Bay Area Weed Reviewers Needed

jack herer strain from phat pandaWe’re seeking two talented weed reviewers. We need a person to pick up and review weed from an Oakland, California-based medical marijuana dispensary and one to work with a dispensary in San Jose. Each writer will review two marijuana-related products per month and provide us with some killer photos. Your compensation? FREE WEED.

Job duties include:
Pick up marijuana or related products to review on a bi-monthly basis.
Coordinate pick up with a contact at the dispensary.
Write reviews that meet our guidelines and follow our template.
Expertly photograph the products being reviewed.
Tape a video review.

Additional duties may include:
Cover local marijuana events.
Review other marijuana-related products.
Attend protests, rallies, conferences, etc in support of the marijuana movement.

How to apply:
You must be at least 18-years-old and able to provide proof of a valid California medical marijuana recommendation. Ideally this person is a marijuana expert and activist. You are passionate about the plant, its history and can write clearly, concisely and within our guidelines. You rock at photography and the video camera absolutely loves you. You know the differences between various strains, where they originate, who created ’em, their medical applications and can recognize them by sight, taste or smell. You’re open to reviewing flowers, edibles as well as concentrates—and understand and can explain the differences between BHO, shatter, wax and other extracts. You’re an ambitious task-master and eager to help us find more dispensaries and product manufacturers to work with. And you feel comfortable taking the initiative to reach out to them. You are an advocate for patients and adults rights to access and consume marijuana.

If interested send your resume and cover letter to us at: SSLWeedReviewer (at) Put “WEED REVIEWER” in the subject line.

Also if you own or work for a medical marijuana dispensary or delivery service outside the San Francisco Bay Area or a recreational marijuana dispensary in another state and would like to work with us on marijuana reviews please get in touch.

2 Responses to “Bay Area Weed Reviewers Needed”

  1. Rocky Fraser

    I tweeted earlier but thought I’d ask for some help here. Unfortunately Australia is a bit far to be picking up from Oakland. But you may be able to assist me still. I moved to Newcastle Australia 3 years ago (origenally from London, UK) and have been smoking for longer in my life than I haven’t. I have some experience in growing but my true talent lies in smoking. However in Australia I feel this talent is being wasted due to the abundance of shit weed. Any suggestions or contacts you could help me out with? Or I could do an international review from this side of the pond? That would suit me! Stay bless people. #oneLove

  2. Jason

    Ha I just found this in my “Memories” on Facebook. I was just wondering if the job still stands? I am willing to work with or for SSL. I live in the bay area as well so that’ll be perfect. Let me know 😀

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