Barbara Bud Strain Review

Barbara BudMarijuana Strain Name: Barbara Bud
Review by: Mat Lee
Score: 8/10
From: Growers Outlet
Farm: Two Heads Co.
Harvest Date: 5/6/15
Type: Indica Dom.
Content: THC 15.4% | CBD .2%
Sample Size: 3.5 grams
Genetics: Shishkaberry X Afghani (GG #1 as they call it)
From what I found online, this strain was created on Vancouver Island. And apparently Barbara Bud gets its name from Barbara Budd, a former CBC radio host.

Barbara Bud
This Barbara Bud strain was from growers Outlet and farmed by Two Heads Co.

Appearance: Just like the last few strains I’ve had a chance to review from the Two Heads farm, these buds are so freaking dense. Barbara is full of noble stature and crisp wintery trichomes. The calyx is darker in shade with a scattering of reddish brown pistils strewn about. The pictures hardly do this stuff justice, and I think they might be my best ones yet. I should probably start water marking them or something.

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Barbara Bud
Barbara Bud apparently gets its name from Barbara Budd, a former CBC radio host

Smell: The Barb has one of those smells you only really smell on weed once in a great while. Personally I think more people should grow these sweet candy smelling strains. They are always so delicious. It’s almost like a vanilla creme Tootsie Roll with an extra sweet, almost vanilla cappuccino background. Some buds had more of a fruity vanilla smell to them, while others in this 3.5 gram sample did not.

Barbara Bud
Barbara Bud tastes almost like a vanilla creme Tootsie Roll

Flavor: Barbara tastes just like she smells. A mouthful of sweet vanilla on the inhale along with a creamy mocha-esque smoke full of body and splendor and it swirls through your mouth and nasal cavity. The exhale brings with it a gust of fruity earthy tones. This is some tasty stuff stoners like for sure. It’s an odd mixture of flavors you wouldn’t think go well together, but let me tell you from first hand experience. They absolutely do.

Barbara Bud
Barbara Bud bong rips deliver a comforting rush of cerebral relaxation

High: Bong rips give you a nice comforting rush of cerebral relaxation, although some people report feeling kind of anxious hanging out with Barb. As with all of these weed reviews, it depends on your personal endocannabinoid system. I can definitely see newer smokers having a hard time keeping coherent with this one.

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Barbara Bud
Barbara Bud is Stuff Stoners Like

It has the potential to be quite heavy, depending on how much of it you get in your system at once. I got a happy uplifting buzz from my two day session with Barbara. Then again, I’m always happy and uplifted when I smoke weed.

It’s one of the reasons I smoke it. Take it easy if you must and know thy limits if you are new to the weed game. There’s few things worse than having a terrible experience with one of the most laid back plant teachers available.

Barbara Bud
Newer smokers may have a hard time keeping coherent with Barbara Bud

Overall: Barbara Bud is some tasty heady top shelf stuff stoners like for sure. I’ve never heard of this strain before my review here, but after smoking some, I feel like it’s one of those strains I would always keep around and bring out when my weed snob friends come over to visit. It’s just got that redolence that makes everyone smile as soon as they crack a bud open and smell it.

Barbara Bud
Barbara Bud is some heady top shelf stuff stoners like

Shit, they’re smiling as they crack the bud open, because of how impenetrable and tenacious it is. Barbara is a tenacious, bodacious, super outrageous bitch of a bud, and if you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend getting some. Especially if it’s grown well, as this Barbara was.

For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

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