavyweight Fast & Vast autoflowering feminised seeds to one lucky stoner. We’ll pick a random winner at 4:20 pm West Coast time on Monday, June 22. We’ll give your info to Herbies Seeds and they’re mail ’em out to ya. We’ll also mail some SSL STICKERS to ya.

Heavyweight Fast & Vast Auto Autoflowering Feminised Seeds
Heavyweight Fast & Vast Auto Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

About Heavyweight Fast & Vast Auto Autoflowering Feminised Seeds—from Herbies Seeds:

Genetics: Afghani x Skunk x White Dwarf
Type: Indica 80%, Sativa 20%
CBD: 0.8%
THC: 17-19%
Flowering time: Autoflowering
Harvest: Approximately 8 weeks from germination
Plant Height: 100m-120cm
Yield: 600-800gr/m2

Don’t expect Fast and Vast to perform like any ordinary auto, for this is no ordinary auto, it’s a Heavyweight Auto! If you’re looking for maximum yields and maximum potency in an autoflowering strain then look no further. Fast was the first hurdle for Heavyweight, taking a sturdy white dwarf and crossing it with an auto skunk that would reach its full potential in 7 careful weeks, and then the Vast came when further crossing with a powerful Afghani auto. Great care has been taken to ensure that the high yields are not at the expense of quality, the long thick buds covered in sparkling crystals produce a high quality soft and sweet smoke with spicy undertones. The effect is very fast and knock out, leading to a long relaxed stone.

What Are Autoflowering Seeds?
Autoflowering seeds are becoming really popular here in the states. That’s because autoflowering seeds do exactly what their name implies—flower automatically—meaning they bloom based on age not photoperiod. Autoflowering plants are mostly hybrids—a cross between cannabis ruderalis and cannabis indica and/or cannabis sativa.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds lead to short, fast-growing plants. They’re perfect for perpetual harvests situations. And because of their small size they’re easy to hide—perfect for stealth grows or keeping them under the fence and out of sight. Plus Autoflowering plants are immune to light leaks. So if their dark cycle gets interrupted with a little light they’ll be fine. Even better? They don’t even require a change to light cycles at all to begin flowering. Plus they’re guaranteed to always be male and autoflowering cannabis seeds are also typically bug and mildew resistant. Another advantage of autoflowering seeds is that because they sprout and flower so quickly outdoor growers can often harvest more than one crop per season. And they’re great for small indoor grows.

“You can grow these plants in a computer tower, kitchen cupboard, anywhere really and get some pot,” says Canadian grower, author and activist Matt Mernagh. “I think it’s pretty cool you can have a six inch cannabis plant.”

Just because autoflowering plants grow quickly doesn’t mean they require any less attention warns Mernaugh. “Traditionally, cultivating cannabis is a slow meditative process, but you will have to spend time with them like you would regular cannabis plants,” Mernagh tells us. If you need any more info on autos especially on getting started here’s a great resource.

Good luck with the giveaway. We hope these five beans find a good home.

27 Responses to “Win Autoflowering Seeds”

  1. Melman

    I’d love try these auto flowering seeds , #CannabisCuresCancer

  2. Jason

    Uhhh yes please I’ve always wanted to grow auto flowers (or any flower for that matter) ever since learning about them a few years ago, this will be a perfect first time grow for anyone including myself to get into the game 😀 thanks StuffStonersLike and Herbies Seeds for putting on a great contest. I wish everyone the best in winning, cheers guys and happy smoking 😀 PEACE!!

  3. Tim G

    Id love to grow my own medical marijuana plants.

  4. mary

    i need to plant some seeds…..again & again & again…. <3

  5. Cheryl Cook

    I’ll post pics of what I grow!!

  6. Noah Perea

    i would love to win some of these amazing auto flowering seeds, I’ve been a grower for about 5 years and ordered many seeds but never tried out my own batch of any kind of auto flowering strain. Would love to see the production.

  7. Charlie Hashbrick

    I would love to win, and not just because the name of this website is “Stuff Stoners Like” and I happen to be a stoner that likes this, but I’m tired of having to spend so much money all the time buying weed when I could be growing my own smoke instead and not to mention how great of a deal this would be to whoever is the lucky winner. May everybody have the best of luck and the finest smoke!

  8. Jacob Harp

    I would love to win. i have grown some good plants here and there over the course of the last few years and but i have never tried growing any autoflowering plants though, and i would just love to be able to see, personally, what the difference is like in how they grow and smoke. i would like to thank “StuffStonersLike” and “Herbies Seeds” for having such an amazing contest with an even greater prize for the luckiest of winners. Thank you and good luck everybody. PEACE!!

  9. Brandon

    Legalization is July 1st here in Oregon! Would love to start up some plants as a celebration for how long the process has been. 🙂

  10. Brady

    Some auto flowering seeds!? Thats freaking awesome. This would be great for my newly occurring hobby and I would love to plant these along with my master kush coming up. It’s always nice to have something convenient instead of spending earned cash!

  11. Deej

    I would love to win these seeds and give them to some farmers that ai knowbwho have been raided by our locoal DEA. These farmers work very hard for very little. Selling cannabis helps them so much. It would be awesome for them to have these seeds that will go againat weaker strains that could be found here locally.

  12. Eiregard

    Would be very helpful to me as I don’t have a lot of growing knowledge or money to purchase enough herb to smoke regularly.

  13. SmokeyJoe

    Love Good Seeds!

  14. SmokeyJoe


  15. The Ganja Gram

    Im 100% ommp and would appreciate winning the seeds because I grow my own medicine and make my own RSO,canna paste,coconut oil,edibles..etc and i juice the leaves for my RLS.
    Thank you
    The Ganja Gram

  16. Ryan E

    I want to try growing an autoloader strain, to compete with my associates growing and running light cycles. I want to prove that the autoflowering strains have come a long ways and are here to stay.

  17. Kelly Sutton

    I would love to win. I’m freaking fifty, soon to be fifty one, don’t ever win crap on these things, and I just bought a brand new grow light, because I just switched my MM card to “no caregiver” and am going to try my hand at growing some of my own. Some seeds from Herbie’s would be a great birthday present! 🙂 Thanks for the contest entry!

  18. Indiana Alder

    It would be nice to win something for a change, I’ve always wanted to grow these kind of seeds and I want to try something different 🙂

  19. Lon H

    the same reason everyone else wants to win. SO I can grow my own good buds

  20. Jeff bartman

    Let’s get to the point diagnosed with incurable Extremly painfull and it will most likely kill me years from now NEUROPATHY.

  21. richard bartee

    i really need female seeds. right now i have to plant 20 seeds of from cannabis from around here to get 1 or 2 femails witch i can grow with out a problem not 20 plants thats to many !

  22. Erin Garcia

    I really want to win these because I love growing regular plants, but I’m a stoner, so it would be awesome to grow my favorite plant!

  23. Sara Garcia

    I really want to win these because pot is awesome and it helps me with anxiety

  24. Erin Adams

    I really want to win these because my frfriends are starting to grow, and it would be awesome to grow together

  25. Smokey Mcpottsky

    I actually just ordered some fruity heavy weight fast and vast regular autos and do a grow journal on both and I run dro as well as soil, as I believe some strains thrive in different mediums.

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