Berry White Strain Review

Barry White Strain aka Berry WhiteBerry White is an Indica dominant hybrid of DJ Shorts legendary Blueberry weed and White Widow. Our weed scribe extraordinaire Mat Lee scored this stuff up in Washington and said it was true stuff stoners like. “Berry White weed is another good party strain to share with friends,” he tells us. Apparently this Berry White strain is “potent enough to get everyone a good high while allowing some nice sedative effects. With a name like Berry White…this shit is probably great for procreating too we imagine.

Berry White Strain Review

Name: Berry White sometimes called the Barry White Strain or Barry White Weed
Score: 8/10
Farm: This particular batch was grown by Kush Farms in Raymond Washington.
Type:  65 / 35 Indica dominant hybrid
Genetics: Blueberry X White Widow

Barry White Weed
Berry White sometimes called the Barry White Strain or Barry White Weed

Appearance: Slight light purple here and there, with frosted upturned tight light greenish leaves, and an equally frosty inner bud covered in fine orange hairs. Really pretty buds for sure.
Smell: Pungent spice reminiscent of classic white widow, with near equal strong sweet and berry undertones. This batch was also a little on the earthy piney side as well. When put in the grinder some more citrusy smells, along with a more profound berry aroma were found. Although some of this is leftover in the grinder from the previous strains. The pine smell tends to stick around regardless of what is put through it.

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Barry White StrainFlavor: A berry, sweet, pungent spicy taste. The peppery aftertaste kicks you in the mouth with how long it lingers. All with quite mild earthy undertones. Quite tasty indeed.
A more amplified creative high with musical rhythmic tendencies. We were listening to some Break Science, and our friend was playing this iPhone sampler beat maker app thing to the music. It was magical. After that, and if you allow it to, it zones you out. A lot of it depends on what you end up doing after or while you smoke, and how high your tolerance is. I also heard it have some negative side effects as far as paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness. I could see how a light smoker would experience the dizziness, but I didn’t see one hint of paranoia or anxiety. In fact it was quite the opposite.
Barry White WeedBuzz Length: 1 to 3 hours, depending on metabolism and activity. Food definitely brought this one down a bit. But a couple more bong rips and right back up we go.

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Overall: Another good party strain to share with friends. Potent enough to get everyone a good high thought pattern buzz on, while allowing some nice sedative effects to be felt once your butt detects a soft couch cushion underneath it. The cerebralness stays with you as long as your mind is going, which for a lot of us, is most of the time.

For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

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