Baby Boomers, Bong hits & Blunts

By Thom Hunters—What do you get when the Rossmoor Compassion Society Contra Costa NORML descends upon one of the largest retirement communities in the Bay Area? The answer is: A Cannabis Affair.

On October 1st many of the local dispensaries, delivery services and non-profit groups showed up en masse to enjoy the beautiful weather and hospitality provided by the Contra Costa chapter of NORML where people could learn about the benefits of cannabis or interact with their favorite brands and dispensaries including an appearance by everyone’s favorite rolling consumption lounge: The Twerkulator which as one of the highlights of this wonderful event. In addition, there were several speaker panels offering  education to the Rossmoor population on health, political and legal issues which face cannabis users daily.

With more seniors turning away from opioids and towards cannabis the timing couldn’t be better for this free event at the Stanley Dollar house. Kicking off the festivities was the DA of Contra Costa Diana Becton who received an award for her part in expunging over 3000 prior cannabis convictions (before our president followed suit mind you). The theme of the discussions was embracing the opportunities cannabis has to offer.

Cannabis vendors and brands HiFidelity, HerbNJoy, Shryne Group, Higher Growth Search and others were on site to provide information and products to attendees. 

Following the event was a lovely after party including Band of Buds playing Grateful Dead covers as well as a lovely spread of snacks and beverages that went into the evening. A lovely time was had by all. Can’t wait until the next one.

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