Lemon Crippler Live Resin Review

Mat Lee tests some Lemon Crippler Live Resin with 65.3% THC. It’s from plants grown by Dirty Arm Farm in Ashland Oregon and sold at Cannabend in Bend OR.

Quantum Blue Crumble Review

Mat Lee test drives some Quantum Blue Crumble (Kush crossed with Blue Dream) clocking in with 73.45% THC from the Terpene Station in Eugene Oregon.

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Review

With all the awesome improvements how does the latest DaVinci IQ vaporizer compare to the market-leading Pax 3? We put Mat Lee & the DaVinci IQ vaporizer to the test

The Dipper by Dipstick Vapes

Mat Lee reviews the Dipper—basically a battery powered dab straw akin to the Wasatch Glassworks Nectar Collector. Is it stuff stoners like?

How to Get High, Really, Really High

We asked Mat Lee to wax poetic on how to get high. We’re not talking about hand-holding. This is about how to get high as fuck from weed. Proceed w/caution.

How Does It Feel To Be High?

How to get high? Ever wondered how does it feel to be high? You’ll relate to Mat Lee’s focus this week—detaiingl getting high for the very 1st time.

Marijuana’s Positive Effects

When it comes to the benefits of marijuana there are almost too many to list. Almost. So we asked Mat Lee to research marijuana’s positive effects.

Can You Overdose on Marijuana?

Can you overdose on marijuana? We’ve tried. So far we haven’t. So we put Mat Lee to task asking how to explain. the possibilities of a marijuana overdose…

How to Travel With Weed

With so much jetsetting how are stoners supposed to get their stash to their destination without facing potential charges? Mat Lee explains how to travel with weed…

Doggie Style Strain Review

Mat Lee, weed review master, reviews the Doggie Style strain from Dog House Farms and sold at Grower’s Outlet. How’d it stack up? Click to find out, dude.

Vapium Summit Vaporizer Review

Mat Lee says the Vapium Summit Vaporizer is “wicked-rugged, feels good in the hand and has a dope, low-key look.” But does it actually get the job done?

Girl Scout Cookies Weed aka GSC Review

Mat Lee reviewed some Girl Scout Cookies weed. His thoughts? “Damn this G.S.C. aka Girl Scout Cookies weed looks like some of the hottest fire around.”

LA Confidential Weed Review

This LA Confidential Weed aka LA weed or the LA Con strain is Indica dominant delivering a near-psychedelic high says Mat Lee.

Chewy Grinder Review

Talk about stuff stoners like. The Chewy Grinder takes all the hassle out of grinding weed. But does it actually work and if so how well? SSL’s Mat Lee reports.

Orange Fruity Pebbles Weed Strain Review

Mat Lee—The Forbidden Farms Orange Fruity Pebbles is off the charts in it’s buzz factor and completely on point with it’s flavor—serious stuff stoners like.

SourceVapes Nail Review

Mat Lee, our super stoner scribe, test drives the new SourceVapes enail. “This thing has everything you need to go mobile, and I mean everything,” he says…

LSD Strain Review

This LSD marijuana smells like some good ass weed, and that’s basically all you need to know, says our super stoner scribe Mat Lee—but that shouldn’t stop you from reading this shit, yo…

Kali Mist Strain Review

Stoner scribe Mat Lee tests the Kali Mist strain. Kali Mist weed has been around and won a tons, but Is this Cali Mist stuff really stuff stoners like?

The Cake Marijuana Strain Review

THE CAKE , an Indica Dominant cross of True Afghani and original OG Kush, is SO FIRE that Mat Lee SMOKES it only near fire extinguishers…

Grape Ape Weed Review

Grape Ape weed is some of the most popular stuff on the web. It’s all grapey, tasty and pure stuff stoners like. Mat Lee got his hands on some. How’d it do?

Tangerine Dream Strain Review

Tangerine Dream weed: “It’s like smoking a soft tangy cloud that goes from zero to headchange in one rip,” says our super-powered stoner scribe, Mat Lee…

Source Orb XL Wax Pen Review

Looking for a dope portable wax pen? Mat Lee tested out the Orb XL wax pen that’ll hold a full gram of wax, features a Titanium Quartz Triple Coil and a 30w battery

Blue Magoo Weed Review

Mat Lee dives into another eighth of Blue Magoo—a cross of Dj Short’s legendary Blueberry and some Major League Bud. Tasty…